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Dougherty County Jail Inmate List July 8-July 15, 2011

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Alford, Neiyeal Devon, July 8, criminal trespass, driving while license suspended/revoked, prob violation, speeding (10-15)

Anderson, Meltrica Nichelle, July 12, deposit account fraud/bad checks (2 counts)

Armour, Alex Cardaris, July 10, lic suspended

Barlow, Christopher Lee,
July 7, obstruction of officers, prob violation

Batten, Michael Sr.,
July 13, driving while license suspended/revoked, f t change address/name on driv lic, tag light required

Bayne, Randall Lee, July 7, hold for other law enforcement, prob violation

Billings, Travis Montreal, July 9, fa/knife poss during crime/attempt crime, obstruction of officers, parole viol, possession and use of drug related objects, prob violation , receipt/poss/transf firearm by conv fel 1st ofndr, sale/poss wid/purchase/marij, tampering w/evidence

Bishop, Roosevelt Musa
, July 8, state crt intermittent sentence

Boston, Starlette,
July 12, hold for other law enforcement

Boyd, Alfred Bernard IV, July 12, contempt of court, expired vehicle tag

Brannon, Alexandria Juliette,
July 7, entering auto, theft by deception, theft by taking

Brinson, Elmer Lee, July 12, driving while license suspended/revoked, windshield/window tint violation

Britt, Dwayne Rashad, July 10, suspended dl 2nd offense

Brown, Cristin Marie, July 14, forgery 1st degree (2 counts)

Brown, David Stafan
, July 9, simple battery

Brown, Tony Lee Jr., July 12, prob violation

Bryant, Patrick Oneil, July 8, burglary, hold for other law enforcement

Buckholts, Demario Latroy, July 12, aggravated assault, robbery by force

Butler, John Thomas, July 7, giving false name,add,dob to police, prob violation , sale/poss wid/purchase/marij, sell/distribute/poss ecstasy

Caine, Kendrich Lamario, July 11, prob violation

Campbell, Lamar Keith,
July 12, burglary, contempt of court, possession of marij (1 oz 1st offense), suspended dl 2nd offense

Carter, Terrie Lynn,
July 12, simple battery

Chives, Carlton Leonard,
July 7, simple battery (2 counts)

Clemons, Daniel Paul, July 13, improper lane chge/dr on rdways for traffic, lic suspended

Cole, Tiffany D’Andrea,
July 13, failure to appear

Coleman, Carlton Jr., July 8, theft by shoplifting

Collins, Derrick Shawn,
July 13, prob viol

Covin, Jecarnus Leshane,
July 8, weekend prisoner

Cribb, Nicholas Scott, July 8, theft by taking

Crowder, Jeffery Alan Jr., July 10, driving under the influence alcohol less safe, lic suspended, taillight requirements

Dang, Tommy,
July 11, racing on highway or streets

Davis, Anna Renee,
deposit account fraud/bad checks (7 counts)

Davis, Lamar, July 11, hold for other law enforcement

Dobbins, Mercedez Chantale,
July 11, prob violation

Eckard, Scott Anthony, July 8, prob viol

Edgar, Foster, July 8,
driving while license suspended/revoked, open container alcohol-in poss of driver

Evans, Aubrey Paul, July 14, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Fletcher, Belgium Recardo, July 8, simple battery

Ford, Fernando Qunsen, July 12, prob violation, terroristic threats and acts

Fowler, Kertez Jamal, July 7, escape n, interference with government property, prob violation

Fratino, Thomas Anthony II, July 7, entering auto, theft by deception, theft by taking

Freelove, Shayla Centorel, July 10, criminal trespass

Gadson, Andrew, July 14, entering auto, theft by taking

Gibson, Kendale Gee,
July 14, ret f/trial

Gibson, Montravious Monquez, July 12, driving without a valid license, fleeing/attempting to elude officer, one-way roadway violation, reckless driving, speeding (10-15), stop/yield sign violation, windshield/window tint violation

Gibson, Roma, July 7, aggravated assault, burglary, cruelty to children in 3rd degree 3rd or sub ofnse (3 counts), simple battery

Goddard, Sherita Peterson, July 8, state crt intermittent sentence

Grant, Stacy, July 14, simple assault

Green, Kawaskee Alexander,
July 7, theft by taking

Hardin, Cody Scott,
July 11, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Harrison, Stephanie Evette,
July 12, criminal trespass, murder, simple battery

Hart, Gentorica Trinisca,
July 7, reckless conduct

Hartsfield, Tracey Lashalle, July 13, prob violation

Hatfield, Leo Scott,
July 9, deposit account fraud/bad checks (4 counts), prob violation (2 counts)

Hawkins, Carla Janean
, July 10, lic suspended, stop sign/yield signs

Hawkins, Nicole Ellouise
, July 13, battery

Haynes, Jerald,
July 7, failure to appear

Hendricks, Johnathan Mickiel,
July 12, prob violation

Hepburn, Sebastian James, July 12, driving while license suspended/revoked, speeding (10-15)

Holt, Santanna Lucretia, July 8, superior crt intermittent sentence

Holt, Shakyra Meshon,
July 9, child restraint (3 counts), driving without a valid license , expired tag, improper lane usage, seat belt required, suspended vehicle registration (canceled, revoked),windshield/window tint violation

Huynh, Kevin Khanh Van, July 11, poss consumpt alco by minor

Jackson, James Isaac,
July 13, simple battery

Jackson, Jerome Lamar,
July 8, theft by deception, theft by taking

Jackson, Teresa Louise, July 13, prob violation

James, Colvie Jarrell, July 11, purchase/possess/control

Johnson, Charan Delvonque,
July 13, weekend prisoner

Johnson, William Courtney,
July 12, prob violation, theft by taking

Jones, Barbara Ann, July 12, criminal trespass

Jones, David, July 13, disorderly conduct, general

Jones, Zavier Montain,
July 7, unlawful to know rmv/dest ele mon device

Joseph, Ronnie,
July 9, criminal trespass, simple battery

Kegler, Steven Bernard,
July 13, burglary, theft by taking

King, Joel Scott Jr., July 8, civ contempt (child sup), prob violation

Laster, Tiffany Labelle,
July 8, harassing phone calls

Lewis, Demarcus Dontravious, July 13, aggravated assault, aggravated battery

Maler, Donny Ray,
July 7, prob violation

Mallard, Kayla Nicole,
July 13, battery

Malone, Ricky Ricardo,
July 10, lic suspended

Mann, Tacorria Shaneece,
July 12, hold for other law enforcement

Mansfield, David Brett, July 13, prob violation

Mason, Ernest III, July 8, driving while license suspended/revoked, speeding (10-15)

Mason, Loria Lattrice,
July 8, superior crt intermittent sentence

Mathis, Doran Leandre, July 9, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, prob violation

Mays, Charles,
July 12, weekend prisoner

Merritt, William Jr., July 8, marijuana-possess less than 1oz., possession and use of drug related objects

Moore, Quincy Marthis,
July 13, hold for other law enforcement

Moore, Tucker,
July 8, state crt intermittent sentence

Moore, Victor Floyd, July 8, f t obey regulatory markers, oper skis/ves under the influence

Murray, Catherine Elizabeth
, July 7, contempt of court, deposit account fraud/bad checks (2 counts)

Mutcherson, Cindy Roshay,
July 11, disorderly conduct, general

Newberry, Frankie N,
July 13, expired vehicle tag, no driver’s license, no insurance 2nd off

Nguyen, Khang Do,
July 11, poss consumpt alco by minor

Northern, Sherman Dejaun, July 9, aggravated battery, concealing death, murder

Parker, Jimmy Allen,
July 7, defective tires, fleeing/attempting to elude officer, off bond

Parks, Tara Danica, July 11, lic suspended, no insurance 1st off, stop sign/yield signs, suspended vehicle registration

Pech, Khoeun,
July 11, racing on highway or streets, seat belts required (4 counts)

Perry, Nathaniel, July 12, theft by conversion

Peterson, Venzquela Dominick, July 11, battery – family violence (1st offense) , cruelty to children-child less than 18yoa 3rd deg

Phillips, Michael Wade,
July 7, ret f/trial

Plummer, Allen Sherrod,
July 7, weekend prisoner

Powell, Clint Mitchell,
July 10, criminal trespass, entering auto, theft by taking

Powell, Samantha Michelle, July 13, fleeing/attempting to elude officer, prob violation, reckless driving

Quimby, Qwaintet James,
July 9, headlights required at certain times, suspended dl 2nd offense

Radcliffe, Shawn Carl, July 8, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Reece, Desmond N,
July 14, disorderly conduct, general, poss consumpt alco by minor

Reid, Shibraka Andrea,
July 8, aggravated assault

Rhodes, Wade Fabian,
July 8, no drivers license, seat belts required

Richardson, James Bernard, July 12, prob violation

Rispress, Darek Marcus,
July 11, prob violation

Robinson, Jeffrey,
July 12, parole viol

Rogers, Charlotte,
July 9, aggravated assault, armed rob, hijacking of motor vehicle

Rogers, Uquanda Tartisha,
July 9, theft by taking

Rutland, Corey Zimberlist Jr., July 13, prob viol, prob violation

Simon, Michael Idason,
July 7, print/execu/neg draft,chk w/fl

Smith, Bobby Dannell,
July 13, theft by shoplifting

Solomon, Shyasia Brittannia,
July 11, criminal trespass, prob violation, simple battery

Stafford, Jason Thomas,
July 9, civ contempt (child sup), off bond, prob violation

Stephens, Terrance Bentrell, July 13, financial transaction card fraud

Still, Brian Keith, July 8, criminal trespass

Stubbs, Michael,
July 13, prob viol

Taylor, Donna Janney,
July 11, state crt intermittent sentence

Teadt, Tyler James,
July 11, poss consumpt alco by minor

Tedesco, Christopher Lee, July 8, open container alcohol-in poss of driver, suspended/revoked license (3rd), turn signals req

Thomas, Cherron Laneice,
July 13, weekend prisoner

Turner, Jonathan Lee,
July 8, hold for other law enforcement, housed for other law enforcement

Vail, Craig L,
July 8, prob violation

Vinent, Colden Claus, July 13, no insurance (1st off), possession of a schedule ii controlled substance, suspended vehicle registration (canceled, revoked)

Walker, Jeffery Christopher,
July 13, prob violation

Walker, Trentavius Marquis,
July 9, civ contempt (child sup) (3 counts)

Watson, Jessica Lashell,
July 10, theft by shoplifting

West, Tony Lamar,
July 8, state court sentence

Whaley, Tommy Lee,
July 13, prob violation

Wilkes, Mickel Kile, July 7, court order sentence

Williams, Ashanti Shanobia, July 13, prob violation

Womack, Charles Thomas,
July 8, entering auto, prob violation, theft by receiving stolen property

Wright, Arthur Lee III,
July 7, failure to appear, possession of cocaine, prob violation, sale/poss wid/purchase/marij, sell/distribute/poss ecstasy

Zackery, Johnny C, July 7, stalking

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