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Securing Wi-Fi

By   /  June 28, 2011  /  Geek Speak  /   Comments

Written by Jim Hall. Email your questions to geekspeak@mchsi.com . You can find Jim online at HallsTrainingSolutions.com

Tweet Several weeks ago I wrote a column about wireless connections and some of the benefits you can enjoy from setting up a wireless network in your home. I left out wireless security in that column simply because space would not allow its inclusion. Let’s address it now. Security issues with wireless networks are quite [...]

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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /  June 28, 2011  /  WhatCha-Say?  /   Comments


Tweet       POOR LEADERSHIP AND TOO much time spent on something that should have been thrown out – the Sean Reddish case. This is why people that have left Albany refer to it as Agony, Georgia … just saying. REGARDING THE SEAN REDDISH trial … typical Albany. Poor leadership, confusing directives, and way [...]

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How to get involved in local government

By   /  June 28, 2011  /  Tom Knighton  /   Comments


Tweet I got an email from a reader last week asking how someone can get involved in local government. She had asked around, and no one really knew how to get involved so she turned to an expert. Unable to find one, she decided to ask me, instead. So how does someone get involved in [...]

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Bullying in the 1950s

By   /  June 28, 2011  /  Ted Anderson  /   Comments


Tweet It started in about the seventh grade, usually by the boys with all the testosterone. You know, the ones who were already shaving and had hair in a lot of places most of us didn’t have any of, but of course wanted.  I know there were bullied because I was one of those that [...]

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