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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   March 13, 2011  /   Comments

ONE THING I HAVE learned with B.J. Fletcher. If she puts her mind to do something, she does it .Every one of you who are involved with getting our town back, thank you. Home Depot, thank you for all your support. Now this is what makes a heart feel good. I don’t know if the goose pimples I am getting is for God answering my prayers, or for what B.J. and others are doing to show people it can be done. Either way, I am so proud of all of you. My prayers are with you. We do have some very smart and kind people here. There is a rainbow over Albany.

WHAT AN AMAZING WEEKEND in Albany. It just shows you what the good people in the community can do when they are synchronized. Congratulations and thanks to all involved. Now if y’all just take over the town’s leadership, we’d really have a reason to party – all year round.

MARDI GRAS WAS A little better this year until it got dark. Then all the kids started ganging up by Turtle Park and running back and forth and fighting. The police were right there and really did a good job keeping it all under control. The number of children down there by themselves was unbelievable. They get mad because we won’t let them just come in and steal and use our bathrooms. The riots I have seen at turtle park would amaze you. The news never reports on any of them. They have set fires in the park while people are there.

WITH GOOD LEADERS (WHICH we sadly lack in), more police and prison time, I think we could re-claim Albany for the decent people. But it would take people NOT sending their kids to private schools, NOT moving to Lee County. It would take NOT … moving from the old neighborhoods etc. Do I think it WILL happen? No, but it could. People here are too apathetic or too weary to care. The biggest problems in Albany are the gangs (and yes they are black) and the meth/crack addict copper thieves (mostly white rednecks). We need good leaders that actually give a damn. I have seen few here.

AARON BLAIR IS TRYING to do a good job. He has done a lot more in a short time than the previous manager (Don Buie, a crook) ever did. I would like to see downtown saved. The main problem to me is that so much of it is already gone, it has lost its “character”. I still think the old Broad Avenue Bridge would make a great pedestrian bridge and could be rented for parties “on the river” etc. It can’t get better until people reclaim it from the gangs and MAKE it better. Turtle Grove Park after dark has long been a gang hangout. We used to call the cops all the time about it and they rarely did anything. Downtown has a lot of problems and yes that arch was a bad and expensive joke. We need to learn what it takes to make a successful downtown, the historic buildings being restored instead of razed. Savannah and Charleston and others know this. I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. It can be saved, but only if the gangs leave and someone with the vision to recognize the value of the old buildings and structures can rally people to the cause.

PERHAPS WE SHOULD LET these folks in prison who commit fraud pay for their incarceration. We should also let them pay for the costs involved in their prosecution. Perhaps it might be nice if they got to pay for the cleanup of the methamphetamine labs and the funerals and medical expenses of their comrades in crime.

THE THOUGHT OF THE TAXPAYER being burdened by additional government mishandling of our money continues to make me wonder every time we are told that we must “sacrifice again” to make up for their shortsightedness or gross incompetence.

WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND is last year one was of the very few times U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop has voted to reduce spending, in the Ag Appropriations for 2011, he voted to cut research. And now he gets an award for supporting it? Go figure.
IF QUALIFICATIONS ARE THE sole basis for his employment, then Alfred Lott is highly qualified to work for Prince George’s County, Md., or the D.C. government. If, by any chance, it turns out to be Prince George’s, just go to Google and search Prince George’s County corruption.  It makes Albany look like a minor league training ground and has been going on for 30 years — REALLY bad!

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