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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   February 28, 2011  /   Comments

I DON’T THINK LOTT has another job in D.C. Kina like when a junior high kid brags to his friends that he has a girlfriend, but she lives in another town.

OK, AMANDA DENTON IS hilarious. I just read her article and I am really, I mean REALLY laughing out loud! She is funny as heck! Oh, and btw, when is her bird-day! Lmbo!

SO, AL LOTT IS chastising Savannah for their racial differences. Bawhahahahahaha!

WE’RE NOT REALLY GOING to be rid of Lott for awhile. He does have to come back for lawsuits against him. Maybe that is why he is wanting to leave early.

WAS LOTT’S DECISION TO withdraw his candidacy in Savannah prior to the Savannah people deciding they didn’t need to come to Albany? You can fool some of the people – then there are those of us with sense.

HE DIDN’T NEED TO drop out. Didn’t the city leaders of Savannah already do that for him? I thought so.

THEY DID NOT WANT Albany’s criminals. They were smarter than the City Commission here.

REGARDING JAMES TAYLOR BEING selected interim city manager, I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain.

I’VE SEEN CRAP THAT I thought would never end …

WELL, IT LOOKS LIKE Washington, D.C., is getting another crook.

DOES LOTT’S SOONER-THAN-he-wanted resignation make him eligible for the customary firing bonus.

WHAT A REVOLVING DEVELOPMENT this is – not! Close the door when you leave, Al.


I LIKE THE CHANGES WITH THE Journal. A lot of what is written about our officials is true, but it seems no one cares. You can beat it in the ground and some still don’t get it.

THE JOURNAL IS MY primary news source. People say things about it, but I know it’s because it tells the straight-up truth and truth hurts.

THE THINGS THEY SAY are about the OLD journal… and definitely not about “The New Albany Journal.” It did used to be a gossip rag but none of that perspective is in there anymore.

I KNEW WHAT THE Journal used to be, but I had a special gift of being able to read all the smack and realize more raw truth hidden in there than you’d ever believe. Some was straight trash, though. I do like the new Urnal better :) .

WHAT’S HAPPENING DOWNTOWN IS good news. It seems as if prayers can be answered. Downtown can make it. It just needs the right people to help. Changes are coming. Thank you all for doing this.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE to be handcuffed to the bleachers and laughed at, Mr. Johnson? I think maybe they should do that to you, and all take pictures of it. Young people have enough to worry about nowadays. Let’s see what gets done about it. I do think the school system has a lot of making up to do to you. Stay brave. And stand up for your rights.

CONGRATS DAVIDSON GOLDSMITH! HE used to be in Troop 115. We are proud of you!

WHAT AN IDIOT. ANDREW Breitbart should have thought before he acted.

WHILE IM CERTAINLYNOT SAYING it was “right”, Brietbart did nothing that media at all levels does not do every day. No one likes intentionally improper reporting so let the suit proceed. But in the process of vindicating Sherrod, don’t lose sight of the Pigford settlement, which appears fraught with fraud and fleeces the taxpayer. Congress needs to revisit this issue and look at any and all actual and proposed payments.

REGARDING THE RECENT MURDERS in Albany, I guess I will never understand how someone can look at someone else and then take their life knowing that is for all time. My heart goes out to their mothers and fathers. Such a waste.

I’M SO GLAD THEY caught Robert Purvis’ killer. Taking away such a young life over a car …

SO INSTEAD OF FOCUSING on downtown Albany, maybe we should focus on the safety of our citizens and put more of our taxpayer money in that … ingenious idea.

SAD … MY PRAYERS GO out to the families. And I pray we speed up our death penalty in Georgia. Don’t make me pay for them to get room and board for the rest of their life … let’s fry em and bury em.

YES, VERY SAD. MURDER of a young boy that had so much to live for and murder of a woman by the hands of the one that was supposed to love her and protect her!

IF THEY WOULD PASS a law, “eye for an eye,” I think it might put a stop to some of this killing. It is such a waste.

GET A ROPE AND bring back public hangings and this mess will stop. Another version of the sad times we are living in.

WHILE I DO BELIEVE in corporal punishment, I believe we need to bring it back to lower levels, also, like in our schools. How many parents out there don’t want nobody spanking their child, and don’t do it theirselves because it’s mean or whatever.

BREITBART’S SELECTIVE EDITING OF Sherrod was wrong. However, I’m betting the lawsuit goes nowhere.

TOO BAD THE KILLER didn’t resist arrest and have to be shot, just like he shot this young man. Praying for friends and family. You’ll (hopefully) be paying for this bas—d to be in prison long after I’m gone.

YVETTE AEHLE GAVE SEAN Reddish and others permission to recycle a smaller amount of scrap metal. He didn’t do that, but he scraps something a guy gave to him and saves parts and gets railroaded. Meanwhile, they are having orgies at the safety office and trying to take other people down doing and get attaboys from Lott. This would be comical if they weren’t screwing people.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    This is just a rumor i heard,butttttttttt.Sounds about right.You judge.It was going around town that the reason our Elected Officals did not want to get wet,thats why they did nt come out this weekend for all the fun.But then i heard it was becuase they were all at a big going away party for Lott.Wonder if it s true? and if so if we all payed for it?

  2. Truth B Known says:

    I cant understand why they can put an amount on anyones life.It should be a life for a life.And i do not feel bad about saying that.If they go to Court they may get 30 years,For a life,are you kidding me.
    Alot of people think that family diputes are ok,or neighbors fighting over one cutting hedges between there 2 yards is ok.But i have heard of killings becuase of this,it s time for Law inforcement to take it all serious.A life is at stake.Send out a message to the killers and gangs,that we are going to go to the most punishment we can by law.Not a slap on the hand anymore,for anyone(Officlas included).Nip it in the Bud Now.

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