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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   April 10, 2011  /   Comments

JAMES TAYLOR HAS PROVEN he can handle the job as Albany city manager. People need to give it a rest. Black or white, he is the best person for the job. He has a great interest in Albany and can run the City.

I BELIEVE JAMES TAYLOR will do an excellent job – as he has done in his previous jobs in Albany at the Base, with Goodwill and for the city. Give him a chance.

JAMES TAYLOR WOULD BE OK, but he didn’t speak up when corruption was happening all around him. For that reason, I’m for one of the out-of-towners if one of the three finalists must be hired.

I HOPE EVERYONE WITH a heart donates to help the family lay this precious angel, Janaysia Stevenson, to rest. May you rest in peace, little one.

IF PEOPLE WOULD JUST worry more about treating their neighbor kindly and quit throwing the black and white thing around, the world would be better off.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT someone actually has the gall to bring up race when a child has been beaten to death. When I hear that a child has been murdered in any shape, form or fashion, my heart aches and I pull my kids closer to me. I could care less what race the child was. It was an innocent, helpless, defenseless child.

I WOULD LIKE TO know just how racism comes into play with this story? A man beat a toddler to death. He and the mother of that child are in jail and most likely will stay there. End of story. Beating kids to death is wrong … on every level.

I DISAGREE. RACE HAS a lot to do with white. White mothers of abused and murdered children who were murdered by a spouse or family member are hardly every charged regardless of abuse history. The truth is the truth, and denying it in hopes of receiving favor with the whites is so sad. What you’re (blacks who deny the truth) are saying is that blacks deserve to be treated badly. Blacks have been taught to accept racism, sexism and harassment from whites in exchange for money, higher education, and good jobs. This is so sad. All I can say to the black mothers is prepare to be arrested if your spouse abused your child.

EVEN THOUGH I BELIEVE that the mother should be charged, I think that there are others who are should be charged along with her. Just as people have said, the mother should have come forward and said something. I am sure that others who were in contact with the child should have noticed her abuse and when the mother didn’t say anything then it was their duty to look out for this child. Didn’t the child have family and friends on both sides that could speak for her since her mother did not? Did the mother of this child herself have family and friends that could have said something since the mother did not? Everyone wants to point a finger but no one is willing to take responsibility for what they could have done to help this innocent child.

I HAVE NOTICED THAT every time a child is murdered by a spouse, the courts somehow blame the mother for it. This is mostly in black cases, though, for the mother of murdered white children are rarely charged. I believe the reason for this girl’s mother not reporting the abuse is because she knew that she too would be charged with the abuse of the little girl. A lot of black children all over the U.S. are being abused, and their mothers are afraid to report it out of fear of being accused with it, especially if her spouse(the abuser) is white.

THE WORTH COUNTY HUMANE Society is a great place. I went Saturday. A little dog stole my heart. Please help these angels.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH Judge Lockette? I have never heard of anything like that (a convicted murderer being released until sentencing) happening in Dougherty County. That’s no regard for the community or the victim’s family. I don’t even know these people, but I know that’s wrong.

WHY IS IT THAT no judge, commissioner, mayor wants to make remarks to The Albany Journal. If I were innocent of what was being said, I would reply. Come voting time, let’s make some changes. Good ones – not based on sex, color or wealth. I am not judging this woman, but I don’t think if she was charged and found guilty, that she should have the time to get everything in order.

THE PROPOSED GRAFFITI LAW does not take local businesses into effect. Just like the sign law, we weren’t asked. They just did it. It’s time for the business community to stiffen up their backs and fight city hall.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    No Offical will talk to the Albany Journal becuase they know the Journal speaks the truth.And i am like some of you out there,what has happened to the Judges here?Just asking,but are they getting some kind of kick back if they work with the lawyers during a case?I know what Nathan does,he just picks from his good ole boy system.But i thought better of the others untill the other day.Now i dont know what to think.

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