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Whatcha Say, Albany?

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BOY, I REALLY MISS Albany. People speak more openly about racial tension than anywhere I’ve lived, probably because Albany is amongst the most polarized populations. It may not always be pretty, or nice, but it’s honest.


WHAT’S BETTER THAN KIDS praying during opening ceremonies? A photograph of them in the paper! Thanks to The Albany Journal for publishing the photos and story of the Albany Dixie League baseball and softball teams.


WE ONLY HAVE A few raffle tickets left. Don’t miss an opportunity to win a free $100 gas card. Spring break is right around the corner. Contact Dougherty CASA at 435-0074 for tickets or stop by the Lily Pad, 320 W. Second Ave. Help us continue to assist the abused and neglected children of Dougherty County! Tickets are only $1.


REGARDING THE ARTICLE ABOUT Coach Holmes at Westover, seriously…”along racial lines”? Why does everything have to be race related with The Albany Journal? What those four black board members had the foresight to see was that, at this point, they really couldn’t fire Coach Holmes. He hasn’t been convicted of anything yet and all we have right now are allegations and speculation. The man is still innocent until proven guilty although I’m sure you wish it were the other way around. I don’t want to name names but there are a number of teachers at Westover who have had inappropriate relationships with students. They just didn’t get caught. Let’s just wait and see what happens in the Holmes case. your paper has the potential of helping to bring Albanians together. Don’t add to the problem then hide your hand by acting like you’re just stating facts.


IF ANYONE IN THE SCHOOL system or anywhere else is doing this to young girls, then they should be reported. I bet if it were some of their kids, or sisters, they would. And the thing said about The Albany Journal making everything about race: I don’t know where you live, but here in Albany that is what is all about. That and how much power you have. I do agree until proven guilty, you are presumed innocent. But that has nothing to do with race.


YOU KNOW OF TEACHERS at Westover who have had relationships with students. PLEASE tell me you have reported this to the police? Surely you have since you are so adamant about everyone being fair to Coach Holmes, otherwise I would say your priorities are really out of line. Surely you don’t know of CHILDREN at Westover who have been victimized by grown men and not reported it to the police. If you have not reported it then you are as guilty as they are for standing by and doing nothing while some mother’s child has been taken advantage of and sexually abused by a teacher.


JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF what kind of leadership Albany has. Reflect on other wrongful things done in Albany, where termination WAS DONE or PRESSURE was applied to force them out. DCSS has the same mindset as Alfred Lott. This has nothing to do with race, it’s all about control, whether it’s done right or not, they can do it and get away with it. Take Lott as my example. He was always quick to terminate those that challenged his authority, refused to play by his rules. Lott was ALWAYS looking for a fall guy to cover up for wrongful things he and others did. Just a few to mention. Mary Lamont ( female), he forced her out, Kathy Strange ( female), Lott did this one for Nathan Davis, Shirley Smith (female), Mattie Goddard  (female), Sean Reddish (male), Lott did this one for Postell and Adams, Sean ( male ) from the Airport, he was the fall guy for the two officers that was caught having sex parties at the airport, Joey Pait (male) found not quilty, but at least he is getting a check, what message does that send? Agree or disagree, is this not a combination of black/white, male/female. I don’t see any of those as a race, or gender factor. The only way for Albany to make a change for the betterment is to start by sending a message to all that choose to do wrongful things. Go back to those basic rules, which hopefully parents are teaching their children today. There are consequences when you do something wrong; firing someone is that message. Now that Mr. Holmes has been exposed, what is the likelihood of being found not guilty when they have in hand those texted messages, phone records and such. Duh! This is why DCCS made a bad decision. Instead, DCCS choose the cowardly way out for Mr. Holmes. Good luck with future employment Mr. Holmes.

THE JOURNAL DIDN’T MAKE it race related, they just reported the facts. You can draw your own conclusions based on the facts The “racial lines” issue probably wouldn’t be so much a ripple if it were not how just about everything gets handled in Albany.

ONE MORE STEP DOWN the slippery slope we’re on … Detroit (where I grew up, going regularly as a child and young man) was EXACTLY in the same position as Albany 35 years ago. Failed social agendas, anti business, not caring about running off their current private industries, i.e. the freaking AUTOMOBILE industry were tens of thousands of jobs evaporated etc, etc, etc.


REGARDING THE OFFICER SHOOTING at the pit bull after going into the pit bull owner’s yard without provocation, any APD officer who shoots at my children or my dog will feel my lead. Period. This is inexcusable and this “officer” should be terminated immediately for the sake of community safety and plain old-fashioned common sense.


SHUT UP, YOU IDIOT. NOBODY’S children were shot at. Police officers routinely shoot aggressive dogs. I won’t waste my time trying to explain why he shouldn’t be fired and how we can be pretty sure that he didn’t endanger anyone else by shooting at the dog, but I will say that you are out of line. Do yourself a favor and keep your tough guy BS on the internet where it belongs.


A DOG IS GOING TO protect his area.


ISN’T THIS THE SAME house that ADDU locked up 16 people? Crackheads are more likely to be in that backyard than children.


THE DOG WAS DOING what he should have been doing. Not his fault this time.


UNLESS YOU WERE ON the scene and witnessed what happened, you shouldn’t make comments.


I REMEMBER THE PLANTATION Club out in Baker County. We used to heat out there after the bars in Albany closed.


COULD SOMEONE PLEASE ELUCIDATE if they are likewise beginning to sense that something very dramatic of epic proportion is about to occur in the Middle East.  Spontaneously and without warning, there has suddenly cropped up numerous uprisings and people revolts in nearly every North African and Middle East nation, while hardly anyone has yet linked the dots in explaining “why now?” Why now, as in the dark shadows of all that is happening in North Africa and the Middle East, could it be logical to deduce from all the pandemonium that is now going on, that the tables and stage at last is being well set up for the majestic appearance of the Dreade Mahdi and His Messiah Christ?


OR COULD IT BE that apocalyptic, fundamentalist Christians see the end of the world around every corner? The Apostle Paul thought Christ would return during his lifetime.  And, because we are an incredibly egotistical race, who fears death with a passion, each Christian generation (and probably those of other faiths) has believed it should be the one that sees our Lord descend from the skies.  Kind of like Glenn Beck, but without all the crying and Mormonism. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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