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Time to make a change

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As we approach the spring season, there are some changes that we will see taking place. With springtime comes pollen, bugs, and a fresh and beautiful array of flowers. Spring is always a time where change is always noticeable. It is also in the spring season when the time moves forward and daylight is extended.

We are living in a time where the changes that are taking place in our society are noticeable. It is God’s desire that every one of us would make changes in our lives that are noticeable among our family, friends and co-workers. The question that I want to pose to all of you today is what changes have you made thus far in 2011? We cannot go through 2011 without making a change in our lives that can be noticed by many. We are in the third month of 2011 and we should have something that we can say we have changed about ourselves in 2011.

One story in the Bible that I love is found in 2nd Kings 7:3-10. In this story, there were four men who were lepers that were in the midst of a famine. Lepers in that day had to remain in an area that was quarantined and they could not live in the general population. The lepers were in a place that was unsafe because of the famine. They had a serious choice that they had to make regarding the outcome of their lives. Their choices were to either retreat and go back to the place of the famine and die; stay where they were and die; or they could take a chance and go into the enemy’s territory and hope that the enemy would spare their lives. But even in the midst of the famine, they made a choice that changed their lives forever.

The choice that they made was a choice that many people would have never done and that was to get up and go into the enemy’s territory. What is so powerful about this scripture is that when they decide to get up and take a chance on their lives, God had already removed the obstacle that they feared.

I think when we get to the point where we trust God with our lives that is when God will do what He wants to do with our lives. What caused God to clear out the obstacles in their lives was faith. Faith is the one thing that we all need to get more of. When they got up to go into the enemy’s camp, God had already cleared a path for them. That says to you and I that all we have to do is step out on faith and watch God work. These lepers would have still been in the midst of the famine had they not stepped out on faith.

What are your plans for change in 2011? I have made a vow that I will not go to the grave with all of the potential that God has placed inside of me. There are some of you reading this newsletter who need to go back to school; start that business; start that weight loss program; let go of that relationship that is keeping you down; and start to give God more of your time.

No one can make the change but you. It is my prayer that our lives would blossom just like the four lepers in 2nd Kings 7. When they decided to make a change, they received stuff that they never would have received had they stayed where they were. That is why it is so very important that we stay in tune with God so that we can become the changed person that He has ordained for our lives.

Rev. Knighton is a member and the administrative pastor of Greater 2nd Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Albany and pastor of St. James Baptist Church in Baconton.LawrenceKnighton

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