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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   December 12, 2010  /   Comments

I BET THE CITY had to buy new shredders. Now they have a whole Lott more to shred. But you know what? You can’t shred LaMont’s tapes. Gotcha.

MARY LAMONT TURNING DOWN the money for her secret recordings does my heart so good that I can’t even begin to express my thoughts and feelings. So I won’t say anything except, “Good for you, Mary LaMont.”

REGARDING MARY LAMONT’S REFUSAL to sell her recordings of what really goes on at city hall, Christmas is just around the corner. What a present this could be for the City of Albany. It would be nice to flush the toilet that the city leadership has become. All I can say is, “Ms. LaMont, please stick to your principles and just maybe your example can spread through leadership like a brush fire.” This city cannot move forward with this junk leadership. There is too much wrong in Albany for the leadership to be in a constant state of corruption, butt-covering, and legal matters. If the leadership hasn’t noticed, the city is moving backwards and getting more and more dangerous.

GOOD FOR MS. LAMONT for sticking to good morals, something the city officials do not have. Good for the Journal for reporting to truth, no matter how ugly it may be. Everything on those tapes should be reported to the public.

GUESS WHAT, CITIZENS? NOW there’s another investigation on the way for an airport safety official abusing the crime information center against another employee. You wouldn’t believe who it was against: Sean Reddish. I bet it’s the same one caught with his pants down. He won’t get fired since he’s in a protected class. The city better wake up because this will be another strike against the city crooks in Mr. Reddish’s EEOC case.

REGARDING THE CITY COMMISSION taking money from utility customers, do you think there is some serious illegal activity going on here? I think this information along with all the other corruption and scandal should be forwarded to the major media outlets. The crooks in Bell, Calif., got cuffs and the same thing needs to happen here. The gunslinger’s remark that it is too complicated to fix is not the correct answer. Someone has to be held accountable. Enough is enough.

ALBANY CAN NEVER BE that shining city on the Flint until we restore the family unit in our community and cut off the entitlement free ride given to a large percentage of its population.

THANK YOU, CENTRAL MONITORING for the One Warm Coat program. And thank you for being very kind to a daughter who really needed it at the time my mother died.

I LOVE TO READ what Garrett Andrew writes. Garrett, you make so much sense out of things. I love my Lord and will do anything I can for him.

I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE they passed the law on the baggie pants and the skirts. Since when does anyone have the right to tell someone how to dress? I don’t like seeing men’s butts no better than the commission. When people are on their own time, just walking around enjoying the rights the good Lord gave us, leave them alone. You know what? When you start buying my clothes, then you can tell me how to dress.

TASER IS LESS-LETHAL, not non-lethal, Mr. Edwards.

NO, IT’S NON-LETHAL. “Less lethal” applies to stuff like rubber bullets and shotgun-fired beanbags that are capable of killing someone under the right circumstances. Tasers, like chemical sprays, DO NOT KILL PEOPLE. I’ve never heard of a death under these circumstances that wasn’t attributed completely to either (a) an underlying medical condition that was aggravated by excessive physical exertion, or (b) drug ingestion(usually cocaine or crack). Tasers don’t electrocute people. Ever. They are not lethal tools.

IF TASERS DON’T CAUSE any physical harm, why would tons of lawsuits result in monetary settlements by the police departments after a death.

WOULD THEY RATHER HIM have been shot or Tasered? You make the call.

I HEARD NIGER THOMAS was asked to leave the city after the city learned she assisted employees with filing complaints. Does anyone else know if this is true?

THANKS, JACK STONE, FOR your donation of belts to school kids and caring more than the parents do.

ALBANY CITY ATTORNEY NATHAN Davis said he agrees that the funds the City Commission took from WG&L belongs to WG&L’s customers, but that it would be too complicated to return the funds to them. Just shoes to you that they know how to take away, but not give back.

WHEN THE 911 OFFICERS participated in unauthorized access to the GCIC, they were fired. Why is the airport safety officer still on the job?

LESSON FOR LEADERSHIP: INTEGRITY and ethics are not things that can be bought. Integrity and ethics are the things that give you the strength to “just say no!” Integrity and ethics are not things you can fake, either they are a part of who you are or they are foreign to you. There is no gray area. Integrity and ethics are crystal clear – they are readily apparent in a person’s actions or they are glaringly absent in a person’s actions. People rarely remember what you said, they never forget how you treated them Remember this when it’s time to vote again. Vote what you know, not what you hear. Vote your choice, not your neighbor’s. Vote on the issues, not on the race.

FROM THE LOOKS OF this and what I’ve heard, there was some sort of workplace bullying going on before the airport’s Sean Reddish was burned at the stake. Sex on shift and GCIC abuse are serious offenses, but I bet no one gets fired for that.

HANG IN THERE, SEAN Reddish and sue, sue, sue til you can’t sue no more. They apparently have plenty of money to waste, so they might as well render it when you win your lawsuit.

SEAN REDDISH, GOOD LUCK on getting them to investigate anything. Once you piss them off, they will not investigate anything.  I do not like what they did to you. It is very wrong.

THIS YEAR IS ALMOST over and it has been really hard on a lot of people. But thanks to people who write in and share their feelings, I think we have a chance to turn this town around. Thank you Albany Journal and family. And for all the people who try so hard to make a change in Albany, don’t give up. I feel next year is going to bring on some much-needed changes to this town. God bless Albany, Ga.

THE LIGHTS AT CHEHAW have improved so much that they are officially now first-class. Congratulations and thanks to all the Chehaw staff, volunteers and businesses for making Christmas brighter in Albany.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DEERFIELD Knights. Thanks, boys and coaches, for a season that I will never forget. Let’s do it again in 2011!

NICE JOB WITH THE Deerfield Windsor State Football Game Special Section. Thanks! Go Knights!

SO SAD TO SEE the shooting the death of a 13-year-old. I pray for the family in this loss of their daughter and possibly their son if he in fact did shoot his sister. May God Bless this family.


LET ME GET THIS right? We’re spending another $20,000 for another headhunter to find a city manager when everybody knows that the job is Jim Taylor’s if he wants it. Lord, help us.

THE ONLY THING DUMBER than an Albany City Commission member are the voters who put them there.

SANFORD BISHOP APPLAUDED CHARLIE Rangel and voted NOT to censure him. Wonder what is lurking behind closed doors?

REGARDING YOUR ‘CITY OF Generosity’ article in last week’s paper, now that is what we need in this community. Great idea and what a great job. God bless the folks at Graceway and the Bread House. Count me in!

FOR THE RECORD, I think that exposing shenanigans in government is printing “good” news. Just imagine if you didn’t print it. That wouldn’t be “good”, would it?

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    When it comes time to vote there is so much mud slinging.When it come to our City Officals there is mud slinging,lies,cover ups,Officals getting away with crimes,people getting set up so they will take the fall for someone else.Where will it end?We have news outlets that let us know only half the truth,or none at all.The Albany Journal is one paper that i can count on to tell the truth.But you know how it is in the news world.Some people have to have someone to blame,and there was a very hatefull writter that wrote to Kevin,on his site.Now had it been any other news outlet do you think they would have printed it? Or put it on TV.?No.But Kevin did becuase he is honest.Even tho it was against him.If anyone ask him,or make remarks like that,he gives them the chance to back up what they write.And ateast he will print it.Unlike other papers.Now just how else would you like someone running a paper to do.Not publish it,becuase it was about him and his last job.He is brave enough to even put his number down for a person to contact him if they disagree?Does any other news source here in Albany do that?Keep up the Good Work Kevin,you just hit someones nerve.With all the bull going on in Albany we know who is telling the truth.

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