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Safety measures needed at convenience stores

By   /   December 30, 2010  /   Comments

How many times must we watch a surveillance video, where the criminals rush into a convenience store, with shirts pulled over their heads, and waving guns in the air? They surprise the workers, who have no time to protect themselves, or call the police.

We would like to suggest some changes in convenience store operations that will minimize the element of surprise.

Why not change like many fast food restaurants have, locking the front door after 10 or 11 p.m., and switch to handling all sales thru a window. Late at night, there is far less traffic to shop inside the store, and at least the workers can see who is coming, and are more prepared.

Also, if you must leave the front door open, keep the workers and the cash behind locked and protective areas. Most big cities have this system. We even found some over in east Albany. If a would-be robber attempts a hold-up, the workers can hit the panic button and reach for a gun to protect themselves.

Does it cost a little more? Yes, but you will never be a victim again. What’s that worth?

Remember the public is also at risk. If some of us are outside putting gas in the car, and the bandit strikes, you and I and our families are at risk. Let’s spend some time being more proactive on prevention, rather than just let these robberies continue.

With the new year,

choose faith over fear

This is the time of year we all make new year’s resolutions, and we have a choice fear or faith. Do you know what fear and faith have in common? It’s a future that hasn’t happened yet.

Fear believes in a negative future. Faith believes in a positive future. Both believe in something that has not yet happened. So I ask you, if neither the positive or negative future has happened yet, then why not choose to believe in the positive? What do you have to lose but the fear that is sabotaging your joy and success?

We believe during these challenging times we have a choice between two roads: the positive and the negative. And we just can’t be on two roads at the same time. So we have to make a choice, and this determines our belief about the future and the attitude and actions we bring to the present.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have any fear. A healthy dose of fear causes us to examine our situation and plan for the future. When used wisely, it allows us to manage risk and make better decisions.

However, there is too much fear in the minds of far too many. This is causing leaders and their organizations to either act irrationally or to not act at all. They are either scurrying in a million different directions, or paralyzed by it. In both cases, fear is leading them to take the negative road to failure.

The answer is the positive road paved with faith and a belief that your best days are not behind you, but ahead of you. With this belief you make the right choices and actions today that will create your positive future tomorrow. You continue to invest in your organization, your people, and yourself. You stay calm, focused, and committed to your vision and purpose. You look for ways to save money and cut costs without making irrational fear-based decisions that sacrifices your future success. You identify opportunities in the midst of the challenges and you focus on solutions instead of problems. You can impact the mindset, and attitude of your organization, and your customers through your faith and belief.

Your faith and belief in a positive future leads to powerful actions today.

The future has not happened yet, and you have a say in what it looks like, by the way you think and act.

So … fear or faith. The choice is yours.

Jim Wilcox1Written by Jim Wilcox, general manager of WALB.

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