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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   December 5, 2010  /   Comments

THANK YOU FOR BEING brave enough to report on Mary LaMont’s recordings. It’s Don Buie all over again, and the Journal brought it to light. Shame on the other media. They are almost as bad as the crooks you are exposing.

CENTRAL MONITORING IS AWESOME for coordinating its One Warm Coat drive. God bless you all.

I WAS SO PROUD of not only the Albany Journal’s front page last week, but Mary LaMont’s story. Albany “leaders” just don’t get it, do they? You are not for sale. They want those tapes so bad, and it tickles me that you are not giving in. Thank you. The Journal and you have showed Albany that it is not about money, it’s about truth and justice. Ms. LaMont, you are my hero. They should all just give up and face what they’ve brought on Albany. Not just with your case, but so many others that not have been told, or have not been believed. It has taken you, Ms. LaMont, and the Truth Paper in Albany, the Journal, to show people that you can’t be bought. God bless you both.

LAST WEEK’S ARTICLE ON Mary LaMont does my heart so good that I can’t even begin to express my thoughts and feelings, so I won’t say anything except good for you, Mary LaMont and good for you, Albany Journal. May justice prevail in the EEOC cases of both Ms. LaMont and Mr. Reddish.

AL LOTT IS EITHER the unluckiest CEO or the worst hiring manager in the world.

DOCO COMMISSIONER GLORIA GAINES is missing out on sales tax? When will Democrats learn it’s not their money? So rather than seeing Cyber Monday as a great way to stimulate the economy by people spending money, she sees it as a problem?

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why Ms. Gaines is not in favor of Cyber Monday as J.C. Penney and Sam’s Club both charged me sales tax on my order. I would much rather purchase online with free shipping than face the crowds and look for parking spaces.

I LIKE SHOPPING FROM home because this is Albany and burglaries are out there waiting for you to leave your home.

YOU KNOW WHAT ALFRED Lott told me at the time of my complaint against the city of Albany? (This was after I tried to talk to Mayor Willie Adams and instead he got Alfred to call me.) Alfred told me that the city give the person who stole from me leeway since this person was a county worker. Maybe the right lawyer can get me some of Al’s send-off pay. (I don’t think he’s ever leaving.)

I SAW SOMETHING I was very proud of: A judge that did not rule in our Good Ole Boys’ favor. And they were so mad they had to have a closed-door meeting. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. I bet they had the place swept for bugs. So, to you, judge, thank you for being an honest judge and by going by way of the law. It makes me feel a little better when someone else sees that the law is not always in your favor, no matter who you have erasing stuff off computers or throwing away people’s information, or lying for you to keep their jobs.

ALL I CAN SAY IS as long as there is government, there will always be those who get away with anything they do. As long as you wear a badge you can make your own laws and do as you please. It is time someone puts a stop to this real soon.

WE NEED MORE PATROLS on Philema Road to slow down the traffic. Thank God for the DoCo Heat cars that occasionally slows down traffic at the county line.

WOW. A POLITICIAN PULLING a political stunt to stay in power. Imagine that. Now people like Nathan Deal, Sonny Perdue, Casey Cagle … they NEVER pull political stunts. And you know who else doesn’t? The principled small-government, less-spending GOP on Capitol Hill. They talk about how the spending shot up in 2008 (please note: Obama took office in 2009!) and how they are going to take spending back to the 2008 levels. Fine, but most of the extra spending since 2008 were temporary/one time deals: stimulus and bailouts.

YOU HAVE ISSUES … OBAMA took office in 2009 but Dems took control of both houses in 2007. Congress has more to do with spending and budget than the president does.

A STUNT, PURE AND simple. He’s taking the usual, politically expedient route. How “unexpected.”

WHY DIDN’T BISHOP COME out and state that he would oppose Pelosi’s leadership during his campaign? Jim Marshall did. Probably because Bishop’s campaign was still being funded by national Dems. Dems didn’t put any money into the Marshall campaign.

BISHOP DIDN’T THINK HIS race would be that close. Now maybe he’ll actually be in favor of repealing Obamacare, but I’m not holding my breath. The economy will get better now that the GOP can block some of Obama’s initiatives, but Obama still doesn’t get it. Mike Keown will have a harder time on ’12 than this year, but perhaps he gets more financial support. Anyway, I believe Congressman Bishop is looking over his shoulder now.

KEOWN RAISED WELL OVER $1 million and in addition to that the NRCC and other organizations spent almost $800,000 in the district. How much more financial support does he need? Trust me, Bishop knew his race would be close. That is why the DCCC spent over $800,000 in the district to attack Keown. With 6 weeks to go, Bishop had to call in a favor and have Obama send some help for the campaign. It took everything the Dems had to keep that seat and they barely were able to hold on. The Dems putting all their resources into CD2 probably helped some other Repubs win in other districts.

IF BISHOP HAD KNOWN it would be this close, then there are Congressional votes I believe he would have not made.

CHAMBLISS HAS BEEN LAYING low. His “Gang of 14″ stunt he pulled with McCain will haunt him when he comes up for re-election.

I’M GLAD BISHOP ISN’T supporting Pelosi, but as a Republican I hope she is the Minority Leader for a long, long time. Perhaps Bishop should consider running for a leadership position. The Dems could do worse – and they certainly have. Maybe Bishop isn’t old enough. At just 63, he’s far younger than those currently holding leadership for the Dems.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    I was bragging on the Front page Of the Journal the other day.So thether paper tried to make front page story with Sean.The diffrence being,Sean is not guilty till he goes before a judge and jury.And AL,Nathan.Mayor,you are neither of these.Nor is the other paper.If you want to know what is going on in bung fug,the other paper has all that.but if you want to know what is going on in your on Home Town,count on the Albany Journal.And they tell the truth to.They even investagate before they write something about someone.It s not the Journals fault that all our Leaders are to chicken to talk to a real news person.See AL,and the rest of our leaders,if you would do what you are supposed to do for our town there would be good things wrote about you.The Journal cant help it becuase you all dont uphold the open records act,Everyone of our leaders think the Journal is out to get them.But if they would just give Kevin an interview,maybe they might get there story out.Not saying it would be the truth comming from our leaders.But the Journal is fair,they would give you a chance to tell your side.

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