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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   December 18, 2010  /   Comments

THANK YOU, BREAD HOUSE and Graceway, for paying it forward. Come on Albany, join the movement!

PEOPLE MISINTERPRET THE DEFINITION of ‘good news’. The best news last week was under the headline: City searching for new Albany city manager.’

THE ALBANY CITY MANAGER’S position needs to be eliminated and the city charter changed to make the mayor responsible for this post so the voters can have a real say in our government.  There is too much back and forth between the two and accountability is always lost in the middle.

HE SHOULD HAVE left already. Good riddance.

HOW MUCH MONEY HAS Al Lott cost the city over lawsuits?

WHY IS ALFRED LOTT a racist? – Delete – Edit – ModerateCould it be because he is a black man who had crooked black people removed from office and even arrested? I truly believe that Mr. Lott is one of the very few honest people who work in the City of Albany offices. I will be sorry to see him leave. He has done more to clean up corruption than a lot of other people in the City have.

THIS MAN HAS DONE worse for the city of Albany than good. Where has he done good, he just took out the ones who caused problems for him being caught, and brought in his personal friends.

ALL I WANT FOR Christmas is a sudden case of morality to sweep across government of all levels, staring with the City of Albany and going all the way up to the White House. Yes, I believe in the Tooth Fairy, too.

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OWNERS APPEALING their tax values? If the clowns would set tax values that make sense and hold people accountable and the IRS would eliminate many of tax breaks offered on losses, perhaps these commercial builders would not build strip centers that they cannot fill.

THE ABUNDANCE OF VACANT housing and buildings will hold property values down and the city’s SPLOST threat was a straw dog. So, when you’re out doing that Christmas shopping, be sure to remember how the majority of voters were duped when shelling out that extra tax cash.

WAL-MART IS GOING TO save us all! Albany has been on self-destruct for years and taxpayers are tired of paying for substandard services.

YOU CAN THANK YOUR city, county, and federal government for all of the vacancies as well as Turton Properties in Cordele. Turton probably has more vacant spaces than many other property owners in town. But then again, why not if you can claim these losses on your taxes year after year?

WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT  – Delete – Edit – Moderatto work for the local government? They treat their employees like third-world citizens. They have been cut enough. Maybe it’s time to change the top’s way of thinking.

PEOPLE IN ALBANY COMPLAIN when their tax values increase, resulting in furloughs for government employees. The tax values decrease and they complain again. What do you people want?

THINGS DON’T ADD UP for me. The Terhune “business” Martha Ann is using so she can get a handgun and go to POST happened last December, right? But the Zoning Board didn’t ask the Terrell County commissioners to do anything until September. Why all the hurry and let’s push it, then? We taxpaying public still don’t know all the information. We need to feel good about this whole rigmarole.

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