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Make time for yourself

By   /   June 5, 2011  /   Comments

Can I make a confession? I am extremely guilty of utilizing my time for other people and their agendas and neglecting time for myself. It is amazing how easy it is to get bogged down with doing things for other people and fail to complete the tasks that are yours to do. Have you ever found yourself doing things for other people while the things that you need to do go undone? That is the story of my life. My newsletter is late this month because I take on tasks for other people while my personal tasks go undone. I must also confess that a small part of that is procrastination.

I think that it is always good to do for others and to help others, but there has to be a balance. You and I can get to a place where we allow our purpose to go unfulfilled when we lose our focus. How can we be effective in what God has called us to do when we are spending so much time doing non-essentials? It is time that you and I revisit our priorities. There has to be a level of balance in our lives so that we don’t neglect self.

Do you know anyone or are you that person who always puts others’ needs ahead of yourself? Are you one of those people who put your spouse or significant other’s needs ahead of yours? It is so easy to get to that place where you neglect self for others. I found myself taking on tasks for other people that really did not benefit me at all. Think about it for a minute, what are you gaining by neglecting the things that God wants you to do? The answer is very simple, you gain nothing. I have come to the conclusion that I will not continue to spend more time on other people’s agenda at the expense of neglecting my own.

Many of you who are reading this newsletter can agree with me that you would have had that book written; that business open; that college degree; or that new career if you didn’t spend so much time neglecting self. It’s time that you and I get to the place where we make time for ourselves. If we don’t intentionally make time for ourselves, we will lose out on the things that God has for us.

Let me share a few ideas with you that I believe would help you to fully understand what I mean by “make time for yourself”:

  • Set aside at least 30 minutes daily solely for you
  • Work on your goals and dreams daily
  • Pamper yourself at least once a month
  • Rid yourself of people that drain the life out of you
  • Surround yourself with people who value who you are
  • Make time your God regularly.

If you do these things, life will take a turn for you. Whatever you do, make time for yourself.

Rev. Knighton is a member and the administrative pastor of Greater 2nd Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Albany and pastor of St. James Baptist Church in Baconton.LawrenceKnighton

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