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Lee needs new blood

By   /   March 28, 2011  /   Comments

The “other four” seem to have managed to make Dennis Roland appear as an outcast because he dares to disagree with them.  I have listened carefully to his participation in our business and have seen no evidence that his mission is to disagree.  His mission seems only to be to implement the desires of the voters of Lee County.  What a shame that we don’t have four Rolands and only one “other”.  In contrast to Dennis’ purpose of representing the voters, the “other four” seem to have a purpose of maintaining power over the voters while spending the collected tax like children at a carnival.

There have been numerous requests put forth publicly demanding explanation and justification for the community center.   Except for Dennis Roland, there has been no response from the commission.  Led by Duffy,  supported by Muggridge, and seconded by Johnson and Williams, the commission has met secretly, planned secretly, and secretly committed to spend our millions of dollars while refusing to answer the numerous calls for explanation and transparency.

Who is to blame?  Not the tightly bound four – they are having a party while you pay the bill.  Not Dennis Roland – he dares to speak up and no one comes to back him up.  IT IS US !   You and me and the people like us who by popular vote, elect such weak representation as the aforementioned four.  We are to blame because we find it easier to toss them more tax money than to offer our precious time and effort to join in and help.  We refuse to stand for election to public office and therefore we leave the positions open to the choice of grandstanders and paycheck seekers who have neither leadership ability nor management skills.  So, we send our money to headquarters and we send our weakest to manage it and then we complain about the quality of the service we recieve for it.  The shame is on us, the voters.

There are brilliant minds and energetic leaders with integrity, honesty, and reasonable judgement among us.  So, what keeps these sterling persons from participating in the management of our village?  It can only be greed.  It can only be because we choose to retain all of our precious time for our personal pursuits that we refuse to offer some of it for our common causes.  We need be reminded that without good maintenance of our common causes, our personal pursuits must be in a starved environment.  We have been living in luxurious times.  Our prosperity has been magnificent.  We cannot “give back” to this prosperity by simply paying a tax.  By refusing to participate in the management of our common causes we have failed the test of our prosperity. Remember that whatever they do with our money and whichever way they lead, if they fail, we are responsible.

We need new blood to run for the offices of the Lee County commission.


Herbert Gladin


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