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Dougherty County Jail Inmate List June 17-23, 2011

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Allen, Mary Catherine, June 21, burglary

Anderson, Derrick Damon, June 20, prob violation

Anthony, Latasha Lashond, June 17, no insurance (1st off), open container alcohol-in poss of driver, prob violation, suspended/revoked license (4th)

Bailey, Calvin, June 21, prob violation

Barney, Terence Avery, June 17, civ contempt (child sup)

Blankenship, Ronald Wayne, June 22, headlights required at certain times, lic suspended

Boatwright, Bakari, June 20, harassing phone calls

Boswell, Cassandra, June 20, disorderly conduct

Boyett, Edward Lee, June 18, prob violation

Bradley, Rickey Bernard, June 18, disorderly conduct, general, public indecency-1st or 2nd offense

Bradshaw, Jennifer Leeann, June 17, weekend prisoner

Brown, Darius Alexander, June 20, parole viol

Brown, Dontrell Breon, June 18, aggravated assault, fa/knife poss during crime/attempt crime, prob violation (2 counts), receipt/poss/transf firearm by conv fel 1st ofndr

Brown, Jackie Napoleon, June 18, prostitution

Brown, Jerome Lamont, June 18, weekend prisoner

Bryant, Richardo Rodriquis, June 17, criminal attempt to commit a misd

Bullock, Constance Renee, June 17, state crt intermittent sentence

Burks, Romon Antron, June 23, entering auto

Bush, Monquez Demond, June 22, prob violation

Bush, William, June 21, contempt of court

Butler, Kentrell Bernard, June 22, marijuana-possess less than 1oz., prob viol

Byrd, Irene Delores, June 18, giving false name,add,dob to police, prob violation

Calhoun, William Buddy, June 22, prob violation

Calloway, Fredrick Gerard, June 22, aggravated stalking

Campbell, Kendall Melito, June 21, court order sentence

Charles, Burnell Alexander, June 23, court order sentence

Cheeks, Ernestaine Leshell, June 22, theft by shoplifting

Clark, Shavoskee Leconte, June 20, deposit account fraud/bad checks

Coleman, Krystal Janelle, June 21, theft by shoplifting

Coleman, Mary Lashawn, June 18, possession of marij (1 oz 1st offense)

Collins, Freddy Lee, June 20, print/execu/neg draft,chk w/fl

Connell, Jeffery Mark, June 17, criminal attempt to commit a misd

Cox, James Shawn, June 19, aggravated assault (2 counts)

Daniels, Robert, June 20, prob violation

Davis, Ashley Tamara, June 19, obstruction of officers

Davis, Jerrell Kentae, June 20, good behavior

Davis, Meghan Simone, June 18, prob viol, theft by conversion

Davis, Rontavis Dequise, June 22, driving while license suspended/revoked, June 22, unlawful display license plate/tag

Dellinger, Charles Eric, June 22, Interfere w/police

Dellinger, Misty, June 22, dui less safe, fty veh turning left

Duncan, Ronnie Leketh, June 23, no driver’s license

Dunnell, Vesmon Rayelle, June 23, prob violation

Duvall, Anthony George, June 18, drugs not in original container (2 counts), possession of a schedule ii controlled substance, purchase/possess/control

Edwards, Kentavious, June 20, aggravated battery, battery, contempt of court

Eubanks, Kelsey Lynn, June 21, theft by taking

Evans, Cleveland Lavon, June 20, contempt of court, giving false name,add,dob to police

Fallin, James Lee, June 20, improper/defaced license plates, no insurance (1st off), suspended vehicle registration (canceled, revoked), winshield/windshield wiper requirements

Ferrell, Brian Preston, June 18, possession of marij (1 oz 1st offense)

Fletcher, Belgium Recardo, June 19, disorderly conduct, general

Foster, Nicholas Dewayne, June 20, court order sentence

Freeney, Michael Jacob, June 23, hold for other law enforcement

Gallagher, Brent Douglas, June 19, poss consumpt alco by minor

Gammage, Veronica Sabrina, June 21, drugs not in original container, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Grace, Tazbha Shima, June 18, prostitution

Grant, Lekeshia Pamela, June 19, spd 51-55/35 zone, suspended dl 2nd offense

Green, Ronald Keith, June 17, weekend prisoner

Hall, Katrell Shane, June 18, simple battery

Harden, Linda Denise, June 22, deposit account fraud/bad checks over $499.

Harris, Eugene, June 18, criminal trespass

Harris, Felecia Randall, June 23, theft by taking

Harris, Glenn Curtis, June 17, theft by taking

Harvey, Bradford Lamar, June 20, fin/trans card theft, fin/trans card theft, parole viol, theft by deception, theft by taking (2 counts)

Harvey, Jacob Demond, June 22, seat belt required

Haywood, Martavis, June 17, entering auto, failure to appear, prob violation, theft by receiving stolen property

Henry, Robert Allen, June 18, state crt intermittent sentence

Henry, Robert Armaund, June 20, child molestation, prob violation

Hernandez, Romilio, June 18, driving without a valid license, no insurance (1st off), remove/deface/destroy vehicle tag

Hightower, Kanisha Latoya, June 22, criminal trespass, giving false name,add,dob to police, prob viol

Holt, Santanna Lucretia, June 17, superior crt intermittent sentence

Hudson, Roger Dale, June 19, state court sentence

Hudson, Tracie Lynn, June 19, d u i-of alcohol/drugs, improper lane usage

Jackson, Alton Jerod, June 21, aggravated assault, battery – family violence (1st offense), fa/knife poss during crime/attempt crime, prob violation

Jackson, Erick Carl, June 20, prob violation

Jackson, Kathy Leigh, June 21, prob violation

Jefferson, Elijah, June 17, disorderly conduct, general, public indecency

Jernigan, James Lee, June 19, reckless conduct

Johns, Lamontra, June 20, burglary

Johnson, Charan Delvonque, June 20, weekend prisoner

Johnson, William Courtney, June 21, battery

Jones, Derrick Montrail, June 20, prob violation

Jones, Santana Denise, June 18, simple battery

Jones, Toronto Rico, June 20, prob violation

Keith, Johnny Will, June 20, court order sentence

Ketchum, Donald Wayne, June 17, disorderly conduct, general, possession of marij (1 oz 1st offense)

Kimbrel, Jed Lee, June 19, dui driv under the inf of alc conc .08g more 3 hrs, improper lane usage, seat belt required

King, Charles Edward, June 17, state crt intermittent sentence

King, Phillip, June 20, state court sentence

King, Thyrone Canthrell, June 18, prob violation

Larkins, Ashley Nicole, June 18, deposit account fraud/bad checks over $499.

Lewis, Stephen Tramaine, June 22, prob violation

Love, Devon Zalan, June 20, interference with custody

Maddox, James, June 23, parole viol

Mallory, Joshua Marcell, June 18, simple battery, prob violation

Mathis, Tarrell Lashawn, June 22, contempt of court, prob violation

Mathis, Timothy Orlando, June 22, suspended dl 2nd offense

Mays, Tyrone, June 19, disorderly conduct, general

Mcclinton, Jimmy Lee, June 21, state court sentence

Mcconnell, Austin Michael, June 20, prob viol

Mccoy, Markavious Stanley, June 20, unlawful f per acq/main cr gang proceed

Mcdonald, Terry Joseph, June 17, weekend prisoner

Mcmurray, Jeromy D, June 22, battery

Melendez, Cari, June 22, weekend prisoner

Morris, Kenneth Bernard, June 17, prob viol, prob violation

Morrison, Rudolph Gaines, June 22, prob violation

Munzo, Juan Samuel, June 18, driving on right required, dui (1st offense alcohol), dui less safe, duty-striking fix/st, duty-striking unattended vehicle/fixture (2 counts), improper displayed tag -disp of lic plates, no drivers license

Murray, Dalton Lavier, June 18, deposit account fraud/bad checks

Myers, Rita Denise, June 21, Interfere w/police

Nichols, Timothy Olan, June 23, prob violation

Odum, Thomas Cash, June 22, theft by taking

Ousley, Gabrielle Denise, June 22, theft by taking

Parker, Paula Blount, June 19, hold for other law enforcement

Parra, Liset, June 21, simple battery

Peterson, Melvin Derrick, June 21, prob violation

Peterson, Tomeka Lashown, June 21, weekend prisoner

Plummer, Allen Sherrod, June 17, state crt intermittent sentence

Pollock, Rebecca Ann, June 18, weekend prisoner (2 counts)

Porter, Demeatria Vontrice, June 21, cruelty to animals (2 counts)

Posey, Bobby, June 17, state crt intermittent sentence

Roberts, Havoskie Raphale, June 20, prob violation

Rogers, Rufus Brandon, June 19, driving while license suspended/revoked, no insurance (2nd off), taillights required

Shelley, Shawanda Hannah, June 19, superior court sentence

Simmons, Ronald Jerome, June 22, starting vehicle, suspended dl 2nd offense

Smith, Thomas Augustus, June 21, deposit account fraud/bad checks (2 counts)

Spurlin, Pearline Coleman, June 17, prob violation

Stephens, Montez Deawayne, June 18, lic suspended, June 18, stop sign/yield signs

Street, Willie Morris, June 21, prob viol

Sutton, Torrellis Mekiyan, June 17, state crt intermittent sentence

Teemer, Toshua Lashun, June 17, superior crt intermittent sentence

Thaxton, Carl Stanton, June 21, housed for feds

Thomas, Cherron Laneice, June 22, weekend prisoner

Thompson, Willie James, June 18, dui driv under the inf of alc conc .08g more 3 hrs, tag light required

Tumblin, Eric Davonn, June 19, criminal trespass

Varner, Kenneth Bernard, June 21, burglary

Vicks, Quantavus Leonardo, June 20, lic suspended, no insurance 1st off, suspended vehicle registration

Walker, Dana Carol, June 17, theft by deception

Walker, Jarvis Omar, June 20, stop sign/yield signs, suspended dl 2nd offense

Wallace, Quintaviax , June 18, hold for other law enforcement

Washington, Demetrius Erwin, June 22, prob violation

Waters, Oscar Bradford, June 21, aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts

Watkins, Roderick Montrel, June 21, driving while license suspended/revoked, fail t/register & license motor vehicle, giving false name,add,dob to police, marijuana-possess less than 1oz., speeding (10-15)

Watson, Susan Angel, June 17, theft by shoplifting

White, Charles Ronrico, June 18, parole viol, prob violation

Williams, Ditoyrius Quintrez, June 20, carrying weapon without license – 1st offense, possession of pistol/revo by per under 18 1st off, theft by receiving stolen property

Williams, Felicia Laria, June 18, terroristic threats and acts

Williams, Tanikka Michele, June 18, state crt intermittent sentence

Wilson, Quentin, June 17, state court sentence

Winchester, Michael, June 20, obstruction of officers-felony, prob violation

Wright, Brenda Ann, June 17, deposit account fraud/bad check, simple assault

Yarbrough, Eric B, June 22, child safety restraints, lic suspended, spd 45-50/35 zone

Yarn, Jelly B, June 22, state court sentence

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