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Most of our citizens are busy working(if lucky enough to have a job) and raising families. This was my situation for many years and I rarely was able to see the 7 o’clock news. So my question to you, are you aware of the changes taking place in our country and do they make you happy?

Our President and his administration have been printing money for some time now and the value of the dollar is falling and your food prices,etc. are going up. They have promised that your utility bills will also go up if they can regulate through the EPA.

The health care bill passed to help so many uninsured is so great our government gave hundreds of waivers to businesses and unions so they would not have to implement changes timely. Did you get a waiver? If that was not all, they plan to take money from the medicare program to try and help pay for new programs in health care/medicaid.

Are you happy that President Obama shows favoritism to unions such as in the General Motors bail out when all stockholders,and 17,000 workers not unionized lost all their benefits while only the union workers retained all their benefits?

If you are not in a union, you get no favors from this President.

Are you happy that the President wants to tax the so called “wealthy” but continues to hang with the wealthy and give jobs to big donors and lobbyist. Does this sound like the change you expected? All politicians promise change but many people happened to believe Barack Obama would keep the promises he made.

Our politicians, both parties, are totally ineffective, not able to make a budget or stay out of debt when they have billions of revenue coming in from the American people.

Do you want to continue to give them your money to spend as they see fit and on their own special interest. The biggest looser here is the low income wagers and and those on government entitlements. Prices are going up and jobs are going overseas such as the curly light bulbs required by our government and made in China. By the way, don’t break one as it may be hazardous to your health.

In closing, keep the pressure on our elected officials to save our country by making needed changes, cut their out of control spending and balance our budget. Please pray for God’s mercy and direction.

Thanks for listening.

Mary Davis
Americus, Ga.

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