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THE QUESTION I HAVE for the mayor candidates is, how do we plan on making Albany not a political town? Albany is based on who you know right now, not by what you know. Companies probably have the hardest time coming because they have to play politics. They have to kiss a little tail here and a little there, rub elbows here and there. It’s understandable that some politics will have to be played, but our whole city is based on it, basically.


IF MORE OF US had taken an interest in government at any level, it is likely that things would not be as they are today. We did not get and stay informed — and we did not get engaged in the process. The election is soon and one of the three mayoral candidates will be the winner — what do you know about them?


I THINK IT’S FUNNY as all get out that Willie Weaver still gets to act as a judge in Dawson and so on but Tony Jones law license gets suspended for 18 months for failing to represent a client. Weaver failed to represent himself as a judge and gave all judges a black eye.


I HATE TO SEE my hometown (Albany) continue to go downhill … and I don’t think it’s hit bottom yet. The poor leadership (paid, elected, and volunteer!) is not going to change enough to make a difference. Albany needs to realize that it is now a “small town” and stop trying to be something else … the loss of industry, the level of poverty, etc. Salaries of leaders are not commensurate with the results. Pay attention to how the visible appearance has gotten worse. The community is in a decline and doesn’t seem to care. It’s so hard to watch. Former Fire Chief Jimmie Arrowood (a native Albanian) moved to Florida two years ago. Many people are moving to Lake Blackshear … and on and on.


BILL COSBY, IN HIS speech here a few weeks ago, asked, “Did you know that 74 percent of (black) children are raised in single parent households? And that most of the people in those households are raising children that they didn’t have?” Says a lot, no?


I WORKED AT DFCS for 25 years and saw a lot of changes. When then-President Clinton signed the welfare reform bill and made the cash assistance program a work program, people dropped off the roles like flies. They had other resources and did not need the cash. We now have Medicaid that is out of hand and cost WAY more than Welfare checks ever did. I also saw the same people and their families come through the door year after year. Some that were young mothers when I started were raising their grandchildren when I left. There was little improvement in their living conditions as there was no desire to change. I worked in a county where the majority of the recipients were white, so color is not an issue.

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