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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   February 6, 2011  /   Comments

I WOULD BE GLAD to give Lott an endorsement, too (as Roger Marietta did), as long as he was leaving. LOL.

I NEED SOME EDUCATION page A2 of last week’s Journal, Carswell won’t reinstate Joey Paint because of a crime he didn’t commit?

MR. PAIT WAS FOUND not guilty of his charges. During his trial the DAs office approached him with several plea deals. which he discussed with his lawyer. This is common in all trials. The trial judge didn’t want a plea deal taken. Mr. Pait was found not guilty with the state’s main witnesses testimonies was impeached by the jury for lying. Mr. Pait is reinstated but the chief won’t let him come back and is calling Pait a sex offender for discussing plea deals with the DA during his trial … like HE can judge someone.

A DATE WITH DADDY, our Valentine dinner and dance at First Methodist Church, will be Friday, February 18th from 7-9 p.m. Cost is $35/couple plus $15 each additional child. Includes a nice sit down dinner, dancing, a picture, and a gift for the girls to take home! E-mail Kelly Mullins at children@fumcalbanyga.org to get your name on the list! It fills up fast! It is so elegant and fun!! A beautiful PINK night.

MAYBE WHEN A NEW industry wants to open a facility in Georgia, Savannah will end up lower and Albany will end up higher on the finalists’ lists because of this development. In support of this result, I’m chanting as I post this. Good vibes!

THE PAPER SAID SAVANNAH officials are coming here to check on Alfred Lott. If they talk to the average person on the street, he will never get the job.

I WOULD HAVE MUCH rather seen, “Breaking News: Lott 1 Step Inside of a Jail Cell.”

ABUSER OF POWER, WEARER of sheep’s clothing, and destroyer of lives.

SHIRLEY SMITH VS. ALFRED Lott in a cage match … News at 11!


I DON’T LIVE THERE anymore but am personally affected by his decisions.

VOMIT. I THOUGH LOTT was moving closer to his family? Does he know the turth about anything?

THE SAD THING ABOUT the Lee County administrator hire is, I know for a FACT that at least two county commissioners know how to use the Net — they’ve commented on SWGAPolitics.com before — and yet they couldn’t do a basic Google on this guy? Seriously, type in “Tony Massey Frankfort Kentucky” into Google.

MAYBE LEE COMMISSIONERS CAN undo the decision before Lee gets into the shape Albany is in.

I THINK DR. SHIELDS did a marvelous job at ASU especially after the flood. I wish her well with her new journey.

THIS GUY (LAURENCE CARGILE) is not nearly as funny as he thinks he is. I would say, “Don’t quit your day job, but uh …

THE ALBANY JOURNAL DOES a good job of telling the truth. I have never heard of a city employee or an employee of any company going into people’s homes, taking pictures of their things and making fun of them. It’s a person’s own business what they choose to have in their home, and most businesses would probably fire an employee who did this. Keep up the good work, AJ.

I SEARCHED LAURENCE CARGILE’S name. You did not have to “friend” him or be on Facebook (to see the pictures and comments he posted). A lot of sites have privacy issues, but I can understand why the Journal did this … It’s a shame that people that people have to be called “retarded” or a certain race because they voice what they think.

SO … AL LOTT WANTS us to believe that he couldn’t make anyone here hire his wife?

PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR CORRUPTION, Savannah, if this is to be your guy.

SAVANNAH IS AN AWESOME place and NO ONE deserves to be screwed like he’s done to this city.

REGARDING ALBANY’S FINANCIAL REPORTING shortcomings, wow … like we didn’t’ see that coming.

SO, WHAT’S NEW? WE didn’t need an audit to tell us that. The only question is, “what’s going to be done about it?”. Answer: “NOTHING!”

REGARDING L’ JUA’S RESTAURANT ACROSS from Albany State University and the liquor store that would have been down the road across Oglethorpe Boulevard. It just shows you it does come down to a black and white issue. Mr. Rowe was white and would corrupt the black students of ASU … but a black female even closer to the campus is good for the students to have a place to go for entertainment.

THEY WOULD NOT LET Jax get that close to Albany State. So, what’s the deal there? You all act like all the people at Albany State would not have been able to restrain their selves from going to Jax and getting in trouble. The students there know their own minds and have worked hard to get where they are. They are not going to mess it up. Now, there are a few bad apples in every bushel. But Albany State students are old enough to make their own choices. And all of us have made mistakes in our life. Just look at Ms. Woods and Al Lott ,and the mayor, and Don Buie. Should I go on?

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