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Albany City Manager Alfred Lott to leave March 2

By   /   February 14, 2011  /   Comments

By Kevin Hogencamp

Albany City Manager Alfred Lott moved his resignation up today from July 31 to March 2.

Lott, who was forced by the City Commission to find another job, did not say in his latest resignation letter whether he has landed a new assignment.

As late as last week, Lott was one of two finalists for the Savannah city manager post, but Mayor Otis Johnson said Friday that Lott no longer is considered a viable candidate for the post. Lott had extensive opposition among Savannah City Council members and citizens amid revelations not only of his track record in Albany, but that he hid it from his would-be bosses and their executive headhunter.

Lott’s tenure in Albany has been plagued with mishaps since he left his Takoma Park, Md., public work director’s post in September 2005 to become Albany’s city manager. When the City Commission met with Lott last summer to force his resignation, Mayor Willie Adams convinced a majority of the commissioners to allow Lott to remain on the job for nearly 13 months — until July 2011 – to give him to find another job. The commission then used taxpayer funds to pay for Lott’s trip to a conference in California, where Lott told a Savannah reporter that he met with a headhunter who steered him toward the Savannah job.

In his first resignation letter, Lott said he would seek new employment in the Northeast so that he could be close to his family. But he told a Savannah reporter recently that Savannah was a more attractive draw for him than Albany because his wife could not find employment in Albany.

Click on this image to read Lott’s latest resignation letter:

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  1. BillS says:

    A little off topic but maybe not: Lame Duck Loot makes a hasty sweeping departmental change on 2-7-11, only after 3 botched attempts of getting the proper talent to head the civic center.

    On 2-9-11 the Albany Journal reports, proof positive, that (a) Lame Duck Loot substantially reduced the discipline given to 2 black airport employees for very serious offenses which directly contradicts (b) the fact that Lame Duck Loot handled Reddish with extremely heavy hands and in strong violation of city policy. In fact, the Ga DOL ruling in Reddish’s favor shows just how stupid the city’s case against Reddish has become. Unfortunately, Loot’s pride is too big to back down from this chain of mistakes. This alone is more than enough for the EEOC to take notice but then let’s add the Jolivette and Fletcher cases and so on.

    On 2-10-11 news breaks that Loot is (unofficially) removed as a candidate from the Savannah city manager’s because of the undisclosed liabilities that they see in him.

    On 2-14-11, Loot puts in his much needed notice and without patting himself on the back. He then rattles to the press about some secret leadership job in DC that no one believes anyway.

    So yes, there is damage control on Loot’s behalf; but this chain of events in the past several weeks seem to be awful coincidental with his suddon change of plans. Have the commisioners and the good doctor finally had their fill of the mismanagement and liabilities that Alfred D. Lott ABCD – XYZ continues to bring here?

  2. Truth B Known says:

    We are not really going to be rid of him for a while,He does have to come back for lawsuits against him and others that he was envolved in.Maybe that is why is wanting to leave early.

  3. Truth B Known says:

    I am going to save all my celebration till he is really gone.I have learned with our Officlas any thing can happen.
    A wise man told me once that do things now that you would like to do,becuase tomorrow they will make a law against it.So untill he is really gone,i am not going to say hooray.
    The way they make laws around here,they will probley make one that we cant give him a nice send off,becuase they really like him.

  4. Allison says:

    Glad he’s on his way out..maybe he’ll learn about honesty in his next job…one can only hope.

  5. BillS says:

    This calls for a celebration. Maybe Suzanne Davis can arrange for the community to use the civic center for one helluva party. We could dress Al Loot like a clown and put him in the dunk tank. Or, I know! Tar and Feather!!! Then we could march him right out of town. It would be a whole new March Madness.

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