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Good news, Albany

By   /   February 17, 2011  /   Comments

It could be successfully argued that Albany is a community in transition, particularly with the recent developments at city hall.

Are we on a steady decline or are there reasons to be optimistic? That’s debatable, to say the least.

B.J. Fletcher, who is winning hearts and supporters with her enthusiasm and her business success downtown, says it’s clearly the latter — that Albany is on the rebound and the nucleus of the recovery is and needs to be generated in the inner city.

Fletcher’s contagious entrepreneurial vision, the ever-expanding enterprises of Stewbos (Bo Henry, Stewart Campbell, et al), and the life-changing efforts of Debbie Mazur of Graceway Recovery Residence and The Bread House & Granary have gotten us at The Albany Journal to thinking, recently.

What can our newspaper do to pay it forward and otherwise promote the positive spirit that is increasingly prevalent these days in the community, particularly downtown?

How about devote Page 2 of The Journal to good news every week?


This week, we’ve moved WhatchaSay, Albany? – a brutally candid sounding board for citizens that largely focuses on local public officials’ waywardness – to our Local Columns page, which usually is on Page A5. That’s a more appropriate spot for WhatchaSay, Albany? anyway.

Next week, we will unveil a Good News,  complete with a logo that will list the names of the page’s sponsors. We encourage our readers to jump on board and join us in celebrating all that is good about our community. Share your good news with us; between the newspaper and our Website, we are going to endeavor to ensure that no good news that comes our way goes unreported.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re as devoted as ever to letting our readers know what’s really going on in our community, particularly when taxpayer funds are at stake. And certainly, “good news” can continue to be found on Page 1 and throughout our pages.

Still, we’re excited that henceforth, our readers will know precisely know where to turn in The Journal to learn about accomplishments in the lives of the richest part of our community – its people.

Thanks you for reading The Journal and for your feedback. I’d love to hear from you at 435-6222; kevin@TheAlbanyJournal.com; or via Facebook.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    I like the change with the paper also.Alot of what is wrote about our Officals is true.But it seems no one cares.You can beat it in the ground and some still dont get it.So Now we can talk about other things,not only going on in our Town,but all over the world.
    Everyone has got to come together,everyones has to give up something.Even those in Power in D.C.Alot would have you think medicade,and medicare are the ones who are hurting this Country.But if not for some of the people who have worked all there lives to have what they have as in Social Securty deserve it.It is Goverment that has spent us into Debt.So they to should have to give up things.I worked and paid into Social Securty,taxes,even medicare was taken out.I still till this day have paycheck stubs from the 70s.So where did it all go?Social Securty is not an intitlement,it was erned.But Goverment has went into it so many times it is broke.Where does that leave those who paid in all those years?Well,it goes to helping people pay there rent,and light bills,and to get food stamps.Now i am not saying this is not needed,it is.But it should not be at the older generations cost.Maybe with the paper being changed around more people will think about this,and write about it.Voices need to be Loud.Goverment needs to put there self on a budget.And Give back. I am not saying this is wrong,but think about it,after you are no longer Pres. of the USA,you still get paid.Fine,but not so much.We the People dont get that.But alot of us break our backs to make sure our familys are not left with burdens after we are gone.But then Goverment comes in and wants that.And gets it!It needs to start at the Top.Starting at the bottom is putting us further in debt.

  2. Truth B Known says:

    This is good news. It seems as if prayers can be answered.Downtown can make it.It just needs the right people to help. If i could do something i would.I would love to open up a store downtown.But i dont have that kind of money.But i do have alot of Prayers and Good Wishes for those of you who are showing people it can be done.We had alot of work done downtown,and nobody wants to go there.But now,changes are comming about.Thank You All for doing this.And Congrats.

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