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International code in Leesburg, Ga.?

By   /   February 15, 2011  /   Comments

“Good Morning, Mrs. Jones, I am interpreting for my employer, here. He is from Namibia and is here to inspect your home for international code compliance. Please step aside while we inspect your home.” No, I have not lost my last few marbles. This is a scene I only imagined after learning of Lee County’s proposed involvement in an international maintenance code organization.

I refer you to an item from last Tuesday’s Lee County commission meeting agenda which was presented by the engineering department. I wasn’t there. My information comes from a commissioner. As I understand, the proposal has been made and has actually received some unknown amount of support for Lee County to join forces with an international group for the overseeing and/or enforcing of a set of real estate construction and maintenance regulations which may be universal on an international basis.

I’m really not well informed about the details of the proposal at this time, but I am anxious to present the prospect to you because I am led to believe the issue could possibly be presented for a vote by the commission as early as Feb. 22. I don’t usually hope that what I write is wrong, but this time I do.

What would such an endeavor mean to me? “International” suggests that its members would be from all corners of the participating earth. That might mean that an Eskimo could be appointed alongside an Arab and a Polynesian. So, this eclectic group shall formulate a uniform code of regulation for buildings that shall apply in Lee County, Ga.

Surely, the Eskimo might never have encountered a clay brick. What use would the Polynesian ever have had for thermal insulation? The Arab, of course, might believe that we should construct our buildings no more than 7 feet high and with no windows to prevent damage from sandstorms. Way-out ideas, huh? I agree. It is also a way-out idea for us to even consider joining league with people from differing climates and geography when we prepare our construction standards and plan our maintenance for the structures. It smacks of NATO. How well has that worked out for us?

This all may sound like I really don’t know what is going on and to a great extent, in this matter, that is correct. What I do know is that the mere mention, much more the suggestion, of such a socialistic and liberalistic proposal frightens me. It frightens me that our officials even consider such preposterous movements.

This is one more of your freedoms that is being threatened. I don’t know the extent of the threat. Neither do you. What if something like this slips in under the rug and that Namibian inspector knocks at your door? Maybe you need to go to the next commission meeting on Feb. 22, and learn what it’s all about. In the meantime, call your commissioner. You can get his cell no. by calling 759-6000.

Herbert Gladin


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