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Reddish: Officer illegally used GCIC

By   /   December 1, 2010  /   Comments

By Kevin Hogencamp

Ousted airport operations and maintenance manager Sean Reddish has leveled charges that an airport safety officer illegally used a police computer for a verification check on Reddish’s vehicle’s license tag.

Reddish filed a complaint with the Albany police chief, Dougherty County sheriff and Dougherty district attorney’s office.

The primary subject of Reddish’s complaint, Eric Roney, is also among the airport officers whose actions are under review in a sexual misconduct allegation at the airport.

In violation of city policy, inconsistent with earlier personnel decisions and without explanation, Albany lame-duck City Manager Alfred Lott last week upheld the firing of Reddish, who is under indictment on theft charges for cashing in scrap metal that city officials say belonged to the airport.

Reddish says that Lott already had his mind made up before conduct his termination hearing, and said Lott’s decision was retaliatory and racially motivated.

Reddish says that airport Director Yvette Aehle told him that Roney used the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) for a verification check on Reddish’s automobile license tag in May 2010. Misusing the GCIC is a criminal violation punishable by a fine and jail time.

Following is a copy of Reddish’s complaint, sent to authorities Tuesday night, about Roney and related activities at the airport.

“I was employed at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport from November 2009 until recently. Earlier this year, I parked one of my cars outside of my office building. I immediately notified Chief Ford and Director Yvette Aehle that it was my car there and they were OK with it at the time. At times I would drive that car and leave another one, between 3 cars. The main reason was lack of space at home and it was in the works to sell a car. Prior to this, my team had verbal permission to use the shop after hours if we were off the clock etc. There later came a complaint and me and my team were instructed not to use the shop. I then told Yvette that I would make space to move the car to avoid conflict and that there would be no further use of the shop.

“After this I found that Airport Safety Shift Supervisor Eric Roney was poking around my cars. I believe at times he thought I was gone for the day but I actually was not. I approached the Director and Chief about this. They both told me that they had told Eric Roney to leave the cars alone and it was OK for me to have it parked there. At this point, I was satisfied that the issue was resolved. I was then told through a subordinate employee that Eric Roney was taking pictures of my cars and planned on having one towed. I wrote an email and spoke to the Director about my concerns that I was being harassed. I got an email reply that it was laid to rest and assumed that it was a personnel matter for the Chief Ford and Yvette. In a follow-up conversation, Yvette told me that Eric Roney took it upon himself to run my tags and/or VINs which is the point of this complaint.

“I have consulted with various people in the legal and LEO fields about my current case and some of the events that led up to my arrest and dismissal. I did not realize the severity of Eric Roney abusing his authority to gain unwarranted information on me until recently. There was absolutely no justification for a co-worker (in a lower position than mine) to be using the GCIC or other means to gain information on me. Eric Roney’s immediate supervisor and director were aware of the car(s) before the hi-jinks started. Had he concerns of me and/or my cars he should of taken them up with his chain of command instead of launching his own insubordinate and unauthorized investigation. It is common knowledge at the airport that Eric Roney has made attempts to aggravate my current case again jumping his chain of command.

“I now have concerns of whether I am getting a clean deal with this kind of behavior going on and I am trying to find out if my civil rights were violated. Now that I know the severity of GCIC/NCIC abuse, I ask that this matter be fully investigated without prejudice to my current situation.

“I am prepared to report this to the GBI if necessary but their website instructs you to report concerns to the local authorities first. I can provide at least some of the emails surrounding this issue if need be. These events occurred in early to mid May 2010.”

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  1. jimmy says:

    you know i heard that ronie wanted to get shawn in trouble about fixing his car. but they told him he could do it! after they got rid of him roney has been asking the mechanic to fix his car at the airport!

  2. jimmy says:

    those cops out there with there pants down and herassing this man but wont nothing happen to them. the 911 people got fired for running bad checks! ronie stays in trouble but they keep it covered up. the man that really did his job got the axe on a bunch of lies and he had not been to court yet. but you see now the truth is coming! and the games the snakes play will have to stop!

  3. Truth B Known says:

    You know this man is not guilty.But The other paper,and i dont say it s name,so they cant get me for slander.lol.But did you see Fridays front page.They know all about Sean.So Someone needs to let them know about Gun toting,knife drawer keeping Nathan,and AL Lott.Dang are they that far behind.Nah,they just let it be known who they are for.The bias,Officals.They can talk about a man who has not even been found guilty yet,even tho it was a frame up.But they can not inforce the law they talked about in there statement against Sean,to” Al,the Mayor,Nathan.All of them broke laws,and are very well known of the fact.”When do those law breakers go before a court?This is a one horse town,and the Officals know what part of the horse they are.Sean has been honest about everything.And has been charged.When are The Mayor,and the rest of the good ole boys and girls gona be charged?Never,Why,becuase they lie.And it s been cought on tape.You all will get what is comming to you one day.And it will be in a Court that you cant buy.A judge you cant buy,and a good Lawyer you cant buy.But what really got to me is that the other paper could not wait to print that story,heck it got front page.I did nt see anything on the front page when Nathan got cought with the gun and knife,or AL refusing to leave after he was told he was not wanted.Or the Mayor riding around town at our expense.But yet let some person who has everything to lose do a little something that he thought was legal since things were given to him,and then when all got hot,the ones who gave it to him lied.All of you at the Airport need to be investagated.But we know that will not happen,you already joined the good ole boy system.And once you join that Gang,it s like all the other Gangs here in Albany,you cant get out.Sean dont give up.There are more than you know out here that they have screwed over.And i have a feeling alot more will come out when Ms. LaMont gets ready to let it fly.See thats how you catch a crook,flys come to honey faster than they do to lemons.And to me that is what we have here in Albany as far as leaders,lemons. Hey, i know there is a lemon law for cars,how about Officals?We could make one up cant we,like the saggie pants law.?Who do we have to see about this? The DA?Nah,The city Att.?Nah he may still have his gun and knife with him.The Mayor? Nah,you cant get past his bodyguard.I know the ploce cheif.Nah,he want do anything,you cant even get a apointment to see his secutary,much less him.Here i go,i get so mad about this bull crap downtown i get where i cant spell.But you get the jest of it.That other paper comes out everyday of the week,it may cost alot.But i know good and well they have to know all the dirty deeds this once a month paper writes about.You know The Truth And Justice paper,The Albany Journal.After all the other paper is right downtown where it is all coverd up.They love to write about things they have no proof of,or that is what you call it in court as hear say.I ll take my once a month paper over the other anyday.I dont even pay for the other,i get it as a hand me down from a neighbor.Makes a good pottie pad for my dog im training.Thank You again for your paper Albany Journal.The TRUTH AND JUSTICE 4 ALL PAPER.

  4. Concerned says:

    When the 911 officers participated in authorized access, they were fired. Why is Roney still on the job?

  5. BillS says:

    From the looks of this what I’ve heard, there was some work place bullying going on before Reddish was burned at the stake. Maybe detective do-little should have been worried about keeping his suspenders on instead of playing private d. Sex on shift and GCIC abuse are serious offenses but I bet no one gets fired for that.

    1. Anti-Agony says:

      Hang in there, buddy, and sue, sue, sue, sue till you can’t sue no more. They apparently have plenty of money to waste, so they might as well render it when you win your lawsuit.

  6. Truth B Known says:

    Sean,good luck on getting them to investagate anything.Once you piss them off they will not investgate anything.I know been there done that.I do not like what they did to you,it s very wrong.I would like to know tho how you got arrested.The reason i ask is one of the officals,took some things from my mothers house.And she did not have permission.It was over 4 thousand dollars worth of Jewelry,And all you took was some old tin that was given to you.I even had a police report stating what this person took from my mothers,that was in 2007.So how did they get to you so fast.And another thing,dont trust anyone.Once you are on there list you will not get any help when and if you call the police for your protection,been there done that also.But one thing i will tell you.Dont give up.They know they did you wrong.And the sun dont shine on the same dogs a– all the time.They all lie so well,and will not take a lie det. test,i asked,lol.But just know that alot of people in Albany are thinking of you.You done no wrong,you just got cought in one of there traps.All of them she be ashamed,but they have no shame.Take care,and God Bless

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