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Prospering Regardless

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A passing glance at the television was my inspiration for this edition of, “With Your latte.” What I saw was a red box in the bottom right corner of my screen that stayed in that place as this particular cable news network moved from story to story. And what was in that box? at the time if this writing it said “DEBT CEILING — 7 DAYS.” So with all the talk of crisis, debt ceilings, and financial uncertainty, I thought that today I would remind you that you can still prosper — regardless of the circumstances.

Exodus 1:8 tells us that, “Eventually, a new king came to power in Egypt who knew nothing about Joseph or what he had done.” By this time, many years had passed since Joseph saved the world from starvation, and brought ownership of all the land, cattle, and money to the pharaoh that Joseph served under. As the population of the Israelites grew, this Pharaoh, (the one mentioned in our scripture) became increasingly concerned that these Jews, who lived among them, may attempt to overthrow his kingdom. So he made slaves of the people and began a process that would ultimately cost Egypt dearly. Nonetheless, look what happens to the Israelites in verse 12:

“But the more the Egyptians oppressed them, the more the Israelites multiplied and spread, and the more alarmed the Egyptians became.”

Hence, the title of this post. How quick we are to allow our circumstances to dictate our outcome. It’s as if we are under the false impression that God’s blessing is subject to the world’s economy.

Please let me assure you that although we look at things as spiraling out of control, the Kingdom of Heaven is in control. Gideon was told that he was going to lead an army against their oppressors. One of the highlights of the story is found in Judges 7:2 where God informs Gideon that he has too many men to accomplish the task. The Lord dwindles his army down to 300 men, some clay pots and a trumpet. They still win, by the way.

Imagine The Lord coming to you and saying, “You are going to start a business but you have too much money!” You see, in God’s economy things are not based what we have or can do but rather on what God possesses and what He is able to do. In another part of the account God seemingly changes Gideon’s odds of victory by telling him that t will be as if he (Gideon) where only fighting one man.

Don’t allow the talk in Washington to dictate your prosperity. I concede that there are times where the decisions of leadership may make things more difficult for you. That said, if God can cause the Nation of Israel to proper while under great oppression, he can cause you to prosper during these economically challenging days.

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