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Do you see what I see?

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The title for this week’s edition of, “With Your Latte,” is best known as a line from the Christmas carol, “Do you hear what I hear?” The idea behind the hymn is to look, listen, and attempt to comprehend that more was happening that night then could be processed through our human senses.

In the second chapter of Luke’s gospel, there is a normally overlooked important element of the Christmas story. Simeon, a priest in the temple, had been waiting for the moment when the Messiah would come. When he saw the child, Simeon said, “For I have seen Your salvation.” In the original language of the New Testament there are mainly 2 words that translate into our English language as, “See, seen, or seeing.” The first word simply implies normal sight: that is, what we see as we look through our eyes. The second word goes beyond the physical realm and it means, “To have insight, or discernment.” It was this second word that was used to describe what Simeon saw – and that’s how the priest knew that this was no mere child. He looked beyond the realm of the obvious.

What do you see when you drive to work? Is it an empty building or a business opportunity – a vacant house or a chance to flip it for profit? While many of us were amazed at the Star Trek communicator of the popular 60 series, Dr. Martin Cooper saw the wireless devise and dared to see beyond the obvious. Hence, we now have the cell phone. At your place of business, do you see a disgruntled employee or someone who is in desperate need of help and support? In the late 70’s I worked for a company that was started in 1961 by Mr. Don Robinson. His hometown was known for pure, clean water while a large nearby city had problems with their drinking water. Mr. Robinson saw a business that would bottle the water and take it to Tampa and sell it. People very close to me remember laughing at him, wondering who would ever buy water. What was the name of Don’s hometown? Zephyrhills, Fla. The company? Zephyrhills Water.

I think that sometimes we see without really looking past the obvious. For example, when you see the homeless beggar on the streets, do you see a vagrant that is hurting your property value or do you see someone who thinks all hope is lost and is in need of help. When you read your bible, is it a book of systematic beliefs or the life giving, divinely inspired word of God! What do you see? The examples are endless. Joshua was told by God, “SEE, I have given Jericho into your hands.” Abraham was told that he could have everything as far as he could SEE!

Even the religious leaders of Jesus’ day did not recognize Him because God showed up in a form that they were not familiar with nor could they fit Him into their current theology. Don’t miss opportunities just because you are use to looking at certain things the same way over and over again.

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