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Whatcha Say, Albany?

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REP. BISHOP, AS A federal employee it is your responsibility to report ANY suspected fraud against the federal government. As a member of Congress it is your responsibility to provide oversight to any legislation for which you vote. Perhaps the people of Georgia would be better served by someone who feels it’s their job to look out for the interests of ALL Georgians? Here’s hoping the good people of Georgia rectify their mistake and vote you out of office.

BLESS YOU, WILLIE HEAD, for your willingness to speak the truth to power.

I THINK CELL PHONES should be banned during the day at all schools so that the students will not use them for cheating and texting each other all through class…… I know I am in the minority though but I think they are a huge distraction from the learning environment!

I READ A LOT of negative thoughts about Grand Island.  I fear this is becoming a case of “kicking when he’s down” reaction.  What I want to hear is comments from some who have helpful suggestions for making the facility prosperous.  It belongs to us and we cannot turn our backs on it. Please, before being so critical, get involved and review the finer points of our responsibility and liability in this matter.

AMANDA DENTON, I JUST read week’s paper, and as you always do, you made me feel so much better. This world need people like you. A lot more of them. I can’t believe I had let myself get so upset over another story in the paper, but then I went to you and that made it all better. I think anyone who is your friend is very lucky. I can’t wait till next week. Till then, thank you and God bless.

GREAT STORY ON LAURENCE Cargile. He should be fired.

I’M WAITING FOR KEVIN’S article on how HE violated the privacy of the home owners by posting the pictures of their private items WITHOUT their permission. Kevin claims he is just reporting, but he could have written his previous article without posting the pictures. Either posting pictures of people’s things without their permission is wrong, or it isn’t. You can’t have it both ways. And since he obviously thinks it is, then doing the same thing himself is hypocrisy.

LET ME GET THIS straight: It was wrong for this city employee to post these pictures without the permission of the owners, and yet you also posted them in your article without their permission?

PLEASE TELL ME THIS guy was fired? How would he like to be on the other end of this situation? I understand it’s not really a huge issue, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was just wrong. It’s obvious that one of the photos was taken on a state job as the van license plate clearly shows “Govt” on it. Also he whines about the paper obtaining his photo from a public website, stating they did not have his consent? What about the photos he was taking? Did he get their consent? What happened to the days when state employees were worthy citizens? Well I guess you get what you pay for. The fact that this gentleman was a state employee tells me his pay was menial. That explains his tactless character. Last but not least it appears that this whole department is corrupt and needs some spring cleaning.

WHEN WAS THE MEDIACOM building worth $216,000 back in the real estate boom?  I have a hard time believing the building is worth that much especially because of the neighborhood it is in.  PLEAZZZE.

ALBANY COULD USE THE Mediacom site on Flint Avenue for the day reporting center. Not Albany police, they already have enough buildings taking taxpayers money when they don’t need it. Albany wastes too much taxpayer money.

THE MEDIACOM DEAL WOULD be the city of Albany taking on yet another crappy property. The area makes the building unrentable.

SOMEBODY IS REALLY BURNING up the Savannah news with comments concerning Albany City Manager Alfred Lott.

IN ALBANY, FORMER HUMAN Resources Director Mary LaMont, left a letter of resignation which accused Alfred Lott and city staff of racial and gender discrimination and how they squeezed LaMont to lie about matters where city employees were involved. After that accusation, Lott resigned. Oh yeah! like Savannah needs more of that behavior going on!

LOOKS LIKE LOTT IS starting to reap the seeds of destruction he has sewn so long in Albany.

POOR SAVANNAH. OUR GAIN is their loss. LOL. It just shows Savannah’s leaders must do a crummy a job at vetting candidates as we do here.

I HOPE THE ALBANY heads are going to give Lott a glowing recommendation. Then ask, just how soon can he star? So sorry, Savannah.

IF SAVANNAH PUTS AL Lott in charge of Shirley Smith in Savannah, they are opening itself up to liability, considering her pending suit against him.

GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE Savannah job. Maybe he will love sooner.

HEY SAVANNAH, LOTT WILL be the best person for the job… please hire him, please please please please. I promise we will send you some more of his followers to fill in all the empty jobs. Please hire him. Counting my pleases?????

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