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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   June 14, 2011  /   Comments

WILLIE WEAVER IS TO be paid $17,500 over the 90-day suspension period. This works out to be $5,800 per month. Are we to think that everyone who commits a crime now will be paid for it? Albany is a laughing stock throughout the entire state.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE honorable city and county leaders who shaped Albany in the 50s through the 70s? Why has Albany allowed itself to go from a wonderful town that celebrated life to one where corruption is now the way of life in so many levels of government?

WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH Willie Weaver is just another reminder as to why I will never return to Albany to live and fear for my family and friends who remain there.

I GUESS THAT THE same rights afforded to others should not apply to someone who happens to serve in some governmental capacity. Not only has Judge Weaver not been convicted of anything, he has not even been indicted. Remember, a person is presumed innocent until proved otherwise.

I GRADATED FROM DHS in 1970 and went into the Air Force, leaving Albany behind me, yet still have family there. I have not returned for reasons like this. Albany continues to be an embarrassment to southwest Georgia. I have watched from afar as members of the city and county government lie, cheat and steal from the citizens of Albany and very rarely is anything done about it. Seldom is there even a slap on the wrist.

SLAP ON THE WRIST? You are so right. Just as when drug agents violate city ordinances and chase vehicles running over 90 mph down a 35 mph street, and kill innocent victims; not once, but twice. What happened to the officers? Nothing!

AS TIME GOES BY, Albany and Dougherty County will fall to corruption and will require either the state or the feds to come into town to clean up the mess it has been creating these last 50-plus years.

WAIT, SO LET ME get this right. Weaver has charges where he reportedly hit his wife in the face with a beer bottle, is a municipal court judge, but is paid for 90 days? Are you kidding me? This town is a joke, as is its officials and judicial system. This is a slap in the face to the citizens of Albany. It says, “see, if you know the right people, you get away squeaky clean, but if you don’t know anyone, you’re screwed.”

SUSPENDED WITH PAY? INCREDIBLE! Taxpayers should revolt now.

IN ALBANY, YOU’RE GUILTY when innocence is slapping them in the face. They don’t care how they get a conviction as long as they get it. Any blind, crippled or crazy person is sensible enough to powder test any and all suspects’ hands. The investigators knew the truth in the James Eppler case from the start, why else would they not want to test him.

I BOUGHT AN OLD bookcase from a yard sale a while back, not long after the Eppler deal. We discussed the decline of East Albany and Eppler. This guy and others in that circle knew Eppler pretty well. He told me then it was suicide and that she had a history of bi-polar etc. He said there prior calls to police for domestics because of her problems where she was out of control. Regardless, this guy was fighting hard to save the marriage and I think was trying to calm the situation when she took her life. It’s very sad.

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE negativity in this world. I’m excited about the new Walmart because I can leave work and buy groceries before heading home to Mitchell County.

IT’S A HELL OF a note when your side of the town is so abandoned and utterly neglected that people are turning flips over a Walmart opening nearby. On a positive note, maybe this means East Albany will start to build back up again. I sure hope so because every time I come to visit I’m depressed by what I see going on east of the river. Folks there deserve better.

WHEN A WALMART OPENS, it means that the local Mom and Pop shops go out of business! Support your local shops!

THE LOCAL MOM AND Pops will always survive if they have a uniqueness about them.

WHY WOULD ANYONE GET excited about another Walmart? It’s just another place to spend your money As for east Albany, well, it speaks for itself. I get depressed going to the base or east Albany. Very depressing neighborhood.

IF YOU DO NOT like the store, do not go. I live in Sylvester and I do not have to go 20-30 miles now just to buy a zipper! And the price in Sylvester for a box of cereal is $4-$5; two weeks ago the same box at Wal-Mart was $2.79!

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