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No Race Riots Here

By   /   October 26, 2011  /   Comments

Not to worry: The recent beating of a white football coach by 30 black people in Georgia was not a race riot. The Associated Press called it an “ambush.” A local TV station said a “fight broke out:” Maybe the coach attacked the mob, instead of the other way around.

Whatever. The attack left the coach with several broken bones in his face.

We know it was not a race riot because we would have read about that in the newspapers.

An almost identical incident last year in Florida was not a race riot either. Anyone who notices race is an organizing factor in in a growing number of robberies and assaults has problems, says an editor at the biggest newspaper in Chicago.

These non-race riots are not happening more often, in more parts of the country.

Just a few days ago, 30 black people surrounded a mobile beverage cart in Minneapolis and robbed its white occupants. That was not a race riot. I know that because the police chief in Wisconsin says crime is color blind.

If this were a race riot, we would have read about it.

A few days before that in Philadelphia, 30-50 black people stormed a house chasing two white teenagers. The teenagers may or may not have laughed at someone who fell off a bike at a nearby park. There was a gun. Later, another crowd of 30 black people returned, threatening the white homeowners with violence if they testify in court.

In the last two years, in hundreds of episodes in more than 50 cities, non-racial groups of black people — sometimes in the thousands — have been stealing, beating, threatening, even raping and killing. The victims are usually white.

If you don’t go to YouTube and search black mob violence, you will not see video news stories of hundreds of these non-race riots. So who are you going to believe: The media? Or your lying video tapes?

In Atlanta last summer, hundreds of black people beat and robbed and marauded through downtown during Screen on the Green night. Many of the victims of this non-race riot were gay — as is often the case in other non-race riots.

Local news stations did not notice. Local gay people and other residents did — all on YouTube.

And of course lets not forget the non-race riot on the Atlanta’s Marta line, where in the Spring, dozens of black people assaulted two flight attendants and terrorized the rest of the train.

In Philadelphia, Ground Zero for the new non-race riots, a liberal newspaper editor was hospitalized with a severely broken leg after 30 black people chased her and her friends into an alley and beat and robbed them. These 30 assailants were part of a crowd of more than a thousand black people on the streets creating mayhem.

As you can see, I am running out of ways to describe beating, robbing, looting, and other non-riot-like behavior.

For the next few days, the editor blogged that, despite the fact that the mob was black, race had nothing to do with the crime. And anyone who thought differently was creepy, she said.

After two years of denying that a tsunami of beatings and robberies in Philadelphia had anything to do with race, the black mayor of Philadelphia recently blasted the black rioters because they “damaged their own race.”

Standing next to him was the head of Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, who said the mayor said what had to be said. The crimes were racial. The black web site Grio said the Mayor said what black people were thinking, but were afraid to say.

America is the most race conscious country in the world. That is easy to see every day in the newspapers with stories about black caucuses, black leaders, black unions, black teachers groups, black student groups, black awards.

Everything except hundreds and hundreds of cases of recent black mob violence — often targeted at women, gays and Asian immigrants.

Some of the biggest non-race riots happen in Miami Beach during Black Beach Week, in Indianapolis during the Black Expo, and in South Carolina during Black Bike Week.

Meanwhile, in El Paso, police are investigating white students for a hate crime after an eighth grade black classmate accused them of bullying. I know that was a crime of racial violence: I read it in the newspaper.


Colin Flaherty
Wilmington, Del.



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