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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   September 5, 2011  /   Comments


THE SAD TRUTH IS Albany City Commissioner Tommie Postell has no incentive to apologize for saying “all white folks look alike.” He was elected to office by a constituency that needs no other reason for voting for him than the fact that he is one of their own. Do you think for a minute that a white candidate running against him would have a prayer of winning? I have often thought that if Albany would do away with the ward system and move to “at large” elections the field might just level out a little. Not so sure about that now. It would be a two-edged sword. You might get more candidates running on the real issues but, with the demographics of the registered voters in Albany, the likely outcome could well be minority candidates winning every commission seat. Catch 22 for sure. Real conundrum don’t you think? It is imperative that we figure out a way to elect our representatives based on issues and qualifications but as long as there are those who only care about serving a select segment of the constituency that is unlikely to happen. As long as there are those constituents who have little to no knowledge of the issues and do not care about the qualifications of those running for public office nothing will change


SINCE THE AGE OF 15 and now I’m 32, I have had a checking account and today I received a letter in the mail saying that they will start charging ALL accounts $5 a month to use your check card. This is a bunch of crock! I will be looking to move my accounts to a local townbank! They not only give free checking but also free use of a check card! No more making interest off my money I will give it to another bank and a local bank at that.


THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU do to help us get our troop’s (Boy Scout Troop 115) name out there! (From Steve Owens)


HOW CAN THE SHERIFF go to jail and still be the sheriff? Someone needs to take over.


WHY CAN’T AN OFFICER be thrown in jail in their own county?


I READ AS MUCH about elected officials breaking the law as I do about ordinary criminals. This “great land” is going to hell in a hand basket, I just hope my number is up before the fit hits the shan.


BEAUTIFUL COLUMN ABOUT YOUR father, Leah Ryals. I’m only sorry that I don’t have a child of mine write so well of me as you have of your father after I am gone. As my Jewish friend says, Kaddish … You are a great daughter to have done so. My sincere and deepest sympathies.


SAD TO HEAR OF Herb Ryals’ passing. I knew him and many of his children, but never met Leah. This is a beautiful tribute.


WHY DO THEY NOT take recycling to a new level in Albany. In Tacoma, Wash., where I live now, we are putting our food and scraps in the yard waste containers as well as separating our card board and plastics. This took our trash down to one container every two weeks. Just a suggestion to the problem.


LESS GARBAGE MEANS LESS picking up and doing your job to recycle. Food can be used as compost

WHEN I MOVED BACK to the area years ago, I intentionally avoided Albany because of the high taxes and poor schools in DoCo. And now you can throw crime and a plethora of other stuff into the mix and boy ,did I make a good decision! Now, those considering moving to Albany will likely make the same decision for the same reasons that citizens are upset about. And you know, elected and non-elected officials set the tone for what happens or is permitted to happen in an area. So, when people complain about what the city does or doesn’t do, I always ask “Have you ever been to a Commission meeting?”. The response? Nothing but excuses for not going. It’s time to quit making excuses and do something for a change.


THE DARTON COLLEGE ALUMNI Association is selling discount cards for local businesses: Roosters, Harvest Moon, Marco’s, Casa Tapatia, Comfort Zone, Magnolia Pet Spa, Love Letters and more. They are $35 and are good through June of next year. If you’re interested, let me know. If you are an alumni and not a member of the Association then JOIN and you’ll get a card included!


SAD TO SEE THE state of things compared to my childhood. Concerned about the future of the area for myself, my child, and soon to be grandchild.


THE LORD’S PANTRY HAS an urgent need for clothing of all sizes. If you have some items to donate, please take them to the Lord’s Pantry, 219 W. Society Ave. Albany, GA 31707, 435-0911. Thanks for your help!


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