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It Takes a Village …

By   /   August 17, 2011  /   Comments

Our village seems to be broken. I am recently informed by an education association that 80 percent of children in kindergarten through fifth grade in America do not go to a church. How sad! And at once, how very frightening.

For measuring success, I am a firm believer in the method which considers that “the proof is in the pudding”. So, where is our proof that running our country without God is working successfully? Is the fact of our bigger homes, lots of technology, good food, and fancier clothes proof that we are succeeding? What goes on inside those bigger homes is the greatest divorce rate ever known, the highest crime rate in history, rampant dysfunctional parenthood, epidemic drug and alchohol addiction and a national degree of education in shambles.

All this follows on the heels of the greatest and longest uninterrupted period of prosperity in the history of our nation. If I was correctly informed that only 20 percent of our children attend a church, I believe it stands to reason that there is great danger that peer group pressure will cause that small pivot to diminish in size in our future. If so, then we must be doomed to experience more of what we are currently getting.

Take stock of your life at this moment. How do you like what you are getting? Can you describe your life as being filled by happiness, joy, and peace?  Do you want life to continue for you and your children exactly as it is today?
We turn out by the millions to vote for politicians who promise to make life better for us. But, we cannot turn out equally to educate ourselves and our children in the word of God. We have history (read a bible) to document the successful results of turning to God. We have the current state of our nation to document the result of dependency upon man. This past week, there were five pages of home foreclosure ads in the Lee County Ledger. These are not the kind of village conditions in which I want to live or see children experience. Yet, this is the result of hope and change promised to us by men.

We have been decieved many times by men, both well-meaning and not. Men do not have the power to provide happiness, joy, and peace. We have never been deceived by God. Shall we pass along a broken village to our children or shall we return to God who gave us the prosperity that we enjoyed in the past? I say we should stick with The Winner and return to including God in all our public affairs. He is easy to find. He’ll show up every time you ask Him in.

Herbert Gladin




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