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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   June 21, 2011  /   Comments

GREAT ARTICLE ON MERRY Acres. Bo and Stewart are just the right people to carry on this Albany tradition! Way to go!

THE DRUG THAT DANIEL Folsom possessed is illegal in this great state of Georgia Bath salt is a synthetic cocaine. It had recently been made illegal and at the time of his arrest it was not illegal. There was probable cause for his arrest in the case.

JUST AS PROHIBITION DID nothing but create organized crime, drug laws are doing nothing but creating the gang problem.

FOLSOM SHOULD SUE THE pants off the cops for locking him up for a drug that wasn’t illegal. More waste of taxpayers’ money. When is government going to stop this war on its own people?

IT DOESN’T MATTER IF Folsom’s name is cleared in the legal system. He’s already branded a druggie in the community after this.

WHAT IS MEPHEDRONE THEN? Is it still a drug? What’s it used for? What good reason would a 23-year-old have for ordering and receiving such a large package of it? There has to be some reason this shipment was watched and the bust set up.

I CAN’T SAY I’M shocked about the ASU professors’ complaints. As a former editor in chief of The Student Voice, we ran a story about some of Freeman’s treatment of faculty and staff and mismanagement of funds. I hope light is finally shed on this situation and furthermore, the proper action is taken.

IT IS VERY SAD to see my ASU having all of this trouble. However, I’m not really surprised. I think they owe the students and the alumni (that continue to contribute to the school) a wholehearted effort to making sure they restore the prestige of our school, give the current student top resources to compete in the corporate world and bring in quality faculty. I do miss the support and encouragement Madame President gave to all the students. We need a president willing to give that same support to the current and future students.

REGARDING THE ASU FLAK, this is insane. We have to admit we are dealing with a president who was called to a town hall meeting to talk to the students and didn’t answer any questions. He left us all standing and sitting in ACAD waiting on him because he had a meeting in Atlanta.

I’M SORRY, BUT EVERYONE does not need to be admitted to ASU. It is a UNIVERSITY. If you can’t score higher than an 830, which is a very, very low score, then you need to go to community college and prove that you can do college level work before being admitted to a four-year university.

WILLIE WEAVER’S SUSPENIONS FROM his judgeship should be without pay.
This is a problem for him to handle on his time not taxpayers’ dime.

REGARDING JUDGE WEAVER’S LEAVE of absence, innocent until proven guilty, I thought?

THIS IS ONE MORE thing to put Albany on the map in a bad way. This makes two judges in the past couple of months in this area that are getting in trouble. Anyone know of any more?

THERE MUST BE SOMETHING to what Vester Weaver told the ER after the alleged assault happened because the GBI is the one that brought on the charges of assault. The GBI doesn’t just charge someone if there is no proof.

HOW STUPID ARE THE commissioners (Albany, Sylvester, or Dawson) for allowing an appointed official to consume tax payer money, which I’m sure will go straight to his legal practice, while facing felony charges.

NINETY DAYS PAID LEAVE. No wonder the government is in the shape it’s in.

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