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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   December 25, 2010  /   Comments

REGARDING YOUR RECENT VINTAGE Albany photo of what was once Joe’s Cellar, I spent many an hour in the legendary Joe’s with my old friends Joe Peach and Frank Stampinski. This was the upstairs gambling room, which was accessible from Joe’s by going up the metal spiral staircase. I remember when Joe’s daughter died from an overdose and they found her on the side of a road. Joe sent Frank to turn the guy that gave her the drugs into a vegetable. Which he did. Frank was good at that.

IT IS WRONG THAT a couple of neighborhoods in South Columbus dictate the representation for the rest of the district. The GOP in the General Assembly needs to show some spine during the redistricting process. Elections have consequences.

DOES IT REALLY MATTER who is picked for the Albany Civic Center job when all it takes in one belly-aching commissioner or church to block a performance because “we don’t like it because (insert random stupid personal reason), even though we wouldn’t go anyway”…?  This is one of those thankless jobs within the city that is shackled to failure due to inept leadership from above to resist such nonsense, not within the venue itself.

YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I think I’m going to go protest a church on Sunday morning claiming that it upsets my satanic morals! Irony, BTW.

TELL ME AGAIN? WHY is it that Alfred Lott gets to hire the Civic Center director – or dogcatcher, for that matter? He is being F-I-R-E-D, for goodness sakes!

MAYBE LANE ROSEN WILL bring the place to a profit. The rappers could not make any money. It cost money when they had a concert.

I HOPE HE CAN bring more to the Civic Center than just rappers. There should be more diversity.

WHAT’S THE STATUS Of the DA’s investigation into Cutliff Grove. I think they may be hoping we all forget about this.

I TOO WOULD BE interested in a current status of the Cutliff Grove investigation and the half million loaned to the mayor’s campaign manager. Any chance the taxpayers will get any of this money back? Can you get the current status and write an update on these issues?

RIGHT ON! BUT THE current occupants of office don’t care if they do the will of the people or not. It’s just a power trip for them.

I HOPE AL LOTT doesn’t move too far. He still has to come back for my court case. And bless his heart, he will have to pay his own way. Not at the expense of Albany taxpayers.

ALBANY ADVOCACY RESOURCE CENTER helps so many people. Probably some of your family, or a family you know. I know times are really bad now. But to help this program, at least you’ll know where your money is going. Have you ever needed there help? Have you ever met any of them? I have and the ones I have met are awesome, always a smile, even in the worst times.

I KNEW THE BREAD House was a wonderful place to shop for “heavenly” goodies, and the staff makes you feel welcome. Now that I know my dollar goes toward GATEWAY I will make a point to shop there more often. Thank you, ladies!

THE BREAD HOUSE’S PAY It Forward campaign is a great thing. Not only can you buy wonderful baked goods at a good price, but to know your dollar goes directly to changing someone’s life is a great feeling. And by the way, the bread is awesome. God helps those who help themselves.

YOUR NEW COLUMNIST AMANDA Denton’s gonna go far. She’s definitely on the edge. But hey, I like her style.

THE QUESTION IS GOING to be whether Lott will let Rosen run the Civic Center the way it needs to be run or whether Lott will make Rosen run it Lott’s way, which does not work. Real genius would be to let Rosen make decisions as he has at the State Theater without micromanagement on Lott’s part since we know Rosen can make great entertainment choices.

LANE ROSEN IS A smart choice. I think Lane will do a great job. It’s nice to have someone who actually knows Albany.

REGARDNG THE CITY COMMISSION’S denial of a license for a new liquor store next to Big Daddy’s Lounge on East Oglethorpe Boulevard, the commission has lost their minds or let me re-phrase that, the ones who voted against the liquor store has lost their minds. Here comes yet another lawsuit that the taxpayers cannot afford and I am sure Mr. Rowe will win and he will still have his liquor store and the tax payers will be out of a lot of money. Why can’t they just do what is fair and right? I saw that someone pointed out that there use to be a liquor store behind China Palace and no one said a word about it.

TAXPAYERS, GET READY FOR a long expensive court fight that the city is going to lose. Every one of our elected officials — local, state and national — needs replacing, but the voters are too stupid to do that.

WOW, I BELIEVE TOM Knighton. One of the problems with APD is that some on the force think they are the boss and in fact they are far from being a person in charge. Some people are just not capable of handling themselves if they are in charge (if the complaining officer was over the mounted officer). The power goes straight to their little head. This story sounds like a bullying effort by their colleague. I hope Chief Proctor saw this article and he finds out who the bully was. Some people never grow up and remain being a bully wayyyyyy after high school has ended. My best advice to the complaining officer is “grow up and act your age”.

I HAD THE PRIVILEGE of riding with the mounted police a number of years ago and have a great deal of respect for them. The ability they have to interact with citizens while on horseback is much different than an officer cruising by at 35-plus mph with the windows and AC cranked up. They have a unique perspective and it should be capitalized on.

ANIMAL CONTROL, MUCH LIKE APD, does as their superior officers tell them to do and they are told that they can NOT trap cats. If someone has a cat problem they should do like suggested and trap them themselves and take them to the Humane Society to be euthanized which is exactly what will happen. You don’t call the city to handle other pest control issues, you deal with it yourself. Or contact Catnappers since they are so opposed to the trapping of cats. Usually if cats frequent an area as close to a building as shown on WALB then someone is feeding them there or there is a sufficient supply of rodents to feed them. Common sense should tell people to take away the food source and the problem will go away. Make the environment uninviting and they will not want to be there. Oh, and feral cats and their kittens have survived in the cold for hundreds of years so by trapping them you are not saving them. You are guaranteeing their death.

WELL, NATHAN DAVIS, THEN just pick of up the phone and tell Animal Control that the law prohibiting cats from picked up is no longer in effect.  How hard is that?  Evidently Animal Control (which is a division of APD) needs to be informed that the law is no longer in effect.  Trust me, just because they enforce the law (or are suppose to enforce the law) doesn’t mean they know the law entirely. Typical of Albany, though. Everyone pointing fingers but no cares to get off their butt to make an effort and who suffers, the taxpayers. Same old bull story, but a different day.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    Boy did the Joe Sellers bring back some meomeries.Good and bad.lol.But that not what i am writting about today.Today i would like to say how Sorry i am that Albany lost a Great Cop.All of you need to know that our Prayers are with you for the Rouse Family.Saying i am sorry does not seem like enough.This is no way for a Family to have to greet Christmas each year.I have the upmost respect for our Officers.You can not know what they go through every night and day.I have a police scanner,they are in harms way more than alot of people know.We should back up our Police Dept. more.You never know when you may need one.I am not saying all are good.What i am saying is they are all as good as there bosses will let them be.One thing i read made alot of sense,get to know your neighbors,if you see something that does not look right call them.Maybe it will take them a bit to get there,but you dont know if they are in harms way at the time you need them also.If we as People of Albany dont come together and start reporting things,it will only get worse.My Moms neighborhood is not the best,but things can happen in any part of town or country.The older people in my Moms neighborhood are affraid to get to involved,affraid there life will be the next one to be took out by some stupid person who thinks he is superman.They tell me things,and i call it in on the tip line.Now what they do with the info i dont know.But the older people are scared,some will not even come out of there houses.And that is not the way it use to be.Use to i could go to Moms and everyone would be out wroking in there yards.Now they are scared of drive bys.Moma use to go out to her mail box everyday and clean up in front of her house.Not just trash.But dope baggies.She asked me one time what were all these littl plastic baggies for,they cant hold nothing.I said Moma they hold drugs.Some of the people where she lived have moved,becuase of all the problems.Most stay becuase there homes are bought and payed for.And they cant sell them becuase of the known trouble,and drugs.So they stay in there homes.Moma did nt,she went out and done her yard work,but she also had her pistol on her side.And yes she had a permit.And know this,if someone had even tried to come at her,well,lets put it this way,they would be calling the coroner.We need help to make our neighborhoods safer,So if you need them call them.That is what the police are for.And the people who run Albany,need to do more to keep reafenders in jail.Make them do there time.

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