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Whatcha Say, Albany?

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I LIVE 18 MILES from Albany and personally found Al Lott’s service to be solid. He is former military and doesn’t play. There have been some major issues during his tenure but stuff happens this area can be messy. In a city like Savannah, Lott could be just what the doctor ordered.

I’M GOING TO DISAGREE with ya there – as will most of the people I know in the LeDo area. This guy has been one crisis/scandal after another, and it doesn’t show any real signs of stopping or even slowing down. The City of Albany under his tenure has let HOW many thousands of dollars be stolen, SOME of which has been recovered, but not all? Don Buie. LaJuana Woods. Nathan Davis. The list goes on and on and on. Dr Jay, if Savannah picks Lott, you and every other political/blogger type in the area need to watch the man like a hawk.

THE BUIE THING WAS a real mess but in the right place Lott could be just fine in my opinion. Albany has issues, as does any place, but everything wrong with local government there can’t rest solely with the city manager. A person can leave this area and do well elsewhere … someone can come here and their career tank. Hey, Atlanta drafted Brett Favre … okay, I am grasping.

THOSE MESSES COULD HAVE been handled MUCH better by a better City Manager. Heck, had the guy simply been more open, honest, and transparent, he could have avoided quite a bit of the blame now placed on him for those issues. But he actively participated, per multiple media reports, in the cover-up of at least some of those issues, and in the process sullied his own name.

AL LOTT WOULD BE a fantastic choice for Savannah. His style is straight forward and his vision is strong. The issues in Albany go far beyond Al Lott: the local print media, accountability by local boards over appointed directors, etc.

SAVANNAH: YOUR SEARCH FIRM should have given you more information on background checks. Poor decision there. However, you have a great candidate in Al Lott.

TRYING TO BLAME LOTT’S issues on the local print media *actually doing their job* is HILARIOUS. Point blank: If Lott had actually done HIS job, he wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in.

REGARDING THE DECISION TO put the Albany recreation director in charge of the Civic Center, Municipal Auditorium and Veterans Amphitheatre, is there a word for compounding one mistake with another tragically stupid mistake?

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, the Civic Center job is a job for a tough, cigar smoking, self-sufficient tyrant with the charismatic gravitas and salty disposition to intimidate promoter-animals with just a look or a word.  If they can be supervised by someone else, they probably aren’t fit for the task.

THIS MAKES NO SENSE.  – Delete – Edit – ModerateA department that runs little league ball games trying to set up events like concerts. Buying baseballs is nothing like nothing like booking a big concert.

DOES ANYONE REALLY CARE? The city of Albany needs to direct their attention and thoughts towards being proactive with what to do in that crime infested city. Forget the civic center and focus on the corrupted police dept, its officers, and other city departments. Why waste time concerning a building that sits empty 98 percent of the time?

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO the mailer that Roger Marietta’s opponent sends out next election season, in bold, menacing typeface: “Roger Marietta voted in favor of drooping pants.”

EVEN BETTER, “Roger Marietta voted yes to showing your a** in public.”

IT IS TRULY AWKWARD to be in a position where I am agreeing with Roger Marietta. (For those that don’t know, the guy is about as close to a flaming liberal as you get in SWGA, and his daughter was Ken Hodges’ campaign worker.) That said, he really did have the appropriate way to go about this: simply ask businesses to add it to their rules for service, and ask customers to boycott businesses who do not.


APD ALREADY HAS THEIR hands full as is, and can barely do their job of catching ACTUAL criminals – you know, murderers, burglars, etc.

IF CRIME RATES PLUMMET to the point that there are no “real” laws to enforce and they have to resort to punishing the droopy pants crowd, there’s no need for new laws. If someone’s unseemly bits are showing, that can be dealt with by enforcing public indecency laws. Just like the ridiculous texting while driving law. There’s no need for a new law. File it under reckless driving if it’s that reckless.

SOUNDS LIKE A HOMOSEXUAL agenda to force young black males to wear skin tight pants.


JUST MAKING SURE THAT you are aware that the Albany City Commission is comprised of five African Americans and two Caucasians. If it is a racist policy, then it is black people being racist toward black people.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    There is a young child out there that use to live in my Moms house.Her name is Jenifree(hope i spelled it right) I want you to know just becuase you moved out of my moms house does not mean you moved out of my heart.You have my Heart,and the Key to it around your neck.And i will always love you.I miss you my Heart.

  2. Truth B Known says:

    You said it all in a nutt shell.”JUST MAKING SURE THAT you are aware that the Albany City Commission is comprised of five African Americans and two Caucasians. If it is a racist policy, then it is black people being racist toward black people.” And what gets me is that some black people really think these people are helping them.They dont care about you no more than the white person.It is an always will be about there sefls.

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