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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   July 26, 2011  /   Comments

I AM ALL FOR The Levee’s move downtown. Since my son started taking lessons at The LeVee, his interest has grown. The LeVee should be voted the BEST OF THE BEST for all around youth activities!

WHAT A GREAT DECISION (the Levee’s move) will be – for both The Levee and for downtown Albany! Watching The Levee grow has been a real joy to me, mainly because so many of those involved are Lee County young people. Congrats, guys, (and Heather)! Best of luck with this. You’ve just given downtown Albany a big booster shot!

I CAN’T BELIEVE THE sidewalks, etc., at Holly Drive and P&G! I suppose it’s somewhat like the spending situation at the Marine Base — if you don’t use it, you won’t get it next year.

REGARDING THE CRCT CHEATING, everyone needs to be held accountable if there was any wrongdoing. I’m concerned because if they cheated, you don’t know where your child stand academically, the summer could had been used to push your child in weak areas, what is this world truly coming to; a bunch of liars and cheaters?

FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH of July, you can bring a grocery bag of school supplies to Katrina Sokolowski at First Choice Family Chiropractic in Albany and receive a free adjustment and exam! They are located at 2709 Gillionville Road Suite 2. Call them today for more info … 594-1546. This benefits the Mission:Change Monthly Mission School Supplies Drive.

KEITH HOOD, YOUR EXPRESSION of grief and loss resonates with anyone who has lost a parent. Especially the father. He is the glue that keeps the family moving together, while mom is the emotional “knitter”. I hear so many complain of their parents throughout their lives, too much this way, or not enough of that. How blessed are those of us who have parents we can be proud of! I have always enjoyed your columns. Hope your new endeavors do not prevent you from publishing regularly.

I THINK B.J. FLETCHER’S weekly online chat is a wonderful idea and good way to reach out to the younger voters such as myself.

I LOVE AMANDA DENTON’S writing style! Whether you like the topic or not, you just have to love what she does with it. Her voice is s clear you almost forget you’re reading and think you’re just having a conversation with a neighbor. This particular article could teach a whole year’s worth of writing technique in my English classes — extended metaphor, functional fragments, lead writing, effective endings, even a little secondary plot woven in and out of there. I love this writer’s voice.

IF YOU HAVE TO steal tires from a dealership to put on your car you do not NEED that car. This is one large problem … not a pot to pee in. Whereas I ensure I have money in savings and for emergencies some people go out to eat every single day and night. Pour thousands of dollars into a POS car that’s actually worth $400 and haven’t a clue if their five children have anything to eat or drink (that doesn’t come from the golden arches or BK). If you steal tires, from anywhere, you may need to get you lazy @$ off welfare, stop selling dope too, and get a J-O-B like the rest of us you P-O-S!

I AM IN A neighborhood with thugs and drugs, APD is concerned with a car parked on the wrong side of the street. Way to go.

LOTS OF SKETCHY-LOOKING individuals are flooding that area of North Slappey where the Home Run Foods was robbed, between the sleazy motel and the beggars at the bypass exits. The low rent motel should be shut down, imho.

I FEEL SO BAD for the people who have to go through being robbed who work in the convenience stores.

WHY CAN’T THEY JUST stop the ones that hang outside and loiter in and outside the store.

I USED TO PATRONIZE Enmark all the time as it’s one of the cleanest lot/stores around but the beggars and strange folks from the Dollar Inn drove me away.

IT’S SAD TO SEE that Albany has become such a major crime city. I know my parents dread having to go there for their doctor apartments because of the high crime rate. They always try to find the closest parking space.

UNFORTUNATELY, I AM SEEKING to make my exit from Albany. Came here in 2002 because of a job promotion/relocation. I still say some of the BEST and friendliest people I’ve ever met reside here. I hope crime can be lowered. Everybody has to play a role.

THANKS, TOM KNIGHTON, FOR talking about the solicitation law. It seems that the laws of this time have locked down on just what youth can do to raise money for their organization. Sooner or later, I would not be surprised if the lawmakers make it where we can’t have yard sales or dinners without having some sort of legality issue. What happened to supporting organizations that turn our youth of today into leaders of tomorrow?

WOW! THANK YOU FOR being the FIRST to help our family spread news of Stephanie Amerson’s status. This is what the media is supposed to be about!

I AM NOT A family member or friend of Stephanie Amerson’s family … just a concerned mother! Thanks from my heart for finally getting this story out!

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