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Blood that cleanses

By   /   March 4, 2011  /   Comments

Blood is a precious commodity; nevertheless, most of us get uncomfortable when handling blood. There is life in the blood. Without blood a person will die. Therefore, we must be careful to keep our blood cleanse.

Dirty blood can cause all types of ailments. Naturally, we can produce clean blood by proper nutrition. However, one application of the blood of Jesus will make a person completely whole–soul, body and spirit. When a person loses all of his blood, death is certain. But, there is a blood that was shed for humanity that gave life. What a phenomenon! Without blood man is not suppose to live. But, the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses, heals and saves.

One day man’s blood was corrupted through sin. However, Jesus Christ gave his blood to cleanse the blood of every person. The psalmist wrote, “Oh how precious is the flow that wash us white as snow.” We cannot blame our failure on generational curses because the blood of Jesus will correct any problem that we inherit at birth. There is hope — Jesus Christ.

Not only does the blood of Jesus cleanse, it also heals. Once an infection gets in the blood it is usually deadly. However, the right medication may be able to halt or heal the disease. When Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit in the Garden, man became infected with a sickness call sin. Sin has given us problems ever since. But, Jesus said “By His stripes we are healed”. Trust Jesus and He will heal you of this deadly disease call sin.

The blood of Jesus saves and gives us eternal life. We spend plenty of money trying to preserve our lives. Yet no matter what we do, life will end. But, if we allow the blood of Jesus to be applied to our life we are guaranteed everlasting life. At various times in our lives we get gifts. The greatest gift that a person can receive is to live forever. The gift is waiting on you for the asking.

If you are at a point of despair and don’t know what to do with your life, give your life to Christ. He will cleanse, heal and save you. Your life will be productive and fulfill with Jesus as controller.

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