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Taylor’s hiring: An opportunity knocking

By   /   April 16, 2011  /   Comments

The hiring of James Taylor as city manager is far from a breath of fresh air. After all, Taylor was his misguided predecessor’s chief deputy. More importantly, Taylor works for the same City Commission that has criminalized city hall over the past six years.

Still, now that he’s in charge, Taylor could begin a comprehensive cleansing process to the benefit of our entire community, particularly its taxpayers.

Will he? Who knows? We know he’s capable. And with at least five seats up for grabs this fall, the sky is the limit to reverse all that is wrong at city hall in the coming months.

We encourage Taylor, now that he’s squarely in charge, to overcome the demons surrounding him by upholding the ethics of his profession.

He’s got our full support.


Put murderer

back behind bars

Imagine committing murder, getting caught, being convicted, and immediately being set free.

That’s what happened in Albany – perhaps for the first time – a couple of weeks ago.

What was Chief Superior Court Judge Willie Lockette thinking when he allowed Marlina Von Hamilton to spend a few weeks getting  her affairs in order – without even having to wear a monitoring device – before being sentenced on Friday?

Lockette won’t say what he was thinking. Meanwhile, District Attorney Greg Edwards says Lockette’s decision was a surprise to him, and Clerk of Court Yvonne Mull says the decision is a first, as far as she knows.

Our stance on this matter isn’t anything personal against Von Hamilton, who shot ex-husband Christopher Donaldson in the groin and chest, killing him.

Our point of view is consistent with all murderers.

They should go to jail for life or be put to death.

They shouldn’t be among us when we can help it.


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  1. Truth B Known says:

    As for Taylor.it makes me mad to read that Albany got what they wanted with getting him to be the winner.Excuse me,Albany did not get to vote on it,or i bet he would not be there.That was the good ole boy system at work.Now for the lady,and i use the word losely,that is out on bond while a man lays dead.She should have her butt behind bars,and the judge who let her out should be right there with her.I would like to know why he came to that decission.
    All of you who get elected,need to know that you are going to be watched,and if you dont do your job,we will not pay you.Lets put it this way,i will not.With the judges as they are here,i would not have to worrie about not paying back money,they are use to thst,just pass it on to the tax payers.I have you all know,you are running all the tax payers off from Albany.Then what you gona do?Oh i know get Hud,foodstamps,your light bill payed,and maybe even a check.All of you have been living off the tax payers long enough.Get a job,or atleast do the one you have.

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