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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   September 19, 2011  /   Comments

THE LIST OF DELINQUENT politicians who haven’t filed campaign finance disclosure reports or who haven’t paid their late fees yet is exactly what’s wrong with our government. They pass laws and give themselves raises and they flaunt the rules and the law themselves. Isn’t it a violation of their oath of office to owe the state money? Thanks for publishing this, but I doubt it will do any good. Someone would have to care first.

WHY ARE WE wasting SPLOST money on light poles on Westover Road where the area already has street lights. I would understand if it was the opposite end of Westover Road, but there is hardly any traffic at night. We have several unlit areas in Albany that need to be lit. Also, on Highway 19 we have streets lights that need bulbs. Why aren’t fixing that problem? I just see this as a waste of money, we need to fix the things we need, not add to the areas that have already.

IT’S BEEN A LONG time since I’ve been as excited as I am about this town’s future. The reason: We have a lot of chances to make some changes at the election booth this fall. Come on folks, seize the moment!

REGARDING LEON MODESTE’S COLUMN last week, 1) At a joint session, 1-27-10, Obama lied about a Supreme Court decision. Leon must be very upset about that as well. 2) Obama was the first President in history for which we had not seen a certified copy of his birth certificate. Until he produced it, we did not know what hospital he was born in, what patch of ground to recognize. 3) It is entirely appropriate for any person whatsoever to pledge to make a President a one term President. The Speaker is well within his rights to do so. 4) On August 3, 2011 Congressman Lamborn personally apologized to President Obama for the racial slur. Is an apology not good enough for Mr.Modeste? 5) Raising the debt ceiling was never a problem when it was at 60% of GDP. When Obama took it to the 100% level we dug in our heels. It had nothing to do with race, simply the unprecedented level to which he was requesting it be raised. Now go to your room. (From Bill Slugg)

EVERY CONGRESS PERSON HAS sworn to uphold the constitution. Democrats, republicans and so on all swore to do a job. Very few of them try once they are elected. Politics is a job now and that’s about all. Politicians, all of them, are more interested in keeping their jobs than upholding our freedoms and rights. Racial slurs, or whatever, are kept alive by people like you Mr. Modeste. People that see hate in every comment someone else makes whether there is hate there or not. President Obama is not a black man nor is he a democrat or republican. He is the president of the United States of America. That title is color free. Any “disrespect” thrown his way was earned by actions he made. I hope voters will inform themselves and arm themselves with knowledge. I hope they will vote carefully in next year’s election. Politicians need to find out that they can be fired like anyone else. I also hope, Mr. Modeste, that you’ll show this much support to the next president. I hope you find your way past this someday Mr. Modeste. The rest of us have. (From John McDuffie)

DR. JOSE TONGOL IS a great man. I’m grateful for his influence in my life.

I THANK GOD FOR Dr. Tongol. He has a good inspiration on people and for people. God has given this guy a gift that anyone could ever take away from him I love this guy with all my heart.

OKAY, WHO DO YOU HAVE to know in this city just to get a street light fixed? We’ve called at least five times over the last year to get the street light outside our apartment repaired. My son has to go to work at 4 a.m. and it’s pitch black while he’s trying to get in his car. They tell us they are coming to take care of it but they never do.

WE HAD A STREET light go out a few months ago and I called 311. The woman who answered the phone connected me with the proper person and the light was fixed in about three days.

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