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Halloween! OMG … HIDE!

By   /   October 22, 2011  /   Comments


      Christians love to hide. We have or own buildings, music, clothing, bookstores, and coffee shops. But most of all, we hide from Halloween – AKA “Satan’s Day” {{{insert evil laugh here}}}.

Many will be in their homes with their lights off indicating that the evil children of darkness, those that are caught up in the Devil’s web, are not welcome here! The evil of this night must move past us. We are way too holy to be close something and someone so unclean. What if  “these whom we do not speak of” see us or worse touch us! We will get a demonic impartation?

Imagine the “light of the world” turning off the lights in a dark world on a dark night. How pathetically weak we are. I know of people that went as far as to anoint the door post of their home to ward off the demons of the night. I guess it is better than applying the blood of a sacrificed lamb.

Why get into the community on this night of ghosts and goblins when we can hide ourselves safely inside the walls of our church and scream “sanctuary?” No, we can’t be a part of Halloween. Surely, our eternal souls would damned should we even think about it. Good thing we church folks have our fall festivals and our hallelujah nights that we might save ourselves. Sounds to me like the church, for the most part, “moved to the other side of the road.”

Is Satan MORE Satan on Halloween? Is he less Satan the next morning? Will you feel better and when the demon activity has subsided? We are soon to counter him with Christmas! That will get him back.

I have a better idea …

Let’s pretend that our God is great and mighty! Let’s assume that we are called to be light in the darkness and that we can walk right into the middle of a witch’s coven and not be vexed. Well, what better time to be a light then on Halloween?

What do you think your soul looked like to God when you approached him with your evil heart before He made it new? Aren’t you glad that the Lord your God did not hide from you or retreat to His inner chamber? No! He met you and loved on you right where you were – with righteousness that looked far worse than those kids do on Halloween night.
This year, instead of going to church, BE THE CHURCH. Go home, turn the lights on, and be a safe loving place for children to visit. Let them see, as well as their parents, that the Body of Christ has ZERO fear of this day! Greater is He that is in us! Show them the love of God by giving them a treat NO MATTER HOW they are dressed.

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