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Abney, Laurent, July 30, criminal trespass

Adams, Rolie , Aug. 3, burglary, parole viol

Albritten, Marion K Jr., Aug. 4, prob viol

Albritton, Jerry Charles Jr., Aug. 3, state crt intermittent sentence

Allen, Rodney Jerome, Aug. 2, armed rob, prob viol

Anderson, Derrick Jerom, Aug. 1, prob viol

Anderson, Frederick Dontria, Aug. 2, criminal trespass, simple battery

Anderson, Ryan David, Aug. 2, prob viol

Armstrong, Shaqueta Denise, July 31, theft by shoplifting

Atkins, Jeremy Marquis, Aug. 3, prob viol

Bane, Danielle Lynn, Aug. 5, theft by receiving stolen property (2 counts)

Beard, Gurley Jr., Aug. 1, prob viol

Bell, Damian Rashad, Aug. 4, criminal trespass

Black, J.B., July 30, dui drv under the inf alc w/drv comm motor veh, improper lane change

Blake, Alicia, Aug. 3, identity theft fraud info concern real person, prob viol

Broner, Curtis James, Aug. 3, prob viol

Brooks, Calvin Sharmand, Aug. 2, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, murder, prob viol

Brown, Carlos Jr., Aug. 3, criminal trespass

Brown, Freddie Lee, July 31, simple battery, viol of family violence order

Brown, Terrell Lavar, Aug. 1, prob viol

Brown, Tyler Anthony, July 29, headlights required, lic suspended, no insurance 1st off

Brownlee, Kaleena Nicole, July 31, prob viol

Brumby, Timothy, Aug. 2, criminal trespass

Bryant, Angela Denise, Aug. 1, hold for other law enforcement

Bryant, Robert Anthony, July 28, failure to appear, prob viol

Buchannon, Emanuel, Aug. 5, contempt of court

Bullock, Constance Renee, July 28, state court sentence

Burns, Martin James, July 30, disorderly conduct

Bush, Derrick Lavar, Aug. 2, prob viol

Butler, Alvin Ray, Aug. 3, criminal trespass

Butler, Richard Montez, July 30, prob viol

Butts, Jacory Antwan, Aug. 4, prob viol

Carroll, Michael Wayne, Aug. 2, parole viol

Carter, Stanley Lamar, Aug. 3, prob viol, public indecency/saggy pants

Clark, Carlett Elise, July 29, court order sentence

Clemmons, Jimmy Lee, Aug. 1, simple battery

Clinton, Jacory Bushaun, July 28, suspended dl 3rd offense

Cobb, William Quantavious, Aug. 2, hold for other law enforcement

Cole, Angela Faye, July 29, state crt intermittent sentence

Covin, Jecarnus Leshane, July 29, state crt intermittent sentence

Covin, John Lawane, July 29, state crt intermittent sentence

Cox, Derrick Michael, Aug. 2, civ contempt (child sup), hold for other law enforcement, obstruction of officers, prob viol

Cross, Melissa Ann, Aug. 4, theft by shoplifting

Culbreth, Alfonso Lee, July 30, prob viol

Daniels, Jontobivous Termanie, Aug. 1, disrupt/intefere w/public school opr., obstruction of officers, simple battery, disrupt/intefere w/public school opr.

Davis, Homer Lee Jr., Aug. 2, failure to appear

Dawson, Johnny Jr., Aug. 4, prob viol

Donaldson, Randy Fornard, Aug. 4, prob viol

Douglas, Daniel, Aug. 3, driving while license suspended/revoked, seat belt required

Douglas, Sharika Laquon, July 31, f t d lic on demand (no lic on person), giving false name,add,dob to police, reckless driving, suspended/revoked license (2nd)

Draggs, Sharatry Evette, Aug. 3, simple battery

Duncan, Jonathan Maurice, Aug. 3, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Dunn, Shelia Marie, Aug. 3, giving false name,add,dob to police, prob viol

Dunn, Yara Ashley, July 28, simple battery

Edwards, Carly Morgan, July 28, theft by shoplifting

Edwards, Tony Lee, July 31, battery

Embry, Jeremy David, July 30, open container (po)

Feddon, Aaron, Aug. 3, altered license plate (1st offense), drug paraphernalia, expired vehicle tag, no driver’s license, spd 41-45/25 sch zone

Ferguson, Erica Rejean, Aug. 2, giving false name,add,dob to police

Ferguson, Isaiah, Aug. 2, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Fletcher, Merritt Woodrow, Aug. 1, state court sentence

Fortt, Eugene Thomas Jr., Aug. 3, criminal trespass

Foster, Demarcus Antwan, Aug. 3, prob viol

Frazier, Anudreanna Santana, July 28, good behavior

Freeman, Freddrick Shenard, Aug. 4, prob viol

Gaines, Jon Eric, July 28, ret f/trial

Gary, Regina Virginia, July 29, state crt intermittent sentence

Gaston, Vincent, Aug. 3, driving while license suspended/revoked, speeding (10-15)

Gatson, Tyeshia Monique, Aug. 4, criminal trespass

Gilbert, Ashley Alexandra, Aug. 4, simple battery

Gordon, Henry Lee, Aug. 1, prob viol

Grace, Julien Octavious, July 29, spd 45-50/35 zone, suspended dl 3rd offense

Graham, John Reed, July 31, financial transaction card fraud (5 counts)

Green, Kenyon Rashard, July 29, state crt intermittent sentence

Griffin, Brian Merritt, Aug. 2, prob viol

Griffin, Jason Henry, Aug. 2, ret f/trial

Guni, Tomas, July 29, discharging firearms; dangerous weapons

Hankins, Charles Richard, Aug. 3, prob viol

Harris, Charles Marquis, July 30, simple battery

Harris, Willie Dennis, July 28, theft by taking

Hawkins, Tom, Aug. 3, simple battery – family violence

Hays, Renee Lea, Aug. 1, contempt of court, prob viol

Henderson, Jecorris Jamil, Aug. 4, contempt of court, driving while license suspended/revoked

Henderson, Reginald Lamar, Aug. 3, prob viol

Hilbourn, Brandon James, Aug. 2, prob viol (2 counts)

Hill, Tangela Denise, July 30, hold for other law enforcement

Hill, Tommy Lee, Aug. 2, lic suspended, red light

Hodge, Joshua David, July 28, expired vehicle tag, no insurance 1st off, seat belts required, spd 45-50/35 zone, suspended vehicle registration, suspened drivers lic (fta)

Holsendolph, Malcolm Noel, Aug. 3, burglary

Holsey, Theodore III, Aug. 3, criminal trespass

Holt, Santanna Lucretia, July 29, superior crt intermittent sentence

Howard, Deshrick Jamal, Aug. 1, speeding (10-15), suspended/revoked license (3rd)

Humphrey, Donald Corey, Aug. 1, obstruction of officers, reckless driving, seat belt required

Hunt, Joshul Devil, Aug. 4, prob viol

Hunt, Leroy, July 29, contempt of court

Hunt, Leslie Edward, July 31, state crt intermittent sentence

Hunt, Ronald Cortez, July 30, driving while license suspended/revoked

Hunter, Lesha Latrice, July 28, theft by shoplifting

Jackson, Erick Carl, Aug. 3, burglary

Jackson, James Edward Jr., July 28, prob viol

Jackson, Jermaine, July 29, drug poos/mfg/dist in/within 1000′ pub/priv school, drug traffic w/in 1000′ pub park/rec/pub, sale/poss wid/purchase/marij

Jackson, Montreze , Aug. 2, obstruction of officers

Jackson, Sharonskia Devon, July 29, failure to appear, off bond, state court sentence

Jackson, Wykessa Michelle, Aug. 4, prob viol

Jenkins, Franklin Earl, July 31, prob viol, seat belt required, suspended/revoked license (2nd)

Jenkins, Kayla Danielle, Aug. 3, theft by shoplifting

Johnson, Desmond Leon, July 28, prob viol, theft by shoplifting

Johnson, Lewis Arvon, Aug. 4, lic suspended

Johnson, Unterio, Aug. 4, possession marij (1 oz 1st offense), public indecency/saggy pants

Jones, Eric, Aug. 3, off bond, theft by deception, theft by taking (2 counts)

Jones, Jatavis Antwon, Aug. 4, criminal trespass

Jones, Johnny Otis, Aug. 2, criminal trespass

Jones, Shakebia Sharda, July 29, driving while license suspended/revoked, taillights required

Kelley, Richard Toney, July 30, aggravated stalking

Kennedy, Eddie Lee, July 29, failure to appear, state court sentence

King, Ronikeai Danielle, Aug. 4, criminal trespass

King, Tony Jr., July 30, theft by taking

Knight, John, Aug. 4, aggravated assault (6 counts), cruelty to children in 3rd degree 3rd or sub ofnse (4 counts), terroristic threats and acts (6 counts)

Lewis, Emory Carl, Aug. 2, disorderly conduct

Lewis, Fred Cornell, July 29, court order sentence

Lewis, Melissa, Aug. 5, criminal trespass, simple battery

Lloyd, Rickie Miller Jr., July 30, open container

Lockett, Kirshawn Beshae, Aug. 2, obstruction of officers

Lowe, Reginald Bruno Jr., July 29, parole viol

Mackroy, Carl, July 29, state crt intermittent sentence

Maddox, James, July 31, parole viol

Mahone, Julian Antonie, July 29, lic suspended

Malone, Arrica Lashon, July 29, theft by receiving stolen property

Marlin, Wendy Cecilia, July 29, state crt intermittent sentence

Martin, Shantora Deondra, Aug. 3, criminal trespass

Martin, Shonte Brown, Aug. 2, battery

Martin, Terry Phillip, July 30, theft by shoplifting

Mason, Angela Rena, Aug. 3, contempt of court

Mathis, Cory Barney, July 30, sell/distribute/poss ecstasy, stop/yield sign viol, suspended/revoked license (2nd), traffic in cocaine/marij/illeg

May, Rodney Tremayne, Aug. 4, prob viol

Mayberry, Earl Jr., Aug. 4, prob viol

Mays, Charles, Aug. 2, weekend prisoner

McConnell, Ashlee Nicole, July 29, interfer w/police

MGowan, Travis Jermaine, Aug. 1, civ contempt (child sup), prob viol

McMahan, Robert Donald Jr., July 28, following too closely, leaving scene of accident

McNeal, Tameka Nichole, July 30, prob viol

Milledge, Eddie B. Jr., Aug. 4, prob viol

Monson, Denita Marie, Aug. 2, false report of a crime, false statements/writings; concealment of facts

Moore, Derrick Demond, Aug. 1, prob viol (2 counts)

Moore, Jill Renee, July 29, stalking

Myers, Atiya Monte, July 30, dui (alcohol & drugs), poss consumpt alco by minor

Nelms, Ivan, Aug. 3, poss consumpt alco by minor

Niquette, Bradley Aaron, Aug. 4, possession of cocaine

Norman, William Wesley, Aug. 2, court order sentence, prob viol

Odom, Rikki Gejaun, July 31, headlights required, no dl on person, dl disply on demain, suspended dl 2nd offense

Oliver, Eddie Lee Jr., Aug. 3, civ contempt (child sup)

Ott, Robert Christian, July 29, altered license plate (1st offense), dui less safe, expired vehicle tag, foll to closely, more than 3 persons in front seat, no insurance 1st off, viol of learners license

Palmer, Lyndaisha Larell, Aug. 4, state crt intermittent sentence

Patterson, Lenora Shante, Aug. 2, theft by shoplifting

Payton, Kenneth Wayne, Aug. 4, prob viol

Pelham, Jamie Marie, Aug. 2, theft by shoplifting

Penn, Antwan Deshaney, Aug. 1, prob viol

Peterson, Anthony Antonio, Aug. 1, prob viol, simple battery

Phillips, Christina, Aug. 4, state crt intermittent sentence

Phillips, Michael Earl, July 29, state crt intermittent sentence

Pickett, Gasiledaw Castilartron, July 28, theft by shoplifting

Plummer, Allen Sherrod, Aug. 4, weekend prisoner

Poole, Larry Lamar, July 28, ret f/trial

Potter, Joshua, Aug. 4, prob viol

Price, Danny Carlton, July 28, prob viol

Price, Demetrice Lugene Jr., Aug. 3, disorderly conduct, giving false name,add,dob to police

Price, Gordon, July 28, lic suspended, open container (po), seat belts required

Price, Larahtis Jerrod, July 29, weekend prisoner

Pride, Justin Calvin, Aug. 3, criminal trespass

Pullins, John Ellis, Aug. 1, hold for other law enforcement

Ramos, Eduardo Deleon, July 30, brake light/signal visibility required, driving without a valid license

Randall, Onzello, Aug. 4, criminal trespass, prob viol

Reed, Corey Bernard, Aug. 2, prob viol, theft by shoplifting

Rentfrow, Mason Ryan, Aug. 3, poss consumpt alco by minor

Richardson, Joanne, Aug. 4, arson 3rd degree

Robinson, Adrian Bertram, Aug. 2, open container alcohol-in poss of driver, windshield/window tint viol

Robinson, Antoine, Aug. 3, dang.drugs-ill sale/dist/poss execpt certain condi, drugs not in original container

Robinson, Cedric Paul Jr., July 30, sell/distribute/poss ecstasy, traffic in cocaine/marij/illeg

Robinson, Charles, Aug. 2, disorderly conduct

Rollins, Eddie James, Aug. 1, prob viol

Ross, Calvin Martrel, July 28, giving inmates liquor,drugs,weapons etc

Royal, Eric RashardSr, July 31, disorderly conduct

Sanders, Christopher Eric, July 28, prob viol

Sapp, Willie, July 28, theft by shoplifting

Saylor, Demarcus Antonio, Aug. 5, contempt of court, possession marij (1 oz 1st offense), stop sign/yield signs

Scott, Kirkland, Aug. 3, hold for other law enforcement

Selman, Joshua Brandon, July 30, failure to appear

Senkbeil, Jeffery K, Aug. 2, driving without a valid license, dui-alcohol / less safe, seat belt required

Shattles, Brian Lewis, July 30, theft by taking

Shealy, Meshach Lejaque, Aug. 3, disorderly conduct

Shealy, Trentina Nicole, Aug. 3, disorderly conduct

Sheffield, Terence Lamar, Aug. 2, prob viol

Sherman, Carlos Santiago, Aug. 5, prohibited noise, suspended dl 2nd offense

Silvas, Richard Michael, July 31, aggravated assault, fa/knife poss during crime/attempt crime, terroristic threats and acts

Sindy, Michael Deangelowes Jr., Aug. 3, duty-striking unattended vehicle/fixture, interfer w/police, no driver’s license, seat belts required, striking stat object near roadway prob

Sisroe, Jacorey, Aug. 1, court order sentence

Smith, Alfred Dwayne, Aug. 4, d u i-of alcohol/drugs, taillights required

Snipes, Julius Ervin, Aug. 2, ret f/trial, superior court sentence

Snow, Jamario Cortez, Aug. 4, state court sentence

Solomon, Catherine Gordon, Aug. 1, prob viol

Stanley, Cedrick Lavain, July 29, state crt intermittent sentence

Stokes, Reginald Tyrone, Aug. 1, prob viol

Stubbs, Fred Douglas, Aug. 1, disorderly conduct

Sutton, James Otis, Aug. 1, prob viol

Sweet, Marion Leon, Aug. 4, ret f/trial

Swift, Alexander Jermaine, Aug. 1, theft by shoplifting

Taylor, Roderick Lakieth, Aug. 4, driving while license suspended/revoked, giving false name,add,dob to police, taillights required

Thomas, Hughie Dyane, Aug. 4, bond revoked

Thomas, Willie Lewellyn Jr., Aug. 3, terroristic threats and acts

Threadcraft, Jeremiah, Aug. 2, contempt court fine, inhumane treatment, inoculation of dogs required, prob viol

Townsell, Ernest, Aug. 2, criminal trespass

Turner, Shermane Antonio, July 29, weekend prisoner

Vetter, Jennifer Marie, July 30, brake light/turn signal required, expired tag, fleeing/attempting to elude officer, hindering appreh/punishment of criminal, marijuana-possess less than 1oz., reckless conduct, suspended/revoked license (2nd)

Wade, IdusIII, Aug. 4, theft by receiving stolen property

Walker, Jonathan Jermaine, July 29, simple battery

Walker, Pretisea Tavares, July 30, lic suspended

Walker, Rico Ricardo, July 30, prob viol

Walker, Rodney Oneal, Aug. 4, weekend prisoner

Wallace, Willie Lewis, Aug. 3, obstruction of officers, prob viol

Warren, Adonis Demond, Aug. 2, obstruction of officers, prob viol

Watson, Ashley Kaylandrea, July 30, state crt intermittent sentence

Wentworth, Justin, July 30, simple battery

West, Henry Lee Jr., July 29, weekend prisoner

Westbrook, Kywandra Lashay, Aug. 1, superior court sentence

Whitaker, Vincent Lamar Jr., July 29, court order sentence

White, Joe Nathan, July 29, theft by shoplifting

White, Joseph Charles, Aug. 2, prob viol

Whitlock, Malcolm Leon, July 29, prob viol

Wilkes, Mickel Kile, Aug. 2, court order sentence

Williams, Artie Fair, Aug. 4, driving while license suspended/revoked, headlights required

Williams, Davie Lee Jr., Aug. 3, affray (fighting), aggravated assault

Williams, Desmond Burnell, July 29, state court sentence

Williams, Larry Lindsey, Aug. 4, lic suspended

Williams, Willie Dewayne, July 28, deposit account fraud/bad checks (2 counts), driving while license suspended/revoked, driving without a valid license, prob viol, windshield/window tint viol

Williams, Willie James, July 29, state crt intermittent sentence

Wilson, Brandi Leigh, July 29, theft by shoplifting

Wilson, Charles Bernard, Aug. 1, contempt of court, prob viol

Wilson, Christopher Jarrod, Aug. 4, failure to appear , learner’s permit viol, signs & markers,compl w/traf control devices

Wilson, Travis Antonio, Aug. 4, prob viol

Wingfield, Dontavious, Aug. 3, prob viol

Witter, NathanIII, Aug. 1, criminal trespass, possession of cocaine

Woods, Toby Antonio, Aug. 1, weekend prisoner

Young, Glory Ann, July 29, simple battery

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