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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   December 31, 2010  /   Comments

PRAYING FOR LT. ROUSE’S family. Just a shame his family will have gone through this tragedy during Christmas. Let’s keep all our law enforcement officers in our prayers.

I AM TOO ANGRY at that low life scum right now to even comment. My heart goes out to the VICTIM’S family.

HE NEEDS TO KNOW that he didn’t just kill a police officer; he killed a husband, father, brother, son, uncle, and friend.

HE WOULDN’T CARE IF you told him.

PRAYERS FOR THE FAMILY and  prayers for him because he is going to need it. Wish we could go back to the Sheriff Bud Williford days.

SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL the wonderful men and women that searched for that scum! Thankfully I wasn’t in the search because if I would have found him first, he wouldn’t need a trial, just saying! Chief Cheek expressed his gratitude to the many law enforcement agencies that assisted in the manhunt and arrest of Thomas, including the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Department, Albany Police Department, Lee County Sheriff’s Department and K-9 Team, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia State Patrol Aviation Unit, Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit, U.S. Marshals, Dougherty County School Police, Albany State University Police, the MCLB, and even some retired police officers.

IT IS SUCH A wonderful thing for all of the departments to get involved and caught this man before he killed someone else. Thank you to all of the departments and agencies who participated in this search. We need to line the streets at the funeral procession and show our support for this officer and his family.

DONTAVIOUS RAYNARD THOMAS IS a professional killer. I have studied his mug shot and I have looked at the security camera photo of robbery/killing that occurred at the Radium Springs convenience store from last week. Dontavius is the same guy holding the stainless steel pistol, standing at the right of the picture. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

WHAT ARE YOU? AN X-ray  – Delete – Edit – Moderatemachine? If you know that was him, why you waited this long to come forward you should’ve said something last week before this officer got shot? You just as guilty if waited until this guy got caught to come forward.

PROFESSIONAL KILLER IS AN overstatement. He got some lucky shots in on the officer. There was nothing professional about that shooting or the store clerk if he did that, too. Poorly done both times and he got caught. A professional uses two hands when handling a pistol not one (as seen in the store robbery picture).

WHAT A HEARTLESS IDIOT. I hope his family gets some kind justice from this…our city should be named the “low life” city.

WHAT A TRAGEDY. A senseless act of violence. My heart goes out to the officer’s family, especially this time of year Our prayers are with them all.


I KNEW THIS MAN. What a sweet loving husband father and son and bother.

TWENTY YEARS OLD he has ruined his life and many others. Christmas will never be the same for any of the hearts involved … did not have to happen!

THE MAN YOU KILLED was and will still be batter then you’ll ever be. Hope you get life. Hell, no, death would be better for ya.

I HAD ONE (SOMEONE wearing saggy pants) come to my place of business and I told him to pull up his pants, and he did. I have the law on my side that enables me to tell them that or I don’t have to do business with them. It looks so ignorant.

ONLY 90,000 MORE TO go!

FOR THE ONES COMPLAINING about them giving out saggy pant tickets, HELLO! They are also giving out parking tickets and speeding tickets, why should this ticket be any different. One crime isn’t less then another.

NO ONE WANTS TO see anyone’s nasty underwear or worse. The police can take care of all crimes, including that one.

NOW IF WE CAN DO something about the armed robberies, burglaries, thefts, murders …

THE FIRST CITATION PROVES something … Albany is a JOKE.

IF WE GO BACK to public executions, this type of crime plus other crimes would stop!

I HOPE HE PAYS to the fullest! The officer has been taken from his wonderful family. My prayers are with them.

PRAYING FOR BOTH THE officer’s family and this young man who has to live with his actions.

DEATH IS FAST AND easy (though I’m not against it). He needs to sit in a cell, no TV, books, etc., and stare at four walls every day for the rest of his life.

THE MORAL FABRIC OF American society continues to unravel. These tragic stories fill the news of every American city. Another innocent father murdered and a young man, who yet he has no true understanding of the cause and effect of his actions, will be incarcerated for life. The news stories from every American city should make the proudest American ashamed.

DEATH IS TOO EASY. He needs to be tortured till he’s begging for death.

I’VE BEEN HIT BY thieves three times already this year and the last time was yesterday. That’s one more off the streets, unfortunately at a huge cost.

WHAT A COWARD. I hope he burns in hell. My heart goes out the officer’s family.

EVEN IF HE GOT the death penalty, 25 years from now he would still be in appeals. Something is wrong with our judicial system. Praying for his family.

SO SAD. WHAT A tragic loss. Something has to be done in this city. My prayers go out for this family.

MAY HE COME TO know Christ!

I WISH I COULD really say what I wanted on here but it won’t change anything! He took away a great man and excellent officer and he deserves everything he gets and more.

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN justified if the arresting officer/s would have beat him to death. Unfortunately, if they had, the ACLU would have been all over them and they would have suffered far more than this scum ever will. He gets to enjoy Christmas in a prison cell with all his friends while a family is left to grieve the loss of a husband and father. What a waste.

IF A POLICE OFFICER tells you to do something you better listen. These men and women are never told thank you enough for keeping us safe.

I THINK TO SAVE our tax dollars and decrease the number of people in prison, we should give the death penalty for all of those where there is no doubt that they committed murder.

HE KILLED A COP, he will get his just rewards, pretty sure about that, and deservedly so.

INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, huh? I guess he has a habit of just hanging out underneath mobile homes and robbing convenient stores. Wrong place and time for that my friend. He’s a thug.

“INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY” applies ONLY to the state and their ability to sentence you. It is not binding upon citizens and their opinions. He was found under a trailer in possession of the weapon and the cash. As far as I am concerned, he is guilty. Thus, I would not hire him, associate with him or support him, and I condemn him for his actions.

JUSTICE MAY BE SWIFT, but he will be out in 13 years. They are given a “life” sentence and they only have to serve 13 … my calculation, this is NOT LIFE. I am praying for the Rouse family as I know how difficult this is going to be for them. Lt. Rouse, you are the Hero! You now have angel wings.

I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT the case. I wasn’t saying he should be walking the streets or that anyone can’t form their own opinion. Again, if he is guilty, NO MERCY.

A JURY IN DOUGHERTY County that is competent in grammar … good luck! Too bad they can’t just string him up now!

I HAVE READ A lot of comments sympathetic to this criminal not being afforded a job as if he had no choice but to commit the crime because no one would hire him. Why didn’t he just sell the Glock 9mm pistol and buy him some much needed nourishment? I guess he fell on hard times since he purchased the $500 pistol with his hard earned money and had to let him make a little income for him. Some of you people can’t see the forest for the trees.

THIS IS WHAT WE face when we put on that uniform to start our tour of duty.  Lt. Rouse is a GREAT officer.  My condolences go out to his family and co-workers who lost someone very dear.  But to the County Commission, we go out here to do our job to the best of our ability and professionalism which is stressful enough.  But then you all don’t think enough of us as law enforcement officers to approve us for a raise, that adds more stress to our already stressful lives.  That’s why Albany, you see us working several jobs to make ends meet. Now you will speak highly of Lt. Rouse and say he’s an outstanding officer. Well, why don’t you speak and think highly of us while we are here performing such a dangerous job everyday and pay us for what we do!

DEAR LORD, BE WITH me on my beat this day and every day. Grant that each weary block I walk, may ease a brother’s way. Let me be kindly to the old and to the young, be strong. But let me triumph over those whose acts are cruel and wrong. And if according to your plan, I am to lose my life, please bless with your protecting hand my children and my wife.


A THUG IS IGNORANCE. They have no respect for life. They think stealing, hurting people and getting high is cool. They have the brain capacity of a common mutt. It makes me want to vomit looking this punk in this mug shot. This punk’s MTV reality just made a widow and stripped away a father from his kids. It’s a shame this town is producing things like this at an alarming rate. If this county/state can’t address the problem and put more time and energy into solving this problem it will continue to get worse and cause more honest people to start carrying guns on them at all times. That’s not what I would call “The good life city”.

A THUG IS A rough violent criminal .But this doesn’t make him a thug. He’s a person crying out for help. He’s been judged by what he has done. What kind of life at home has he…stop you don’t know and I don’t, either. Someone needs to ask questions about why. His family is hurting, also. God didn’t create thugs. He made man.

IF YOU LOVE HIM so much, let him come live with you and your family. When he kills one of your family, then you can tell me he isn’t a thug. I am unemployed, but I tell you what, I will gladly cash out my last bit of money in my 401K to buy the lethal injection drugs for his execution.

GIVE TO THE POOR. Maybe the crime will slow down.

WAKE UP, ALBANY, DOUGHERTY County, and Court System! I would bet a paycheck that this THUG is on PROBATION and has already been given two or three chances to change his life.  Now that he chosen to kill another human being and leave two children fatherless and make a widow out of Lt. Rouse’s wife, why should he get anything but the death penalty?

MAYBE THINGS COULD HAVE turned out differently for our officer if he would have had his own K-9 partner to take down the criminal. It is still hard to believe that our most of our officers are out there without a partner .. the ones that are, and there are only two of them in Dougherty County, have a K9 ready and able to take down the “problem” and save officers’ lives.  We all need to financially support and donate to our Police Departments and get them more K9 officers. Check them out on the internet. You will want one of your own. I have one and no one can approach me or my family if I don’t want them to. Only a stupid moron would even try to get into my home at any time with my K9 in the house, they will deserve what they get if they do and probably will not leave my residence of their own accord.

YEAH, BUT COULD THE K9 stop the bullet?

MY HEART GOES OUT to the Rouse family! All I can say is that it is time to bring back an EYE for an EYE. This crime has hit to close to home! Its time APD and DCPD step up, and protect not only the public, but there own officers, as well. God please continue to watch over all of us, but most importantly, please bring comfort to Lt. Rouse’s family.

MY HEART GOES OUT to the Rouse Family! Cliff will be missed by many. I have known the family for years and our children are in the same class! Greg, do your JOB.

REGARDING THE POLICE ENFORCING the saggy pants law, good job! I don’t know why they needed to pass an ordinance to enforce indecent exposure, anyway, it’s always been a law! I hope to see more of these citations in the future.

THIS COP SHOULD BE embarrassed. Can you imagine with all that is going on out there and this poor schlep is writing tickets for poor fashion sense while true crime is prevalent.

“NO SAGGY PANTS ALLOWED” should be added to the signs on the doors of all restaurants. They sit down and their dirty underwear or worse is against the seat. Then they get up and have to pull up their dirty underwear and walk to the food line with their nasty fingers passing germs to everything they touch.

THIS THE FIRST CITATION since the law was passed? Are they patrolling Albany?

I DON’T THINK THERE should be a fine. I think those who wear saggy pants and are caught should have to wear a shirt, their briefs, socks and shoes for 48 hours out in public.

IT’S GOOD THEY’RE FINALLY doing something. They need to go to the mall now. It’s bad there, too.

IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE does something about this. I hope all states will come up with the same plan. I hate looking at these guys’ and some girls’ dirty underwear, not even able to walk because of this fad that is out there. It is sad to see the younger kids who are trying to follow in the adults and teens who should know better and have more respect for others around them. Thank you, Albany, for hopefully starting a new law that will catch on for all those out there who hate to see saggy pants and dirty underwear.

WAKE UP, PAL. YOUR businesses and citizens are getting robbed. Now a police officer is murdered and you think you are doing something by bring belts to kids. I guess the people that elected you deserve it, but that police officer did not.

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