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GOP dividing America

By   /   March 26, 2011  /   Comments

By Leon Modeste


Wake up America! The Republicans are attempting to create confusion under the guise of making it better for Americans when we all know that their primary focus is to see to it that President Obama will be defeated in 2012. They are doing this by creating havoc across America. By election time, Americans will blame this same confusion on President Obama.

First, a number of Republican governors led by Wisconsin’s Governor Walker intent to break the government employee union as Ronald Reagan did against the Air Traffic Controllers Union. Don’t think the Republicans will just stop against the Government Employee Union; the next place will be unions in the private sector.

Secondly, New Hampshire’s GOP House Leader is attempting to make it difficult for college students to register and vote by not permitting out-of-state students to vote on campus. Students must go back to their home towns to vote. Several other States are pushing to make it hard for college students and minorities to vote. We all know that college student and other young people played a major role in getting President Obama elected.

Thirdly, Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott has imposed a five-year waiting period before non-violent felons can vote after their release from prison.

And finally, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas Republicans are vigorously supporting anti-immigration bills in an effort to impede the growing voting strength of Latinos. The GOP strategy is obvious hostile toward unions, Latinos, college students and people of color, thus making it difficult for President Obama to be re-elected and greatly weaken the Democratic Party.

The GOP’s political surge is to control the government on every level; federal, state and local, including the U.S. Supreme Court (note the decision over the questionable Florida ballots during George Bush’s 2000 election)


The Republican Party represents the wealthy class. In addition, there are small powerful wealthy groups that control the means of productions here in America: Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Bank of America and more. This group consists of one half of one-percent of the population and control approximately 40 percent of America’s wealth.

Therefore, the essence of the GOP assault is neither political nor racial, but a class struggle: the wealthy versus the working class and the poor. A prolonged battle of this type could lead to the demise of our great nation, which we almost experienced in the meltdown of our financial institutions in 2008. Wealth, power and greed are a sure formula for disaster.

Wake up America, its later than you think.

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