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Whatcha Say, Albany?

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LOOKING AT RECENT BUSINESS licenses, I noticed one for a sports “entertainment center”. Jogged my memory on complaints I have heard on the Glover Corporate Center on Gillionville Road and problems at other “event centers” such as the one where the two young girls were attacked recently. We seem to have a number of these type activities in Albany where buildings are rented and parties are thrown with folks of all ages attending — byob so no liquor license required. The “events” go into the wee hours and I would bet a retirement check that gangs and other of Albany’s worst lot are generally in attendance. I have a friend who lives near the Glover “event center” who says the loud noise and activities go on well beyond a reasonable time. Attendees are often quite young looking and have walked down her street cussing and peeing as I recall the conversation. She has called the Albany police who claim they have no jurisdiction (this is in the area of property kept out of the city years ago) and County police say there is no noise ordinance for them to enforce–as I recall it. No one wants to touch it. Based on the two young girls getting worked over recently, our growing crime and gang problems, and the way some of our folks stay out all night since they must not be working, I think these “event/entertainment” things are a ticking time bomb. Kind of like Applejax’s experienced recently — a killing field at 3AM. On a different note, Mary Clark, whose house was wacked by a tree falling last week and who was on TV news several days, is one of those who got a $10,638 home renovation loan from the city in 2006. She dropped her insurance (supposedly to buy medicine) which is required by the loan. And, we are second subordinate to an earlier $49K loan, all on a parcel valued at $43K for taxes. Anyway, according to the website, all the money available under this program has been allocated at this time. I don’t think this loan will be repaid–like many of the others–and likely wasn’t a good one when made.

PUBIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: PEOPLE, please control your children in waiting rooms of doctors’ offices!

CHATIA STEVENSON IS MY first cousin and she wouldn’t let anyone brutally beat her child. He may have popped her hands, but the nasty beatings she did not see. People are just saying things to make the story good, which is sad. I wish the world wasn’t so negative. People hear one thing and are so quick to turn it into something so nasty so they have something or someone to talk about. If she seen this beating take place, then she’s wrong but if she didn’t see the beating. why blame her? The only sign the child was hurt was a knot on her head which she got by falling off the bed. If there were no bruises, how could she have known.

YOU SAY THERE WERE no signs, believe me there were signs, and matter of fact, no sign is needed when a man constantly tells you he don’t like your child. That flag should have been enough to leave him alone. No man comes before a child!

I UNDERSTAND THAT SHE’S your cousin, but the fact is, this abuse was not the first time it happened, and if your cousin would have been a responsible human being, caring for her child, the second, third or last abuse would have never happened.

IT’S TIME OUT FOR women to let men control every aspect of your life and children’s life if they are not married are legally tied together. As the saying goes, I can do bad by myself

JUST SORRY POOR JANAYSIA suffered this silent tragedy until it was exposed.

IT IS RIDICULOUS HOW SHE can sit here and say that she was scared for her life! What about your baby’s life? I’m sure at some point in time, the b—— that did this was gone, her being left alone with that child, she could have left. I guess that’s just the only excuse she could come up with to not make herself look guilty

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