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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   July 19, 2011  /   Comments

REGARDING THE SLUGG ADVENTURE, Whoa, legends have been created from lesser events! It’s usually the little things that bite us. They are also what keep life interesting. And yours certainly is, Bill. I’m honored to know you.

LORD, I COULD WRITE a book about Professor Sluggo! It’s a good thing he’s on OUR side or else he’d be seriously dangerous! Did you see the photos of his “Big Excellent Diving Adventure?” They’re hysterical!

BILL SLUGG SHOULD MAKE a movie. So wild!

REGARDING THE BILL SLUGG adventure, the way my luck runs, I would have been sent to GITMO and water-boarded for a few months and forced to become some 300 pounder’s b—-!

AS A FORMER SCHOOLTEACHER, I am saddened by this turn of events in the school cheating scandal. When teachers, like any other human being are backed into a corner they will do wrong things. This does not justify bad behavior. Only, to understand when tests scores become the sole criteria for evaluation of a teacher you begin to have this kind of corruption. I have seen it myself. I taught the skills for the test which was sanctioned by my district. We all received curriculum that would, if taught and learned improve scores of students. I think this is ethical. But to outright cheat (some teachers did) is sad. Let’s rework teacher evaluation tools and repeal NCLB.

I AM SO GLAD they are still investigating the CRCT cheating. My son took the test and he scored within 8 to 10 points in passing and he is in OHI classes for special needs children. When he retook the test in the summer he was off by at least 25 to 30 points. Now how is that, and this year he was suspended and was not able to take his math part.

REGARDING THE CRCT CHEATING, Everyone needs to be held accountable if there was any wrongdoing. I’m concerned because if they cheated, you don’t know where your child stand academically, the summer could had been used to push your child in weak areas, what is this world truly coming to; a bunch of liars and cheaters?

FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH of July, you can bring a grocery bag of school supplies to Katrina Sokolowski at First Choice Family Chiropractic in Albany and receive a free adjustment and exam! They are located at 2709 Gillionville Road Suite 2. Call them today for more info … 594-1546. This benefits the Mission:Change Monthly Mission School Supplies Drive.

KEITH HOOD, YOUR EXPRESSION of grief and loss resonates with anyone who has lost a parent. Especially the father. He is the glue that keeps the family moving together, while mom is the emotional “knitter”. I hear so many complain of their parents throughout their lives, too much this way, or not enough of that. How blessed are those of us who have parents we can be proud of! I have always enjoyed your columns. Hope your new endeavors do not prevent you from publishing regularly.

I THINK B.J. FLETCHER’S weekly online chat is a wonderful idea and good way to reach out to the younger voters such as myself.

I LOVE AMANDA DENTON’S writing style! Whether you like the topic or not, you just have to love what she does with it. Her voice is s clear you almost forget you’re reading and think you’re just having a conversation with a neighbor. This particular article could teach a whole year’s worth of writing technique in my English classes — extended metaphor, functional fragments, lead writing, effective endings, even a little secondary plot woven in and out of there. I love this writer’s voice.

IF YOU HAVE TO steal tires from a dealership to put on your car you do not NEED that car. This is one large problem … not a pot to pee in. Whereas I ensure I have money in savings and for emergencies some people go out to eat every single day and night. Pour thousands of dollars into a POS car that’s actually worth $400 and haven’t a clue if their five children have anything to eat or drink (that doesn’t come from the golden arches or BK). If you steal tires, from anywhere, you may need to get you lazy @$ off welfare, stop selling dope too, and get a J-O-B like the rest of us you P-O-S!

I A NEIGHBORHOOD RIDDLED with thugs and drugs, APD is concerned with a car parked on the wrong side of the street. Way to go.

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