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The thinking woman

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The woman is a special creation of God. She came from man and man is birth through her. What an amazing phenomenon. Through this awesome scenario we can see the awesomeness of God. Oh, how magnificence is our God! A woman who will use her brain can do mighty things. She can build up or she can pull down; she can bring happiness or she can bring sadness; she can comfort or she can scorn. Oh, what power has the woman. She can be seductive like Delilah ; she can be manipulative like Jezebel; or she can be creative like the virtuous women. Chose your model.

The woman has a great responsibility to her husband, children and society. How the woman uses her God-given abilities will determine the success of her life, her family, and her nation. If she takes on the traits of Delilah, she will reap a life of pain and mistrust (Judges 16:1-22). Her friends and family will feel uncomfortable when she is around their husbands or mates because of her uncontrolled flirtatious ways. A woman should exercise self-control when dealing with other people companions. Instead of using her mental ability to attract attention to herself, she should use her smartness to make the world better.

The scheming woman is really something to be dealt with. The manipulative women is very selfish. She is always trying to control. It doesn’t matter how she accomplish her mission. She makes sure it is completed whether it hurts others or not. How much better Ahaz would have been if he had not been manipulated by Jezebel to take Naboth vineyard (I Kings 21:1-29)? They had enough stuff, but greed caused them to desire what belonged to someone else. How often does the love of money cause people to be manipulated to do the wrong thing? If we follow the reports of the media, we see it happens very often. Woman instead of encouraging your man to do wrong, demand that he does what is right. It will be a blessing to you, your family and our nation.

Who can find a virtuous woman? The Bible says her price is far above rubies (Proverb 31:10-31). This woman is supportive, creative and productive. This is the woman that all ladies should model. She is always there for her family and friends causing their lives to become better. You can find her working with her hands sewing, cleaning, planning, sharing and caring. She doesn’t do a lot of talking; nevertheless, when it is time to produce, you can count on her.

Calling on women to the forefront. Let us put all of our differences aside and become a united force to support our sons, husbands and fathers to make this world a better place to live. We have the brain, we have the power, we have the skills and we have God. So let us get busy transforming our world.

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