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One of the things I enjoy most about writing this column is my interaction with readers. Some feedback comes from e-mailed questions that you send to geekspeak@mchsi.com and some from conversations as I run into you around town. Many in depth comments come from clients that I’m working with while solving an IT problem or installing a new piece of equipment or network. I’m always interested to hear your questions and also your opinions about new gadgets, software and other techie stuff.

Even if you don’t have a specific question, I like to hear about what you’ve tried and I often get new ideas for sharing from your recommendations. I love to hear about what Mobile Apps you like and which you don’t. I want to hear your complaints/praise about electronics vendors and about our local Internet service. Any time you find a free alternative to something that you’ve been paying for, please let me know.

Just last week I was in the Publix checkout and a reader asked me to compare cable Internet service from Mediacom with DSL Internet service from BellSouth (ATT). My quick answer was if you want poor customer service and a slower speed, chose DSL. If you prefer poor customer service and overall faster Internet speeds, choose Mediacom. ATT does offer a couple of different plans, if cost is an issue; but all of them are generally slower than cable.

My own personal experience with Dell Computers has been very favorable; in fact they are my first choice for my clients who want a Windows based system. Yet I had a client voice great dissatisfaction with Dell just last week because of service issues. By the way, if price is a big issue, I can live with Dell, HP, Acer, Lenova or Gateway. Let’s go shopping! Compare prices, use the coupons, and wait for the deals!

I hear you when you complain about service; especially about off-shore tech service. If you are not having a good experience, it’s OK to ask for someone who speaks better English. If the Tech doesn’t sound real knowledgeable, ask to be transferred to a more experienced rep.

By the way, I put a lot more credence in feedback from my clients and readers than I do in popularity polls on Websites, especially manufacturer’s sites. IT product recommendations from experts like CNET and PCMag are generally good as well.

Some of my clients and readers are MAC users and some use only Windows systems. The emergence of smart phones and tablets is inducing more people to try MAC products. I use both and think there is a place for both. The price differential is definitely a factor with many buyers.

Anyway, thank you readers for your input and keep those questions coming.

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