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Reaganomics and Ryanomics

By   /   May 3, 2011  /   Comments

The Republicans are reminding me of Reaganomics. This term was given to President Ronald Reagan’s “trickle down” approach to economic issues. Reagan believed tax relief to the very wealthy would create an overflow that would enhance an economic hype of spending which would benefit the rest of society. This never happened. Today, we have Ryanomics (U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc.), which will be just as futile.

On April 15, the House approved the Republican-sponsored 2012 U.S budget. The vote was strictly along party lines: Republicans 235 and Democrats 193. The Republicans claim their plan would cut spending by more than $6 trillion over a 10-year period. The intent is to replace the current Medicare Health Care System with private companies. Thus, the elderly and the handicapped would be compelled to buy insurance from these insurance corporations beginning 2020. Can you imagine the increase in the cost of care and medicine? We all know that private corporations are in business to make a profit; therefore, patient fees will increase and services will probably be trimmed.

The Congressional Budget Office notes many states may have to reduce the number of participants in Medicaid, a federal-state health care program that serves the poor. Ryan also proposes to cut food-stamps, farm subsidies and the Pell college tuition grant. Come-on, that’s ridiculous!

Yet, for the wealthy, he is proposing to cut top corporations’ and individual millionaires-billionaires’ taxes cut from 35 percent to 25 percent. Here we go repeating a tactic that has already been proven a failure: Reaganomics then, Ryanomics now.

What about America’s less fortunate — the ones who really need the help? What if?

What if every year before the Congress meets, they are required to tour the poverty-stricken areas of America. Perhaps if our elected officials had a clear view of the blight, slum and poor districts of millions of Americans, they wouldn’t be so hasty to eliminate the services that help America’s poor.

What if the Tea Party’s fanaticism has pushed the House Republicans to the edge. What if they are not satisfied with the Republican Party’s nominee in 2012. Will the Tea Party nominate its own presidential candidate? What if?

Written by Leon Modeste

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