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Presidential disrespect unprecedented

By   /   September 10, 2011  /   Comments

This is unbelievable! Webster defines treason as “any” betrayal of a trust. The Republican congressmen in the House have sworn on the Bible to uphold the U.S. Constitution for the betterment of all Americans; not just their districts or even their political careers, but to do what is best for the nation.

It is unbelievable:

1. At a joint congressional session, President Obama was called a liar;

2. A leading Republican presidential candidate demanded that the president publicly show his birth certificate, which he did;

3. The speaker of the House has pledged to make President Obama a one-term president;

4. To believe an elected officials didn’t know the meaning behind the term “tar baby”; and

5. Raising the debt ceiling became a problem for Obama when it had been raised more than 70 times by previous presidents.

The gridlock over raising the debt ceiling was only passed when the House Republicans forced the President to remove any taxation of the wealthy. They argued the 2-percent capitalist giants should not have to share their wealth. In fact, they recommended the 36-percent tax of the rich should be lowered to 25 percent.

Obviously, their objective is to demean, discourage and disrespect our commander-in-chief, risking the possible consequence of the demise of our great country. Their continual petty politicking is noted in the latest incident to refuse the president’s invitation to hold a joint congressional session on Sept. 7. The House majority leader replied he would prefer that the session be changed to Sept. 8. He opposed Obama’s date because the Republican presidential candidates intended to have a debate on Sept. 7. You would think that the desire of the president would supersede this childish pettiness. And to think, this is after they have clamored for months to hear the president’s plans concerning the economy and jobs.

It is clear to me the GOP does not intend to cooperate with President Obama and let the country be damned. However, President Obama again has demonstrated his maturity, integrity and willingness to compromise because of his concern for a better America. Thus, he agreed to change the special session to Sep. 8. This is a sign of wisdom, rather than foolishness. This is the first time in the history of the United States that a president’s invitation of a joint congressional session has been refused. I wonder why?

What will the history books say? What will the children be taught in their history classes about the era of America’s first African American president? Obama pledged to change the Washington, D.C., environment. Unfortunately, no one but God can change the minds and hearts of a people.

I pray that before the last history book is written, our congressional officials will understand change will take a cooperative effort by all of us to make the words “United States” a reality.

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