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Whatcha Say, Albany?

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TO THOSE OF YOU who are high-fiving each other over Alfred Lott’s departure, careful what you wish for. Even if you find a replacement worth a mashed damn, the fact he is willing to relocate to Albany should give you pause. If you get a good person City Policy, rules and regulations and past practices won’t allow them to do the right thing. If policy doesn’t hamstring them then there are at least a dozen ambulance chasers and one judge, with a personal agenda, that will insure justice is not done.

IT LOOKS LIKE LOTT if finally leaving Albany. I sincerely hope Albany’s next City Manager will be an ethical leader. I find his explanation that Savannah notified him today he’s no longer under consideration and suddenly he has another job in DC somewhat questionable. In any event, I hope this will be a good turning point for Albany.

LOTT’S RESIGNATION CALLS FOR a celebration. Maybe Suzanne Davis can arrange for the community to use the civic center for one helluva party.

WHAT, NO LETTERHEAD? NO phony reason for resigning five months early?  Sounds like Lott was in a hurry. Maybe he’s just embarrassed he couldn’t pass the smell test in Savannah and everyone knows it.

REGARDING MAYOR WILLIE ADAMS’ comments about Lott’s resignation, this is a wretched god-forsaken town and we are doing everything possible to get out as soon as we can.  Anyone with a grain of sanity should do likewise.  No child should have to grow up in a place as bad, as nasty, as rundown and as dangerous as Albany has become since Willie Adams was elected.  Downtown is blighted.  Driving in from other areas it even smells like a slum.  Only a minority of citizens seem to have any sort of work ethic — most mooch off public assistance and entitlement programs.  Gang violence has been incubated and nurtured under Adams and the idiots around him.  Under Adams, Albany has nearly completed its transition to cesspool status.

WELL, HOW COOL WOULD it be with Lott out of the way to restore the jobs to those who deserve them and remove those from jobs who don’t deserve them?


WELL, WELL, WELL. I was wondering if they were going to do a background test on Lott. See, you do people wrong and it comes back to bite you in the butt. Mr. Lott, you burned too many bridges here. Only one really sticking by you is the mayor, and you can take him with you wherever you go, please. Sir, I mean no harm for what I am about to say, but you brought all this on yourself. You can’t blame any of us here, and you can’t use the race card.

I HOPE AND PRAY B.J. Fletcher, et al do great. I know it can be done and if anyone can do it, you all can. Heck, I think BJ should run for mayor. I am so glad to see all of you not giving up on downtown. I have always been told life is what you make it. CONGRATS to you all, and thank you.

THANKS TO THE ALBANY Journal for printing news on our homegrown talent. Westover won the Region 1-AAA team championship along with having several winners and placers. Monroe had a winner and Dougherty a first place winner, Josh Fuller, two second-place winners, Kavasaee Trappier and Randy Wright. Coming in third place was Christopher Rapley who didn’t lose a match but had a controversial DQ for taking too much injury time. He went on to win two straight matches while injured, and Zamemian TenEcyk took fourth place. All five of them will move on to the sectionals in Atlanta.

PEOPLE SHOULD QUESTION WHY Lott chose to terminate Sean Reddish on an unresolved allegation, and yet cut these men (airport safety officers) a break on what appears to be a much more serious issue than scrapping garbage. This activity was wrong for all of the obvious ethical reasons but FAA regulations govern emergency response times that airport fire departments must meet. People should question how this fire department would plan to save human lives in the event of an emergency. It can happen anytime and planes passing over this area may need to divert to this airport. Safety should be their top priority not running a harem at the fiscal and safety expense of the community.

YVETTE, RONEY AND LOTT railroaded a good man for making an honest mistake that helped the airport. Now they fired another white guy for no good reason because of lies from guess who. All the while, the directors and Lott coddle this bad behavior from the worst FD ever! I want to go work there so I can get paid to lounge around and have conjugal visits!

I SUPPOSE THAT MINUTE Men must keep their girlfriends happy in a cumulative way. Tsk tsk. Meanwhile, someone’s burning up in a plane crash because they can’t run with their pants around their ankles.

INTERESTING THAT NO MENTION was made in Airport Director Yvette Aehle’s suspension letter of Leonard Edwards and Eric Roney that they were in violation of law because they are supposed to be able to respond to an accident within a short period of time. Lott should be ashamed of himself.

THERE ARE A LOT of race problems in Albany, but the officials running this town are responsible as much as anyone.

THE CITY COMMISSION RUNS this City. The city manager is a commission puppet, a mere scapegoat for commission failures. There is only one qualification the Commission is interested in and that is how easily the commission can pull the city manager’s strings without any interference of nonsense such as legal responsibility, ethical obligation, honor, dignity, or rhetoric about some phantom public servant accountability. In that regard, Alfred Lott has been an outstanding performer.

The LAWANA WOODS SITUATION SHOWS YOU it does come down to a black and white issue… Mr. Rowe was white and would corrupt the black students of ASU, but a black female even closer to the campus is good for the students to have a place to go for entertainment.

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