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Staff reports

From the brutal murder of a defenseless toddler to a dozen businesses selling alcohol to minors, and a bloody stabbing, to boot, criminals ran rampant in Albany during the past week, authorities say.

Meanwhile, Albany police announced they solved a 9-year-old murder case with two arrests.

Here’s a rundown of some of the Albany crimes over the past week:

IN THE MOST TALKED-about homicide in recent memory in the community, 19-year-old Janaysia Stevenson was brutally beaten by her mother’s boyfriend with her mother’s consent, police say.

Gregory Keith Evans, 28, and Chaitia Stevenson, 20, were charged with murder, aggravated battery and cruelty to children. Authorities say that Janaysia was beaten many times over the past month at a residence in Wild Pines Apartments on Sands Drive. Some wounds and internal injuries had partially healed when Janaysia’s mother brought her dead body to the hospital, authorities said.

District Attorney Greg Edwards say that Stevenson was charged with murder and the other crimes because she was aware that the abuse occurred and did not attempt to prevent it.

ALBANY POLICE ARE CONDUCTING a manhunt for Cedric Waters, the suspect in an attack on his wife, Janice, who was stabbed up to 15 times Saturday night in the 300 block of South Jackson Street.

Janice Waters is recovering from her wounds.

Police ask that anyone with information about the crime or Cedric Waters’ whereabouts call 911.

TWO MEN WERE INDICTED by a Dougherty County grand jury in the November 2002 murder of Willie Gipson of Albany, who was found beaten to death inside his home.

Arrested were Toledo Antom Love, 26, and Anthony Terrell Richardson, 28. Police say Gibson, Richardson’s former supervisor at a fast-food restaurant, has been a suspect throughout the investigation, and that new evidence recently surfaced.

Richardson died of blunt force trauma, authorities said.

THE ALBANY-DOUGHERTY DRUG Unit charged 11 convenience store clerks this week with illegally selling beer or wine to 19-year-old and 20-year-old undercover operatives.

Charged with misdemeanor crimes were clerks at Grab & Go Convenience Store, 5400 Newton Road; One Stop Food Store, 1404 Oakridge Drive; Quick Buys Food store 112, 3522 Sylvester Road; Fast Lane Food Mart, 3200 Sylvester Road; Westside Grocery, 2314 W. Gordon Ave.; Stock’s Liquor Store, 102 Philema Road; Homerun Foods, 406 Philema Road; Chevron Food Mart, 2509 Stuart Ave.; Bald Eagle Foods, 2704 Ledo Road; BP Food Mart 22, 2340 Dawson Road; and Flash Foods 285, 2701 Gillionville Road.

Drug Unit Maj. Bill Berry said 42 locations were checked and that clerks at seven of the 11 locations that illegally sold the alcohol after checking the operatives’ identification.

Clerks at the following 31 locations refused to sell to the underage buyers, Berry said:

Albany Express, 5736 Newton Road; Albany Deli & Food Mart, 825 S. Westover Blvd.; Save Rite (Petro), 427 S. Westover Blvd.; H&K Food Mart, 900-B Westover Blvd.; Junebug’s No. 2, 2125 Newton Road; A&S Food Mart, 1342 Mobile Ave. No. 7; Family Pantry, 4324 Radium Springs Road; Stop & Shop, 2201 Liberty Expressway; Moree’s Grocery, 4028 Moultrie Road; Quick Buys Food Store 112, 3522 Sylvester Road; Quick Mart 3333 Sylvester Road; Pitt Stop, 3225 Sylvester Road; Enmark, 2424 Clark Ave.; PetroSouth, 2402 Clark Ave.; Flash Foods, 1701 Oglethorpe Blvd.; Oasis 368, 1301 S. Slappey Blvd.; EZ Corner 44, 521 S. Slappey Blvd.; Neighborhood Grocery, 1801 W. Gordon Ave.; Havmor Food Store, 200 W. Gordon Ave.; Oasis 371, 1708 W. Broad Ave.; Oasis 369, 1603 Gillionville Road; College Corner, 2217 Gillionville Road; The Lucky Spot 2, 707 Highland Ave.; Priya Food Mart, 210 S. Jefferson St.; Quickway Food Mart, 814 N. Jefferson St.; D&D Food Mart, 1430 N. Jefferson St.; Homerun Roods, 1105 N. Westover; Mini Mart, 2422 Stuart Ave.; Woodall’s No. 3, 402 Westover Blvd.; and Homerun Foods, 2619 Gillionville Road.




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  1. Truth B Known says:

    Hey Bill go to East Albany,off of Owens to the right,you will have fun,and we will be able to go out side again.Do something nice for us who pay taxes year after year.You all know the problem is there.So do Something.You can hear shots ringing out all around that place.And some of us would really like to feel safe again.

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