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Whatcha Say, Albany?

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POOR LEADERSHIP AND TOO much time spent on something that should have been thrown out – the Sean Reddish case. This is why people that have left Albany refer to it as Agony, Georgia … just saying.

REGARDING THE SEAN REDDISH trial … typical Albany. Poor leadership, confusing directives, and way too much time and energy spent on something so trivial, while larger problems go unaddressed. Reddish should sue the city and the DA’s office.

BANG YOUR HEAD AGAINST a brick wall long enough, it hurts. You can rail away at the corruption and downright criminal activity that goes on in the halls of government, but until the people who vote, decide they are not going to put up with it anymore, nothing is ever going to change. One man cannot change it.

YOUR WORDS ARE MY sentiments, Dr. Kagay. Freeman gets a rise while students get a 9 percent tuition taxation.

YOUR WORDS ARE MY SENTIMENTS DR. Kagay… (ASU’s) Freeman gets a raise will students get a 9% tuition taxation.

SURELY, THERE ARE BIGGER fish to fry than Sean Reddish. Like all those people stealing copper and they don’t have permission.

WHAT? CAN SOMEBODY EXPLAIN the Reddish verdict to me? He didn’t do it but he was found guilty. They gave it to him, but he stole it? The airport contractor gave him his own stuff and is a co-conspirator? In what? Aren’t there enough real criminals out there to pursue?

AWESOME STORY ABOUT Wesley Beaver. He is missed by a lot of people.

EXCELLENT ‘FISH’ STORY ABOUT Wesley Beaver, and the community should never forget?

IT’S GOOD WESLEY BEAVER is not forgotten.

DAMN GOOD WRITING, LEAH Ryals. Good ob. And Spillers is, was and forever will be guilty.


IF WILLIE WEAVER DID not hit his wife, who allegedly did? Why would she tell the police he hit her, then retract the statement, despite the proof of bodily injury? Of course, they are trying to throw the media under the bus and accuse the media of false reporting. I am not saying that never occurs, but in this case I do not believe any false reporting has occurred.

REGARDING JUDGE WEAVER’S LEAVE of absence, innocent until proven guilty, I thought?

THIS IS ONE MORE thing to put Albany on the map in a bad way. This makes two judges in the past couple of months in this area that are getting in trouble. Anyone know of any more?

THERE MUST BE SOMETHING to what Vester Weaver told the ER after the alleged assault happened because the GBI is the one that brought on the charges of assault. The GBI doesn’t just charge someone if there is no proof.

HOW STUPID ARE THE commissioners (Albany, Sylvester, or Dawson) for allowing an appointed official to consume tax payer money, which I’m sure will go straight to his legal practice, while facing felony charges.

NINETY DAYS PAID LEAVE. No wonder the government is in the shape it’s in.

HONESTLY? WOW, FOR ALL the people who said Dr. Sperrazza shouldn’t be behind bars and that he made an honest mistake, see, there is your proof. Give him a slap on the wrist and he didn’t learning anything. So can we all agree to send him to prison now?

A CERTAIN PAIN CLINIC in Albany could use a look, too.

WE HAVE PEOPLE COMING down here from all over the country, and especially Kentucky and Tennessee, to buy pain pills from these pop-up pain clinics so they can sell them on the streets. Unfortunately, the MDs are in it for the money and seem to not care about the public in general – you know, the ones they take the oath to cause no harm to.

I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY someone who is educated and has the potential to make a very good living would do something so dumb as Dr. Sperrazza. How in the world did he manage to become a doctor?

I DO NOT KNOW where a good many of the Republican Party’s hopefuls are coming from. They are not Republicans that Ronald Reagan would recognize. The party I have been affiliated with all my life has not been isolationist, at least in my lifetime.

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