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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   April 2, 2011  /   Comments

REGARDING THE ARREST OF Temp and Amy Phillips, it’s so sad that we’re still living in a world where every time something doesn’t go our way, we immediately attribute it to race. Some people seemingly have an infinite supply of race cards.


IF YOU ARE BLACK and get arrested for anything, it takes you days to get a bond. In Albany, whites get out in an hour.


AS A DOCTOR, HE most likely has the ability to immediately access enough money to pay his bond. He doesn’t need to scrape up enough to pay a bondsman or wait for one to get him out.
THERE ARE PLENTY OF white people sitting in jail because they can’t bond out.


YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT in the world you are talking about when it comes to getting a bond. Matter of fact is just the opposite … there are more blacks out on bond and more recently a black murderer was out on bond. So give it a rest, alright.


CRAZY TO THINK THAT someone’d be greedy enough to throw away their MD doing something like that.


GOD BLESS YOU, DENNIS Mayer and Once Upon a Grill, for helping the Girl Scouts.  I will gladly support your business!


ALFRED LOTT WAS AN axe man. He bragged of his house cleaning but I disagree in the manner that he did it. If you come into a new leadership position, there should be a deliberate identification of the problems and steps to resolve the problems. The respective leadership and other players in that court should be allowed to get on board and be part of the solution, instead of kicking people to the curb and ruining lives. Putting someone out still leaves the problem(s) for the replacement person(s) to come in and tackle, which may put them at a disadvantage as they are trying to acclimate to their new position. Even a certain amount of coaching and grooming should be given as part of the opportunity for people to be part of the solution. In some cases, there is no hope for an individual and you have to know when to cut your losses. A good leader should be able to discern this instead of swinging an axe from the hip. Lott’s bragging that “I replaced X number of department heads” only showed his super-sized ego and inability to make prudent decisions with positive long term results.


LOTT AND COMPANY HANDLED Sean Reddish with extreme prejudice and in violation of the city’s own policy. For Lott to go behind Sean and give those two guys a break is despicable.


THE CITY IS FOOLISHLY pushing for and counting on a very unlikely conviction in the Reddish case to get themselves off the hook.


NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE win when they fight they City of Albany. You know why? They have all the taxpayers’ money to fight you with. And what do you have? Been there and done that, and it was not pretty. I can’t see how you can get charged with a crime and you’re away from Albany, but they do what they like. Now let’s see what they will do to the ones who filed false reports.


I’M NOT SURE YOU’D too far running for mayor on the Libertarian ticket in Albany. We’re just not very into that kind of thing around here; either you’re a Republican or a Democrat. It’s almost like being bisexual; either you’re gay or straight. There shouldn’t be an in between, it just doesn’t feel right. Although I think Mayor Adams is somewhat of a weirdo, the truth is that he is no worse than Tommy Coleman was and you guys weren’t painting him red. You people are so transparent, it’s ridiculous.


REGARDING THE OFFICER SHOOTING at the pit bull after going into the pit bull owner’s yard without provocation, any APD officer who shoots at my children or my dog will feel my lead. Period. This is inexcusable and this “officer” should be terminated immediately for the sake of community safety and plain old-fashioned common sense.


SHUT UP, YOU IDIOT. NOBODY’S children were shot at. Police officers routinely shoot aggressive dogs. I won’t waste my time trying to explain why he shouldn’t be fired and how we can be pretty sure that he didn’t endanger anyone else by shooting at the dog, but I will say that you are out of line. Do yourself a favor and keep your tough guy BS on the internet where it belongs.


A DOG IS GOING TO protect his area.


ISN’T THIS THE SAME house that ADDU locked up 16 people? Crackheads are more likely to be in that backyard than children.


THE DOG WAS DOING what he should have been doing. Not his fault this time.


UNLESS YOU WERE ON the scene and witnessed what happened, you shouldn’t make comments.


I REMEMBER THE PLANTATION Club out in Baker County. We used to heat out there after the bars in Albany closed.


COULD SOMEONE PLEASE ELUCIDATE if they are likewise beginning to sense that something very dramatic of epic proportion is about to occur in the Middle East.  Spontaneously and without warning, there has suddenly cropped up numerous uprisings and people revolts in nearly every North African and Middle East nation, while hardly anyone has yet linked the dots in explaining “why now?” Why now, as in the dark shadows of all that is happening in North Africa and the Middle East, could it be logical to deduce from all the pandemonium that is now going on, that the tables and stage at last is being well set up for the majestic appearance of the Dreade Mahdi and His Messiah Christ?


OR COULD IT BE that apocalyptic, fundamentalist Christians see the end of the world around every corner? The Apostle Paul thought Christ would return during his lifetime.  And, because we are an incredibly egotistical race, who fears death with a passion, each Christian generation (and probably those of other faiths) has believed it should be the one that sees our Lord descend from the skies.  Kind of like Glenn Beck, but without all the crying and Mormonism. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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