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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   June 7, 2011  /   Comments

DOUGHERTY COUNTY IS STARTING to “wring its hands” about the next year’s budget. Among the potential “cuts” is discontinuing “total public access”, whatever that means, to the part of the website accessed through a service provider. As best I can determine, this part appears to be what allows property searches for data such as value, ownership, and assessed values. Now, the article does not show what we pay for the service but one thing is certain: we don’t need less information on property taxes. Is this proposed reduction driven by dollars — or is it to reduce complaints on how the property tax process really works. Another proposal to reduce contributions to the County retirement fund, whose workings are unknown to the general public, by $700,000 sounds like a false economy potentially leading to later solvency problems. If such reduced funding does not impact the fund, how is it structured to preclude future payout problems when more employees reach retirement age? If $700,000 doesn’t cause a problem, how much of a cut does cause a problem? And as expected, the County is looking at ways to enhance revenue such as hiring a consultant to identify revenue streams. Well, instead, why not hire a consultant to find ways to reduce spending? One of the problems with government at all levels is the constant search for more revenue to spend rather than looking for those expenditures that are not really needed.

WAS THERE ANY DOUBT that they would rehire the two superintendent’s staff members once the other two board members got back?

WE ARE SICK AND tired of the officers and judges who do as they please.

IS THERE ANY GOVERNMENT agency in Albany that does not have some type of corruption?

STANDING BY HER MAN? AFTER getting attacked with a beer bottle? This is how people eventually end up dead in domestic situations.

THE SAFETY DIRECTOR SHOT himself in the hand? Please forgive me, but that made me laugh a few times. Mr. Safety acts unsafely. More do as I say and not as I do …

WATCH OUT DOUGHERTY COUNTY. You are on the same track that destroyed the Randolph County School System.

I DON’T KNOW HOW you people with children can handle the Dougherty County School System absurdity.

HOW CAN SWITCHING PRINCIPALS have anything to do with academics, success in grades comes from the teachers NOT from the principals. Elementary principals in high school? PULEEZE let’s just see how the discipline is in the high schools in a year. This scheme even tops the trip to Atlanta.

MY LITTLE ONE IS a student at Radium Springs Elementary under Gail Griffin and I can say firsthand that she could put any one of these pitiful high schools in tip top shape in no time at all. She runs a tight ship and could eat those high school delinquents for breakfast. That said, I am so thankful she isn’t leaving Radium Elementary!

HAVE YOU ASKED THE teachers if they are glad she is staying?

SERIOUSLY? ELEMENTARY PRINCPALS ARE going to run those high schools?

YES, CHILDREN CAN LEARN, but most of the ones I work with couldn’t care less about learning. They tell us why bother to learn when I can just go to summer school for two weeks and pass and that is just what they do. So think about that attitude when you condemn teachers because there are fifth graders reading on a second grade level We do have a few wonderful young people who want to better themselves and they are a joy to teach.

YES, CHILDREN CAN LEARN, but they must WANT to learn, Dr. Anita Williams Brown.

DANIELS IS GONE BECAUSE of the cheating scandal.

DR. MURFREE, I TRULY feel that you are the blessing that was sent to this school system. Please care enough to take a look at your school system. There are teachers today who physically and mentally beat these children down and the principal knows about it.

BLESSING? MURFREE? YOU MEAN the genius who wants to take 16,000 kids on a trip to Atlanta and expects people to actually DONATE for it? Hahaha!

I THINK MURFREE SHOULD go along to Atlanta as a chaperone. Let us all donate $5 so we can see that. I’ll donate $20 so I can follow the bus and see him as miserable as most DCSS employees are. As far as the concerned parent who thinks he is blessing, how would you know

REGARDING THE LATEST CASE of a child being left in a car, just for the sake of it, let’s say she forgot. At what point did she even remember the kid? She didn’t. That’s why she should be charged. We can all take up for her, but we all know if it was our child, it would be different. They should have called the Fire Department out to rip the door off her car at her expense.

OK, BEFORE WE START pointing fingers at someone, whatever happened to the grandmother that left her grandchild locked in the car all day while she was at work at Sams. Did she get charged? Last I heard it was an accident and no charge was filed. That child was in there for eight hours. Everyone needs to pay attention to our surroundings.

ALWAYS SCAN THE BACK seat of your cars before you get out. You never know – a neighbor’s child may have crawled in your car while it was parked, playing hide-and-seek.

INSTEAD OF CONDEMNING, PRAY for the teacher who left the child in the car because you or someone you know could make the same mistake. Never say never.

I DO NOT THINK this woman meant any harm to this child. We need to leave other people children alone. After a certain age and raising your own, that is enough. Grand, neighbors, friends, whoever child it is, please Leave them alone.

THE WOMAN AT SAM’S was arrested and charged.

BEING A TEACHER MAKES this worse. If she can’t take care of one child, it’s no telling how neglected a class room full would be.

I AM A SINGLE mom with three kids. I am not gonna judge her or anyone else cause I have my own issues, BUT the last thing I do before I walk away from my car is look in it. Not just for my kids, but for my purse, cell, bags … to make sure nothing is left in it. It’s habit now and only takes a second. PLUS it was HOT Saturday, that baby could have died in that hot car so she should be thanking God it’s not a murder charge!

BEING ‘GOOD WITH CHILDREN’ does not a good person make! Case in point, pedophiles are excellent with kids … that’s kinda their M.O. Whether it was intentional or not, she should be held accountable.

FORGOT? YOU FORGET TO turn off headlights, you forget to lock your door, you forget your keys in the ignition … how do you forget that you have a sleeping child in the back seat? No, I’m sorry, she didn’t forget. She left that sleeping child in the car so that she could enjoy the graduation ceremony. She should have declined to babysit entirely since she was already planning on attending in the first place.

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